Friday, November 28, 2008

My Black Friday Post

Okay now if you are not out there rushing around store to store, line to line but are up at the crack of dawn… you can check this out!
Over at Cotton Spice Blog.

Lots of neat projects shared for free from some wonderful designers.
You can get busy and have lots of pressies in your Santa bag!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have so much to the thankful for even in what are becoming tough times.
I am just so thankful that I can share one more Thanksgiving together with my dear family and friends.
Wishing everyone a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are cold! Wind blowing a gale out of the north!!
At least we did not see any of that snow that was NW of us.
Them thar good ol’ mountains keep a lot of stuff away! ;-)
Now the weather folks did say there may be a stray flake or two out late.
I was not out late so did not see any.;-)

Did bring in the punkins as did not want them to freeze.
Roasting them babies up right now.
House smells so yummy!!

I also made the outside cat a nice bed next to the carport fridge, older model and puts out some warmth.
This kind of cold should not last here. We have more warm temps for Thanksgiving than not.
Our true long lasting winter normally sets in after Christmas through Feb.
Farmer’s Almanac does say we are to have more snow….humm will see, after all we did not get all the hurricanes we were to get in ’08!! Not that I am complaining!!

Back to work here. More Fall stuff to put away then clean behind to put up Christmas!!
I did get my sewing area into somewhat working order…until the next messy projects! Ha!!

Wow we are looking at maybe just a month to work on stuff.. Get to work Elves!!!!
Keep it simple and maybe edible…;-)!!!
Thinking about some projects check out Martha’s Gift Work Shop.

Speaking of pumpkins. Want to share a pic of the table setting sweet niece Diana used when we were over for the 'Annual' Soup Sunday Served from BIG PUMPKIN!!
We have little pumpkins now to eat from!!!! Feels like we are eating at Sandra Lee's or Martha's home!!! Such fun!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hang Small Quilts

Great idea for hanging small quilts!!
I have these vintage pants hangers so using them.
I borrowed this idea from Jacquie at tall grass prairie studio.

Don’t you just love ‘blogging’???
Can find so many kindred spirits and inspiration!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stitcher's Angel Goodies arrive in Australia.

Check out the Stitcher's Angel Goodies I sent to my partner Julie in Australia.
Seems her packaged arrived in Australia about the time mine arrived to me from Noemi Portugal!
She has taken some nice pics so you can go look around her wonderful blog at her awesome quilt work while you are there! She also has a shop selling wonderful fabbies!!

Thank-you again to Helen and her group of designers for organizing the swap!
Such fun!

Hugs ,

Giveaway closed! Lucky ones in the BD Giveaway!

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2008-11-12 17:13:35 UTC

No. 1: 3 cute Christmas Fat Qts, strawberry pin cushion (made by me from wool), neat buttons, a nice 2005 mag with cool holiday projects and an unopened pack of 8 older holiday party invitations!!
goes to: Theresa N. said...
My husband proposed to me on my birthday. It was a wonderful surprise I wasn't expecting it at all.Thanks:)theresa N weceno(at)yahoo(dot)com

No. 2 : A pretty bone china tea cup with pretty blue flowers and gold trim, pretty trimmed napkin, assorted teas , a hard back Christmas novel by Nora Roberts called Gabriel’s Angel and a delicious Cadbury Caramello Candy Bar !!
goes to: Mary Ellen said...
I truly have lots and lots of good birthday memories........hmmm let me try and pick one. OOO, on my 40th, I was in Las Vegas for the first time, helping my Daddy with his convention and he took my husband and I to my first Las Vegas show.......Splash. We had the best seats and I just felt like quite the "woman".....when we got back, the kids had planned another party for me with the typical "black" theme with lots of friends and neighbors attending......both parties were fun.

Congrats Ya’ll and hope you enjoy the goodies!!!
Sending out emails to receive mailing info !!

I had 2 post with no way to contact so did not make it in the drawing.
If you are going to have a blog profile you need to make it so we all can read it or post an email when you play!! ;-)

Thanks so much for all the BD wishes!! I also loved reading all the neat birthday memories!!
I too appreciate those who shared the Giveaway on your blog or word of mouth!!

Be on the lookout for next one!!!
I am working on some cute tree ornies and I just may have to share a couple!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giveaway reminder....

I will post the winners tomorrow afternoon or so, no later than 9PM my time.
So still time to throw your 'memory' in the ring!!!;-)
I will use the random number generator to draw two numbers.
Happy Birthday To Me Giveaway!

Stitcher's Angel Swap Arrived!!

My Secret Stitcher’s Angel Swap arrived yesterday… from far away Portugal!!
She is no longer a SECRET as I took my few clues and went looking for her last night!
If you are reading this Noemi of a arte dos trapinhos THANK YOU so much!

