Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

My wish for us all!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We went and voted early. Polls opened at 6AM was already a line!
Moving along well far no problems with machines!
I always feel my Granny Hancock is looking on when I vote! She won the right for me to do so and I treasure it!
We should all feel so honored to be able to go vote.
So many others in this world are not as fortunate to be free to do so!
I do not care who you vote for or what party just go exercise your right to do so!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

 Today is the day of my birth but we celebrated with family Sunday!

This is my wonderful BD cake. Boston Cream Pie , made for me by my sweet DH! Delish!

 He also made bread to go with our soup buffet meal!

 We have Beef Veggie, Ham and Bean and Chicken Corn Chowder! YUM! Was a cold cloudy day so hot soup really hit the spot!

 Here is my sweet family crew! Two nephews, sweet niece D, Sis-in -law, DH and son! Me is middle in green!
 DIL took the pic so I could be in it!;-)
We had a fun time eating and visiting together!

  Pretty flowers and some wonderful cards!

Some of my wonderful presents! Talented niece D made the  lovely cross stitch bird! Have to frame it and put in living room!
 She also made sure I had a wee bit of Winter for my birthday as well!!!
 These flowers I picked from Aunt Dot's by the old chicken house. Mums she thought were gone did make a small comeback. It was like she was here with us!
 Went simply with pretty Fall paper plates and napkins! Fast clean up!
 Did not take a pic with everyone around table! We really need to be more diligent about taken PEOPLE pics! HaHa!! Will make sure I take the camra when we go visit then forget to take pics! My mind is going!!!;-)

Was a happy day spent with family and that is the true gift!
We did miss other sweet members of our family who could not be here with me!
Have had a lot of sweet phone calls though!

I miss my sweet Mama and Mother-in- law on these special days to celebrate. I sent up my love to them today on angel wings to heaven! Hope they know how much I love them and still miss them.

Well today is yet another cold one! Gee! Want my warmer days back to enjoy Fall! Not ready for Winter!
Do have sunshine though! So that is good!
I got to get in gear soon on the few Christmas gifts I plan to make! Goodness did this year blow by or what!!!!

Erin of My Patchwork Life has an effort going on to collect blocks to make quilts for Sandy victims.
Please pop over to check it out! We all want to help and it is hard sometimes to find ways in which we can give besides giving money to Red Cross. We have done that as well. Just hard to see folks suffering and wish you could do more so pop on over and help if you can!