Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013


 Okay another finish! Just right before Easter too. Whew!
I had found the eggs and chick blocks while digging. So came up with some hares and tulips to go with them. Calling it Spring.
The colors really are not that bright but seems best my camera will do!

It is 10x15. Not really that fat looking!

Love how the back looks as well! Had this small hanger unused to put it to work!
Trying it out in different spots. Here under the old 1820 sampler.

Put the other wall hanging here. For time being.

Okay is another pretty day out. Still a tad airish out there but sunshine and up 50's temps! Went to family cemetery yesterday put out the pretty Easter Spring flowers.  Made a run to Smithfield. Did pop into DAV thrift near Food Lion.
Found an old applique book. I think I may add a couple projects on my list from it but in wool!

Well best get back to it! I have more stuff I hope to have made by next weekend!
We have the baby shower for our first great grand child up in Stuart.
Goodness DH is getting sooo old!! hahaha!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Yes leftovers but not of a food kind. I have been in finishing mode here. Doing cross stitch and stitchery pieces. This is a stitchery I had done when recovering from knee replacement. So went digging in my baskets, boxes and drawers to find inspiration to do a finish.

 Well I found some baggies with leftovers in them! So decided which ones I thought would work with the  piece and begin to trim  them up!
I decided to just sew up the strips and sew on no  fancy corners.

Well in another lil bag found these small squares. They made nice  cute prairie points!
I had a pilla in mind from the beginning but when I added the sweet fabric borders...nahhh.. was too big for my pilla needs.

So it became a wall hanging which I love! I will sew down the binding tonight watching TV with DH!
Never over look those leftovers! You may have buried treasure in them cupboards, baskets and drawers!

Next up is these cute eggs and chick blocks I found while digging!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Santa Runner Finish

 Okay here is the finished Santa red work runner! I first posted about it here. Was saving the finish to share after birthday gal received it!
I just had to add some wool and beads! The corner holly and berries are the wool.
 Added some beads to the stitchery too. Here is Santa's sleigh!
The deer and rooftop had to have some also! I love it! Sorry best pics I could get on those horrid cloudy days we have had!
I can share on the blog as the birthday gal now has it and loves it! She was here for her birthday Wed.
Funny thing is my DH loved it too!
She may have to stitch another one so I can finish same way for him!;-)

I adore sewing for Christmas....and Fall!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pretty Finishes

 My niece is an awesome cross stitcher. She had given me these pieces and I had yet to decide on a finish. I had thought to frame them but decided against that as my wall space is limited and full!
 Pillas seemed to fit the bill.  This fabric and buttons just seemed to be bought for this sampler she gave me for Valentines Day! Fabric is a fat qt from quilt show 2 yrs ago. Buttons were a Joann's impulse sale buy!
Some knob hangers as I call them. This is a lovely Easter egg. I quilted around it then stuffed it a bit to sit above the batting. 
 It is hanging under mantle to proclaim Easter!
Last one is this smaller hanger. Spring is hung on a knob of dining room hutch. Need to bring in some fresh hyacinths to match it in purple!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We will be having our corn beef and cabbage for early supper here. Wishing each one a lovely day no matter how 'not' Irish you may be!;-)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quiltng Day!

Hope you have enjoyed the day in some sort of quilty way!  Did not get to my project as I had hoped. I am reading some quilt books, so hope that counts too!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Some sewing...

...going on here last week. Not for me but was very 'Springish'!
A young gal in DH's office had stitched these place mats up for her Mom's BD later this month. Well she went all the way through to the back! She had ask if I would try to put on new backing.

 So took off the binding.
 Found some cute fabric in my stash to use so they would all match.  Had to find some that the threads would not show through. She had sent some fabric, already cut, but a couple pieces were a dress sateen type fabric!
 I tried my best to quilt and sew on the backs so it did not look too off.

Putting that factory binding back on was a bit of a bear but did mange to get them all done!

So with the cotton pieces of pink and purple I managed to make her a few extras! A runner to match the place mats.

A couple mug rugs for her and her Mom.
Some potholders too.
She was very happy with all her goodies! DH said she was showing it all off all over office. When she called to thank me she did seem to be very pleased! So I am happy!