Such a lovely package of goodies you sent and I enjoyed opening them so much!
It was like opening more birthday gifts!!!
She had them all numbered 1, 2, 3 then one not numbered.
1.Was a small sweet lil quilt, red work angel on it says” Take time to smell the flowers”.
2. Was a pretty fan pin cushion made in blues.
3.Was a sweet small draw string bag, I am thinking of many uses for it in my sewing basket for travel.
The last wrapped one was a beautiful soft shawl or head shawl in beautiful peach colors and the cutest bug lapel pin to match! Will come in handy as we are getting colder and heading into winter.
She also included a small book of what seems handmade paper, just so pretty.

I will use all my gifts and think of you so far away my Portugal Angel!!
Big Hugs from Virginia USA!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

One of my Favorite Things....

Bet you thought I was going to break out in song didn't ya. NOT!
One of my favorite things….is my vintage wooden ironing board!!!
Yes it is bulky and unyielding…but this can be a good thing a times!

Yes I have another newer one..'70s model but love this old one!
Well it was time for a new cover. The reg cheap ones fit it nicely!
I decided a long time ago it was nice to make ones that look all pretty and match in your sewing room BUT…they all end up needing replacing soon enough. I use my iron a lot on high steam heat!
My Mama used a sheet and these special spring clamps…yes I have them (hidden) here somewhere!!!
Anyway I just pop over to a store, be it big box or the dollar variety and pick one up when needed. Yes I also do other stuff on it like draw , write, and forget to put pressing sheet down when doing fusible stuff. Wash them up you say…;-) Well by the time I keep sayin I need to do this the foam has got to the ‘brittle ‘ point and will make a mess in the machine.

Besides putting on a new fresh crisp board cover is one of those neat things I do so enjoy!!
Sort of like opening a new magazine or pack of paper.

Well we had thought we would be going by a super store Sat on way home but not to be.
Had my left over Stone Cold Ice Cream Birthday Cake so had to hurry on home..;-)

I was chatting to my Sis-in- Law later on the phone and she says .."don’t buy one I got one, brand new…did not fit my board, you can have it.
We figured hers is a more modern board 1960s so could be why, so should work for mine as mine is older." Kewel Beans!

Well let me tell ya this a Cadillac of covers…. nice cotton batting, no foam here and designer label, Liz Claiborne …sort of feel like I should be wearing it. Ha!!
I tried first and decided was too small , factory fluke maybe. Boo Hoo!
Took all D Hubs had to get it on!! HA! I will say, this is one tight fitting cover!!
Who knows the why and how of this cover just thanks to Sis-in-Law I have a new cover, she got some delish Gumbo, apple dessert and fresh sweet taters as payment !!
Now I am ready to press my Hero some shirts!!
Okay my wacky weirdness over for the day…;-)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Cabin Dreams

Here is a pic of a cabin I have always HEARTED!!!!
Is it not adorable???!!
This was built at least 20/25 yrs ago.

The Log Cabin craze was beginning here back then.
I would love to put this on our other property !!
All tucked back in the trees!!!
Fill it up with my antiques and quilts!!
Oh well we all can dream!!!!!

Maybe I need to play Lotto so I have enough cash for all my dreams! Ha!!!
Cabin, cottage, new RVwith $$ to travel to a lot of the wonderful big quilt shows to see and shop, sewing studio large enough for pals , machines and loads of fabby, maid service at least 3X a week, on & on & on......dreammmmnmm!

Want a report with photos on the big Houston International Quilt Fest Show??
Well checkout Pat Sloan's blog for this and some of what she was up too.
Checkout her pals links as well.
Seems all had a good time.
I would be on that great new fabby smell over load!!!!!
My CC would be smelling smoke from over use!!! Ha!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

One more post......

...for today!! Just had to add this.
Oh my check Bonnie’s blog post out.
I have to go with DHubs to Harbor Freight his next visit.
Great storage idea!

Bonnie also has a cute pin cushion Tut on her blog too!!!

Bonnie does up wonderful her aprons !!!

BIrthday Needle Roll Gift

Oh my take a look at my newest Needle Roll!!

The one in the middle, Merry Christmas in dark reds!!
I do have a collection for sure now!!
This was my special BD gift from Diana, our niece!!!
Thanks Sweets!!!! She has made each one!
She is quite the talented cross stitcher !!
Eat your heart out Shirl!! Haaaaa!!

I hope to have a basket full one day….humm still have to go look for a basket!
Will show you more of her work when I am done with my part on her projects…sewing! ;-)
I am Auntie Slacker these days it seems along with Granny Slacker, Mom Slacker!!! UGH!

