Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Greens

There is nothing anymore dear to a southern country gal's heart then that first pickin of salad greens from the garden!! Such a small patch of a garden that it is, better then none though!

We have mustard and hanover this year, no kale or turnip.

Cut it early with dew still on it.
Washed it up and put in a pot. So young and tender didn't take long at all to cook.
Seasoned with a lil ham hock meat.
Chop up some lil green onions on top and ready to go!
Oh my my!!
Make your tongue knock your brains out it will!!
Serving it along side the Lemon Garlic Grouper!!
That makes it 'gourmet' ya know.... haaaaaaaa!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Strawberry Season

Well here in my part of the world we are in fresh strawberry pick'in season.
YUM! So sweet!!
Great crop this year it seems.
No we are not out pick'in with DH's shoulder still in sling but some kindly folks had pity on us and picked for us. ;-)
We have eaten a qt already... now working on second one!!!

Piggies we are!
Put some in freezer as well.
Plan to go buy more for freezer, will buy them already picked.
Small price to pay for fresh local berries!
Hope some come to your areas soon!!

Now where is the whipped cream!!!!
Oh there it is ....on the berries!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Visitor

Well we have one of these come 'visit' every Spring, late April or early May.
Always only see just one, maybe others. Other years have had larger ones .
Big old snapping turtles. They just amble across the yard on back into field.

Lord just makes me shiver to think of that head lockin its jaws around my toe or ankle!! Ha!
They come up from one side of swap to go to either the pond or other part of swamp.
Yes we live on the swamp, Rattlesnake Swamp to be exact.
Now bet that brought some quivering pics to mind! Ha!!

We never bother a turtle of any kind. They do no harm and will not 'attack you' if you leave alone.
One this size has been around a lot of years.

I can never understand why folks will run over them on road ( we will pullover and 'help' smaller ones across)or want to kill them in yards!!!!
Very few folks eat turtle anymore and besides think that is another kind then this.
We all need to teach our young ones to be kinder to our planet's critters.