Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Try Out ..New Halloween Chair Topper

 So Joy and Alice have been planning a Sew Along Project using a Square-angonals pattern. I am just not real good with bias sewing. Not my thing and really do not enjoy it that much.
So I went and checked out the site. Found this freebie pattern on there. Decided to give it a try.

Pulled out a Thimbleberries 'October Glow' charm pack to use for my try out. Speaking of Thimbleberries so sad there will be no more. I know Lynette Jensen deserves to retire as well as the next person. Just sad to me as I loved her look, her books and fabrics.

 Anyway sewed up the charms as pattern instructed. Gee sorry did not get a pick of that!

Next you cut your pieces out of the sewn up strips. Then sew back up this  way.
 My finished October Glow Charm quilt.
Added a pretty Fall brown rick rack to edge, matched perfectly! Looks like I intended to do that right??? NOT! Just cute way to hid the fact I lost those points on the edge! ( read edit) Simple quilting. Have not washed it yet and may not. I normally do not wash my decor items till they need it. Just my way. If this was a quilt to be used on bed then yes I do wash  them to get that wonderful crinkle look and feel.

So no, I will not be joining the gals with this QAL using this technique.  My try out was enough for me!!!
Just not good at it period. I do recommend you to try it though. You may find you really do it well and will enjoy the QAL !`

From Sandi, Square-agonals designer:

So nice when I see someone use my Square-agonals technique and pattern. Love your fabric choices. Just so you know, the nipping off of the tips is part of the technique design. It is called the "Square-agonals Signature"

So I did not mess up after all!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Stuff

 Saturday we went to an auction in old school house. I had some things on my list. I did not win them all. Seems dealers from big cities are finding our little backwoods auctions these days. They are willing to go higher than me! We did score some nice things. DH was happy with some scopes for his guns. He also scored some nice old crocks. That is DH up there taking a pic of the stuffed bear! No we did not bid on that!
Sunday he baked this cake! Oh my goodness it is yummy! It is a Fall Apple Cream Cheese Cake.
See the cream cheese in there. The icing is cooked sugar to make praline. Came from a Southern Living Magazine. recipe
Here is our brat Wiggles looking so sweet and innocent...HA! This is the still warm from dried wash now empty laundry basket. Oh Mama I lov's it so much! Wish I could have  captured the rolling and rubbing that was going on!;-)

I worked Monday getting the utility room in some kind of shape to bring in porch plants. We are getting down in the 30's over night for this week on. Chances of frosts too. That room is a catch all. We have  stored paint and other things for DH's projects that he has yet to get too. I have to have at least a path to washer and dryer.!! Our big freezer is in there and utility sink. Also backdoor opens into it as well. I worked and worked . Got all plants in after checking for hitch hikers...bugs, frogs or little snakes. Yes learn from the past! Had a lot of things to sort and wash from auction. Stuff had been stored in barns so quite dirty.

Somehow Monday I managed to get into something that caused outbreak of hives on my face and eyes! I would be all set if Halloween was now! It does seem some better today.
Had this happen before but was stress related then or so doc said.
I reckon between dust, dirt, plants and stress of trying to get all done in one day, could be cause culprits.
Know if not cleared up and better by weeks end will get steroid shot.

Today I do feel like doing stuff again. Yesterday just rested.
Have some chores to do. Plan on Beef Pie for supper.
Had thawed out beef for it so need to get done today!

Fall is here! Leaves are falling on the ground  and wood line around field is starting to show some color. Have rain falling now and temps are dropping. Well now reckon weather folks got it right for a change! WONDERS never cease!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stuff'n and Leftovers

Last night I worked on getting these projects finished. All that was left was to stuff and sew up! Two stitcheries on aged muslin, made by me and the cross stitch piece done on linen by my niece Diana.
  They came out so sweet! Love 'em!

Here is the bittersweet hanger! I used a Jo Morton fat qt that was just meant for the DMC colors along with some Wrights Rick Rack that matched perfectly! It is orange not pink. Don't you love it when a project just comes together as if meant to be!

Looks so sweet hanging here!

I love this one so much! Another piece I used to frame. Decided on a change! This is a Coffeehouse Collection by folk artist Jan Coffey painting design I stitched instead many years ago. Yes look at painting books, applique  and other art for stitching ideas! The rick rack on this is chenille. I bought on close out of Christmas ribbons sale at Joann's a few years ago. It is Christmas Trimmings and paid .50 for each 2yrd spool! Gold, Red and Black. So just never know where you may find nice bits n bobs!

Here it is sitting on the old corn husk bottom chair. As long as Wiggles leaves it alone it will stay there!;-)

This small stitchery was a freebie online but I no longer can find the link in my book marks! Sorry.  I used that same Gobble Gobble fabric by Sandy Gervais that I used on the above pilla.  L.O.V.E. that fabric and wish I had bought yardage! Not much left now.;-(
Used Wrights Black Rick Rack and some antique lace trim.

Placed it on the sofa back for now. As Wiggles the fly'n kitten comes flying by will see if it stays there!

I made this candle mat from bits leftover from another project. Nothing fancy.
Some of the blocks were wonky but I still like 'em!
Nice yummy Caramel Pecan candle Alice gave me for my birthday last year I believe.
Have it burning now. Just makes the house smell like  FALL BAKING is going on !

