Monday, June 28, 2010

Bust an Flag It!

Yes!! I am in an Americana kinda mood!
After all we Americans have the July 4th Holiday coming up!
Let's make flags! Bust some stash! So easy!

Grab those reds, blues and cream/whites out of that stash!
This is a good scrap basket project too.
I used no whites or brights despite how the pics look.
I am more of any 'age look' kinda gal( in more ways then one;-).
These are very fat quarter friendly too.
They work up fast!

Basic info on doing one flag unit.

From blues cut one 2x9.5 rectangle.
From reds cut two strips 2x18.5 and one strip 2x9.5
From creams/whites cut two strips 2x9.5 and one 2x18.5

Lay out your pieces as you would like.
Using a 1/4 inch seams, sew the three 2x9.5 strips first.
Begin with the cream to red one.
Next add the second cream strip . Press.
Now sew this unit to the blue unit. Press.

This will be the flag top unit.
Oh yes if your 1/4 inch and mine are not the same just trim up the unit now.
Next take one red 2x18.5 strip and sew to the one cream 2x18.5 strip.
Sew the last red 2x18.5 strip to the cream one. Press unit.
This is the flag bottom.
Sew top and bottom units together, press.

There ya go..a flag!

From here let your own creative ideas flow!!
Make candle mats, pillas, wall/window or door hangers, table runner or topper, wall quilts or even a sofa throw quilt!

Now if you like the look you can add buttons for stars.
This is what I did for my wall quilt as part of the quilting.
You can also stitch words on the flag units in the cream strips.
You are limited only by your own imagination!

I used four flag units and did the offset with them for my wall quilt.
I had to trim up three of the flags but hard to tell.
Just one Y seam so not too hard.

Simple stitchery in middle.
I just wrote what I liked, traced to fabric and used DMC floss to stitch .
Did some hand quilting around the stitchery square and in the cream strips only.
Used a simple running stitch, some call it the prim stitch or utility stitch.
Found a neat goldish fabric for the binding which I think just sets it off!
So see scrappy looking flags using fabrics from your stash!
Now I have two flag units left to turn into something FUN!
Hope you have fun making some flags too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Schnibbles !!

Lumiere De McGuffey
Pop on over and see Carrie and Rosie!

Christmas Sewing List

Okay got the music on to put me in the right frame of mind.
Got my brain working...well best it can poor thing..;-)
Making my list and checking it twice!!
Here are some of my ideas.
Feel free to suggest any more !
I have a very long list of folks from 2 to 90!!!

  1. Coasters
  2. Pilla Cases
  3. Potholders
  4. Shopping Bags
  5. Table Runners
  6. Fabric Baskets
  7. Roll Warmers
  8. Casserole Carriers
  9. Book Covers , journal or note books.
  10. Holiday Hangers
  11. Aprons
  12. Small pouches, make up, etc.
  13. Tissue Holders
  14. Tissue Box Covers
  15. Tea Wallets
  16. Candle Mats
  17. Tea Towels
  18. Hand Bags
  19. Dog Bandannas
  20. Wallets
  21. Book Marks
  22. Crayon Roll Ups
  23. Holiday Banners
  24. Small Stitchery Quilts
  25. Go Cup Wraps
So 25 ideas for December 25th!
Will I get all these done ?NO!
Hey maybe I just helped out someone with an idea!
A lot of these ideas have free PDF's or TUT's for free online.
Just pop one into the search bar..DING there ya go!!

It is all good!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Day!

Yes today is to be our longest day of the year.
So I am thinking this is how it will look about 10 PM tonight!!
Late sunset over the cotton field out back!!

We had very hot temps yesterday.Makes last weekend seem like Fall!!
Over 100! More high ones this week with Thur seeing well over 100 again!
100 % humidity today with high 90's!
Now is it Aug or still late June here in Virginia???

We enjoyed Father's Day with our son and DIL.
They prepared a wonderful meal.
Did some shopping while we were over in that area.
Came home and stayed in the cool AC!

I did some shopping online.
Last week I received this from Connecting Threads.

They had some great prices on the Thimbleberries Pine &Rose, Village Green Dusk charms and the Twice the Charm roll.
Love the 'fallish' fabrics too. Called Golden Afternoon.
They have pretty good prices on charm packs.
The fabrics are good quality too.

These came from Fat Quarter Shop.
Will become runners.
Had to have the French Le Poulet one!

These books were on sale at CT so picked them up to.
A couple projects I want to do in each.

So here we are with June almost over!
Goodness I feel like it was just January a month ago!
Think I need to kick my projects into gift mode now.
I did not get all my own projects finished but some are at least another step towards done.

We are still enjoying garden goodies.
More cukes, yellow squash, peppers, cabbage, blackberries and raspberries.
Tomatoes are big and green...looking forward to that red to peep out soon.
If all the figs on the fig tree ripen then I may be selling at Farmer's Market.!;-)
It is loaded!

