Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I WON !! I WON !!

What you may ask...well a Pat Sloan ORIGINAL!!!
Her Snow Man Fabric Party Bag from the sew along!!!!
Now am I not going to be the Hot Diggitty Dog this Winter with this hanging on my arm???

Is it AWESOME or is it AWESOME!!!!! (no not a real question)

I am thinking it should arrive any time now as she only lives up the way a bit in Northern Va.
Now don't hate me for being so lucky...after all many of you have won some really
NEAT -O-RAMA things while lil old me been sitting here green with envy!!
My turn!! ;-)
Pat has a kit for a sweet cute quilt in these fabrics called SNOW MAN LOVE you can order also.


  1. Yeah You! Gregg mailed it today!

  2. Congratulations! I need to enter some of these, now it's my turn to be a little green!

  3. Congratulations on winning this, Lola!!! It is so cute. I made one when Pat was having the sew-along and after one STUPID gigantic mistake, it turned out nicely!


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