Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend 'doings'

Well we passed a very COLD weekend here. I am sure hoping that the severe cold does not return here. Even at 30 or 32 we can handle better then the 5 to 8 range!!!!
Course we are still cloudy. Did get some snow flurries yesterday from small to large but none sticking. Cold wind! Seems we have wind a lot. We no longer have a good wind break since the timber was cut a few years ago. Maybe when the pines they replanted with get taller we will.
So cold temps, cold wind and cloudy makes for miserable days!
Any way I did ride with my Sweetie Gal niece to Richmond Sat for some group stitching time. Our hostess really put on a food spread... WOW!!! We spent more time eating and visiting then stitching really!!! Which was a good thing as well. We can always stitch on our own time but can't always be together visiting!!! We came home all inspired!!
I did put in a few stitches on these two projects though.

While I was gone my DHubbs went new TV shopping!!

So I reckon we are all set now for the new look of TV...well after I make some calls today, spend some more $$ and get the new service update for the new updated TV!! Well I have to say, it does keep him entertained so I can do what I want in my lil sewing studio, he has no hobbies! Well he does cook and bake, do some auto and home chores;-)
All good!! If this TV lasts as long as our 'vintage' one, which has been moved to our guest room, then we will be okay for the rest of our lives.. ha!!
Stay warm folks!!!


  1. What a fun time in Richmond! Good luck with the new TV. My DH watches a LOT of TV...I watch next to NONE. Like you said...keeps him busy and then he doesn't even notice how much time I spend sewing! LOL

  2. I love that you have a group of ladies you can share your craft with! Little on the green side here,!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) You do the nicest work.

  3. That's an adorable snowman and such a sweet stitchery. You are forunate to have such a nice group of ladies to meet with and share.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  4. Sounds like you had a nice visit up in Richmond. Love the snowman and the Bless Our Home stitchery.

    I'm still hoping for a few inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. If it's this cold I want some snow. Ready to make a pot or two of soup, cocoa, and fire in fireplace. Just no ice to cause power outages...still have not forgotten the Christmas we lost power six a.m. Christmas Eve and didn't get it back for over three days with that ice storm of ice storms.


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