That would be  nine finishes in March! Now on to some other things that should have been finished before now!

Me... I am trying to find all my Easter decor items I always put up! In my 'put away frenzy' and clean up last year  I seem to  have hid some!!!

We have had a couple nice days here! We were outside getting up limbs and sticks. Had several loads for  burn pile! All the winds and storms we have had made the mess. Wonder those maple trees have any limbs left!
Still need to work in the side beds. Loads of stuff to pull out. All the Spring flowers are going to be bloomed and over by end of month.
Well best get too it or day will be gone and naught to show for it!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Old Tops

 We went to an estate auction this past Saturday. We had been on the fence about going as weather was not all that great. Then just decided to go!
We were there all day! The folks that were running the auction really were not as organized as they should have been so was a slow one!
Was an old basket full of textile stuff so I bid and won. Had four pieced quilt tops mixed in with some other things.
These tops are quite the mix. The blocks are all mostly pieced by hand. The fabrics used all range in age. Seems like someone got into a box of very old scraps and mixed them up with newer ones. Saying 'new' but not as in today's fabrics! Not sure if I will work on them fixing up borders and quilting or leave as is.
They look pretty just hanging around or on a  chair folded.

 Here is first one. Love the colors. There are calicoes/feed sacks and shirtings with some blue indigo.

I also won a box of old wooden hangers so put this one on one at chimney side.

Here is a small pinwheel top. Lots of real 30's and feed sacks. Some muslin too.

Hung it up at end of oak cabinet on old wooden hanger also. Looks Springy!

This one is very vibrant but not as bright and  pic seems to make it! So may shirtings and other dress making leftovers.

Another pin wheel pattern. This is largest. Lots of  very old fabrics in this one but again a mix of age fabrics. The border fabric is an older thicker cotton fabric , maybe decor, put on by machine. If I do finish the quilt not sure if I will keep this fabric on there.

We have some other wonderfu treasures will share on another post! Wasa fun day. Was snowing some flurries when DH took some stuff out to truck one time! Was like OH NO! our stuff may get wet! hahaha! It stopped. We were really not that far from the farm.

I did some Christmas shopping too. So we are almost done! We do not buy many gifts anymore. All grands are out of town/state so easier to send gift cards.
Postage is so high on shipping! Bought my first book of stamps at $9.20!!

Well best get to a sewing project I agreed to for do for some one else.
Will share that later too!

Oh my just heard on radio there is sleet/snow up road! Came in early today!
We are getting yet another chance at snow this week, today through Thursday!
Poor Easter Bunny maybe hiding eggs in Winter weather come Easter!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

E-book Review- Modern Quilt Patterns

I was approached about doing some reviews of quilting e-books and agreed.

This one is from McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts called Modern Quilt Patterns.
There are three lovely quilts that are all on a modern vibe, cheery and pretty straightforward.
The photos are bright and wonderful and the instructions are clear and precise.

The first one called, Baubles and Beads, I can see made up in Christmas fabrics!
 It would also work great with scraps or a single fabric line, maybe using one of those jelly rolls ya have rolling around..;-)
Just may use this one to make my very modern DIL a quilt for her gray and pale yellow bedroom redo!

Rainbow Rhythm is a lot of color and design bang with minimum effort!
This would make for a very striking wall quilt in a modern setting or table top.
I know a couple gals who will love it!

Last one up is called Lemon Squeezy .
It is done with wonderful clear and simple quilt as you go instructions.
I can see doing this one up as a quick baby shower gift or charity quilt!

As you know a pattern is just add your own personality with your own choice of fabrics!

Never tried an e-book …well I think you will be hooked once you do!
This one can be yours for free!!
Here is a link for you to go get your own free copy of this e-book and get busy!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fall Quilts

 Here we have a couple Fall themed applique quilts I liked at the quilt show.
Sorry did not  get a pic of the  names of the pattern! I was trying so hard to do that this year! Frats. I have seen both of these patterns made up around Blogland.

Needle turn applique on this cute one. Machine quilted.
Love the batty border!;-)
Since owls are big again I took up close pics of 2 on this quilt.

He looks so sweet up in his tree!!