Here are the better bits I plan to sew up today into a runner. Now just to decide lay out.
May have to play a bit to get look I want. Need to drag out some dark browns, reds and blacks! Like I should be doing this and not sewing for Christmas!!! It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Sewing World I live in!
By the way here is baby Wiggles! Napping in her do-nut cushion. Yes she took it over! She is growing like a weed! Just still a baby though at near 4 mths old. If she keeps up this growing she will be a big old kitty for sure!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Stitchery Mini Quilt

 I took this stitchery I had in frame last year and made a small quilt.
 Antique lace around and then hand quilted.
It is a mat for the mercury glass pumpkin this year on the antique chest by fire place.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Some Fall

Fall has arrived here at the brick cottage! Sorry for such bad pics but still have not bought a new camera and the old one is all I have to use. This is dining room area off kitchen.
Have blue bird up over old green pie safe! She is so pretty up there!                                                 
May end up leaving her up there for a bit. Works so well with the old pie safe and ironstone.
Those are some old feed sacks that Aunt Dot gave me hanging on the side hanger.

DH's Granny Belle's side board all done up. I did a runner from Bonnie Hunter's Roll  Roll Cotton Boll  quilt pattern, though you can not see if very well.
Ironstone soup tureens. Plates and platters on wall. Mirror was Ms. Nellie's, my MIL.

It is really not that tight in here but best pics I could get for table.

Centerpiece is an old country store box from Hormel! Used old burlap bag , canning jars , candles and silks and drieds. Inspired by my DIL and some pics on Pinterest!

Alice gave me those white leaf plates and the turkey transfer ware bowl. I have a few other pieces to go with it now. The gold nesting hen is old and the glasses my Daddy gave me in 1972! Have loads of them he collected. They came out of Suds Laundry Washing Soap! 

Stacks of old quilts here and there along with other vintage or antique things.
We are just down home country folks here.
Almost everything we have has meaning to us in some special way!

Thanks for coming by!
Have a grand weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snow Fellas Wool Runner

 This was the other runner I made for DIL's birthday. She loved it.
It is all wool. Used wool from wool clothing , washed and dried to felt.
Not a wide runner but looks wonderful on narrow tables. Susan has such a table.
Candle in center and all set for Winter decor.
I did not make them as Christmas decor so they can hang around for the Jan and Feb snow!

All finishing was by hand. Only machine used was on wool circles and long seams to add backing. Then used long stitch and button hole stitches to finish. Had made one for myself a while back also one for a swap long ago. I have misplaced my pattern I drew out. Need to see about making a couple more for gifts one year.

Today is carpet cleaning day! Have a sweet helper coming out to do for me. So I must fix a yummy breakfast and lunch! I also have some sewing to finish up for her. So will stay busy with that an out of her way! Now just hope DH and the cats will respect the clean carpet for a while. At least through the holidays! If I had to do over would have went with darker color, no matter the small room!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On time.

Did finish the runners in time. I did not try any fancy quilting just stuck to the simple straight line. Susan seemed to really like them. Sadly I did not get a pic of her with them as planned!  Even had new batteries in camera! I really think I must turn over the family picture taking to some one who can actually remember to do it! Will get pics, I hope, when we go over one day soon.

Susan loved the colors and that they would go nicely in their dining room!
She has the fall runner I gave her one year on the table now.  Susan is so cute. They were married in Oct 2006. Beautiful Fall wedding. So we made up Fall florals. She has the wreaths I made for the old church doors hanging on her front and back doors still! Reckon that says a lot about my crafting skills that they are still in such wonderful shape!

This fabric was nice as far as color and print design but...it raveled like mad! I used my smallest stitch and as tight a tension as I could to hopefully keep it from doing so much! I was surprised. Was not cheap fabric by no means and a well know maker as well.

We got rain yesterday evening. We really needed it and more really. Nice cool down but gray today as well. Glad I went to the pumpkin wagon yesterday early to get the outside pumpkins! The pumpkin wagon is set up on the honor system. No one there,  you pick out your goods, add up and slide money into the money box on a post! This is on busy VA highway 460 ! He makes money and so far(5yrs) no one has stole his money box or tried ever! Proves we are truly a wonderful place despite all the bad mess on the news!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Just maybe...

 ..I will get these two  runner projects done by Sunday! These are birthday gifts for my DIL , Susan! We will be hosting her a birthday meal on Sunday.

 I picked this fabric line, Holiday Frost from Henry Glass Fabrics, for the reds and grays. Susan has used these colors in their dining room . So when I saw them knew it was meant to be!
 Just using a simple block pattern to let the fabrics shine.

 I decided after many auditions to go with white as sashing and borders.
Nice modern look Susan will love. She is a modern gal with a touch of vintage!

This is the backing I am using. Would make a nice runner on its own. So maybe this one will work as a reversible one!

Here is the other runner. A wool Snowfella. Just have a bit more blanket stitching and adding the snowflakes and can call it done!
So reckon if I am going to get them finished best get back to it!

I have also been working on some Fall projects which I will share on another post!
Yes been busy... slow but busy!