Monday, April 30, 2012


Guestroom closet doors do not like me! They pinched me!
Hurt like a “B” too, had to put ice on it!
I really thought there would be this huge bruise or place be swollen today.
Nothing there but a ‘red line’ spot.
So now I need to vac and wash the doors.
DH will try to paint the outside after I do that chore!
What a way to begin the day!

I am a dork! My fabric had been sliding a bit on the sewing machine!
I was like… “what is wrong with the feet!”
Hard to keep straight seam!
Was leaning around machine to get something an saw I had not changed the foot pressure setting from last job!

Next thought I had batting out to use for the projects using this bundle of fabby but NOOO!
Was wrong kind so had to move stuff I have 'temporarily" piled in front of closet doors and stuff back out of closet to get into the far right corner !
“Hey Fusi-Boo…I see you!”
Yes I stuck the tube there out of the way as I did not NEED it now!
I either can no longer read or think or both!
 No really was my whirlwind ways of straightening up things!
Just trying to get stuff out of way!


Fabric line by Marcus called French Dress.
Turquoises  and dark browns.
 So I am hoping today goes as I have it planned.
If anything comes up I am crossing fingers it is good stuff and not aggravating!!
Have my thread  on machine and ready to finish up a project!
Here is a peek!
 It is a table topper for my niece D to use in her bathroom she is redoing in these colors. D bought this bundle at the Quilt Show back in Feb!

So very cloudy here today not much breeze either!
So reckon wash will have to go in dryer! UGH!
Chance of storm later this afternoon.
Can you believe it is calling for 85F on Thursday and 94F on Friday!!!!!

Well reckon I better get too it.
Stuff not gonna get done by its self!
I know this because I have tested this theory before! ;-)