Well I best get this long day started!!!
I am thinking the day may out last me though!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Hot Weekend

As in the weather people!!!;-)

Too yucky to do any yard sales or even be out much.
Good things though!
We shopped for new sink and faucet Friday.
DH and son put in yesterday.
With lots of drama and angst! So what else is new.
Seems every time we do what seems simple with this house it becomes a trial!
DH is off today to buy another new strainer set!
One works fine.. other not so much!
Had to replace all the plumbing under sink!UGH!
For what this simple replacement has cost could have bought new 48" vanity total for a bathroom!
Oh well what can ya do...nothing but vent and fix issues that need to be fixed!

All said and done I love the new sink set!!
Nice WHITE cast iron heavy duty deep sink !!
Brushed nickle faucet set!!
This all replaces a 30+ yr old GOLD sink!!
Slowly we are coming out of the dark 70's here!!

Did some more stitching on the red work Snow Fellas.
That is it for 'sewing'.
I did straighten up the sewing room.
Now I am ready to mess it up again!!! ;-)
So best get to it!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sew many irons...

.. in the fire!!

Yes that is me! I tend to do this a lot.
Even if I am not feeling behind.
I am behind though.
As I have had to take care of the 'hind leg' so it will heal.
It is better but I still find I 'pull' it doing rather normal things like walking normally!
Oh well we will deal and get on to the 8th week mark hoping it is DONE!

One thing I have been doing is pricing and bagging up for the yard sale.
Yes the one that was to be this weekend but hoping to do as soon as 'hind leg' is a tad better.

Now good does come from bad once in a while.
I did finish the red work baskets , and begin on the Snowbound red work sqs .
Just about caught up on those.
I begin another project in black work. Yes I did!
The 'cut and paste' on the Tisket Tasket blocks done.
Seems like a lot right?
No.. just spread out.
I want to sit and sew at my machine now!!!

I have been doing more home chores.
They has interrupted my creative time!!
Knew there was a reason I did not get more done!
Oh well back to pacing myself with my kept women duties and my need to create!!!

Picked these wonderful scented blooms and floated them in a crystal bowl.
Miniature jasmine blooms off DH bush!
Yes I stole them!!!
Better than Glade I tell ya!!!

Okay back to the salt mines..or I may get replaced!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Gracious!!

What in the world gal!
You made a horrid mess!!
Yes I admit it. I am messy!
I simply see no need to clean up till I am DONE.
Yes done with tracing, cutting, pulling scraps, pressing, cutting, pressing...yadayadayada!!

I finally have all the blocks of last years Bunny Hill Designs BOM ready to applique down.
It is A Tisket A Tasket. You can go buy it on Anne's site now.
She is also gifting another BOM this year, Snow Bound.
I decided to do it in red work.
Best get it before it is over after that you will have to purchase it.

My basket blocks are ready for me to put on the machine.
I am thinking I will use black thread for the applique.
Once I finish the machine work will do the added hand work.
I used alternate fabrics for my squares, same cute fabric for the baskets.
Still has not come to me which fabrics(from stash only) to use to finish the top.
Oh well I am only 6mths behind so I think I got time...hahaha!
Now I did make some small quilts out of a couple blocks so guess that counts!!

Ok Missy enough of mak'n messes!!
So what is it ..or was it???

Can you stand it!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden Goodies

DH has been harvesting his efforts for a bit now.
These are his first yellow squash and a head of cabbage.
Also been eating fresh broccoli too.
These are the last of it.
Picked this AM.
We have had salad greens for a good bit.
He plans to till them in now.
These are mostly cool weather plants so as it warms up they do not do as well.
Already did lettuce and radishes.

His blackberries are turning too.
If birds do not beat him to them!
They got my strawberries!

DH also has small tomatoes on some of his plants.
The potatoes have blooms.
Just loving it all right now!!
Will be grilling that squash with some chicken later today!
So we will enjoy our fresh veggie bounty while we can!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super Giveaway!! Really!

Cathi is have a grand give away to begin her newest blog!
Four wonderful sets of gifts!
One is wool.. yes her awesome wool.
My next fav is Thimbleberries fabric!!!
Go check it all out!
I know this lessons my own chances but hey I really am just a 'sweet gal' at heart... ha!ha!ha!! Yeah right!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Summer Giveaway!

Amy of Red Fish Circle is having a fun fabric giveaway.
Some of the cutest of her fabric designs!
So click on over to check it out!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You (or me) could win a "GO"!

Yes YOU (or me) could win this wonderful Accuquilt Go cutting machine!
It could help your quilt work go faster!
Yes faster. Cut down the cutting time for you(or me) !
I would love to win one but if not I hope Santa is reading this too!
So where is the give away you ask.. where.. here?? NO!
Got to visit Barb at Bejeweled Quilts by Barb!
Please tell her Lola sent ya. I get another chance that way.
You too can get extra chances by posting and doing as I have here.
So hurry on over and give us some more chances!!