My gifts to me were of course fabrics !!
Like I really need more! Ha!!
Here are my newest purchases. All Christmas themed.
The dark red toile is darling with Santa, a cute Kitty Cat and a pup here or there!!
Well now reckon I need to get busy sewing now for sure!!!
I am seriously considering starting our Christmas decorating this Sunday!
We will not be hosting anymore Fall Gatherings here, so why not!
Will put me in the mood better too..tree twinkling in the background.
Yepper think I am convincing myself now to convince Hubs! Ha!!
Keep those Birthday Memories coming to the Giveaway post!!
So delightful to read!!!!
Remember though you must have a way for me to contact you, blog or email!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Yesterday my dear Hubs made my day so special!
See my sweet card above!!
He did a wonderful country breakfast for me!
I was stuffed!!
He cleaned up too… WOW!!!

Then we went for a nice ride. Have not done that in a while with gas so high.
Took some pretty pics too.

Golden soybeans, views of the lake.
It did finally get to rain messy to take enjoy riding about.

So we went to a mall to look around some.
Found Santa’s chair all set up and ready!!

Hubs bought some movies for us, Iron Man(me) and 3:10 to Yuma(him).

We ended up at Red Robin for a late lunch.
I only had the Fish n Chips as I could not do a big sandwich!!
After that I was DONE or my legs were so we made our way on home from Chesapeake.
All in all was a wonderful day!!!
I am blessed to have my Honey ,wonderful family and pals!

Thanks so much for all the BD wishes on the Giveaway post as well!!!!
Love reading all the neat memories you are sharing!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me Giveaway!!

I did not do a 100th post giveaway because my BD was coming up Nov 5th so decided to wait and do one today!!!
So it is my BD but 2 of you all get the pressie!!!!

Okay so here is the GiveAway Loot.
I just pulled some things from my own stash.
Some of my fav things! All with a holiday theme!!

One lucky person gets: 3 cute Christmas Fat Qts, strawberry pin cushion (made by me from wool), neat buttons, a nice 2005 mag with cool holiday projects and an unopened pack of 8 older holiday party invitations!!

Second lucky person gets: A pretty bone china tea cup with pretty blue flowers and gold trim, pretty trimmed napkin, assorted teas , a hard back Christmas novel by Nora Roberts called Gabriel’s Angel and a delicious Cadbury Caramello Candy Bar !!

I may add some surprises too!!!

So here is what you do to be in the drawing!
Post a Happy Birthday post to me telling me YOUR best birthday memory, must do this!!!
Good Luck!!!Look forward to reading some neat memories!!!!
You must have a blog or add an email with your post so I can contact you for mailing info !!
EXTRA EXTRA….if you post the Give Away on your blog and let me know you have another chance at the loot…!!!

I will draw/post the lucky two next Wed Nov 12th, 2008 by 9 PM , EST.

I am so sorry but must keep this one only for US mailing this time.
When I mailed out my swap to Australia I was shocked at the $$!
Gee seems everything is getting more and more expensive as the days go by!!
Not fair just messing with my fun as I adore swapping all over the world!!!
Hebby Hebby Sigh!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!!!;-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day!

Voting day is finally here!!
Yes even at our small country precinct there was a line!
Exciting! Everyone was really feeling up and chatting despite the rain!
We got there at 5:40 AM so we were like 3rd in line.
I was 5th to vote at the touch machine.
Already having troubles with voting machines.
The paper feeder one was not working.
Busiest times are the morning with voters going before work and then the evening ones after work, normally.
I am thinking this year it may be different.
We only have maybe 400 registered voters in our precinct, so should not be too bad.

Extra treat here is if you go to Krispy Kreme and show your I Voted Sticker you get a free donut!
Starbucks is also doing a giveaway of a small coffee I think they said.
I am off to pick up my new glasses later so may try for that donut! Ha!!!
Go Vote!! We are so blessed here in this country to have the freedom to do it!!
I always go in memory of my Grandmothers who fought so hard for me to have the right as a gal to do it!!
Today is also a history making dayin American in this election for President!!!!
Oh how far we have come!! So exciting !!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cotton Picking!!

Well here is a couple pics as promised of the cotton picking.
They use this huge machine to suck up the bolls then it lifts up and dumps into this big wagon.
After that it goes into this huge pressing machine and out comes these huge bales!!A truck comes and loads a big bale up off then off to the gin!Was getting dark before they finished picking so one pic is a tad darker! I also missed the truck as it came on Sunday.
Had huge tractor pulled mowers come behind the pickers cutting all the stalks , then planted no till winter wheat. So when that is up will share that too.
They are picking soy beans too at other end of farm now.
That is awful messy and dusty! I tend to stay away!!! Haa!
We never clean outside of windows till all the picking and planting is done!
This used to be one of the best peanut farms around but not many of those grown in this area of Virginia anymore. We have only 2 small farms in this area that grow any now.
We go to the buying /drying station to buy 50# bag every year to use in our holiday preps.
Sure miss going out into the field and picking them up after they were dug!
LOVED that fresh smell and raw taste!
Awwwhh the memories.