Thursday, February 13, 2014

Been in Hospital

I begin to feel bad last Wed, Feb 5th and thought was the terrible flu.
I became so ill by Friday DH took me to Urgent Care. Was not flu.
Was rushed into hospital with Severe Sepsis and dehydration.
Have had a lot of  medical stuff going on which  contributed to the spread of the illness as well.
Tire easily so resting and continuing to take meds
At any rate has been rough and I am so very glad to be home!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Be Gone

 Yes indeedy ...the white stuff has left the landscape!! We have had warmer temps and rain.
More rain today but at least it does not stick to the roads!
DH is back to work, hopefully on a full week schedule! Was sort of startling to hear the school buses run early this AM. Had to stop and go... hum snow plow?? hahaha!
May as well settle in as Old Groundhog did see his shadow so 6 more weeks of Winter!

Sew here I have a new week to get busy! Did some sewing of wee small 4 patch blocks over weekend.  Have more to do today or that is my plan. Using a Glace by 3 Sisters honey bun that has been here a while.
This is how I plan to use them. I was just doing a try out when I took this pic. There are some browns yet to come in the mix.
These are my red work Snowbound blocks. Yes those from a while back! Will use all the 4 patches for sash and borders  and call the top done! Next will have to decide on how to quilt then binding. I am happy to have it this far!
Sew reckon it is still 'snowing' in sewing room!!;-)
Here are the tops I have been able to complete thus far...1 wall hanging and 2 mats or pillas, yet to decide those. The 2 candle runners and 1wall hanging still have to add the wool on them but they are ready!
Busy time but fun deciding on how to rethink projects to get them finished. I am happy with how I have decided to proceed with them!

Seems Feb just rushes at me all at once! Filled with birthdays along with Valentine's Day.
Have some Valentine's I hope to get done. Will take every chance I have to sew sew sew!

Did not do super bowl. I sewed and then watched Downton Abby and Sherlock on PBS. Happy to have a choice rather then old reruns most channels put up against the 'big' football game.

Well if I am going to be done with those patches best get back to it!!
 Happy Monday!!!