Friday, July 31, 2009

Award from a friend...

I have been honored to be given this Friendship Award from Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter!
She received the much deserved award and in turn has passed it on.
Jocelyn is such a kind spirited and lovely gal.
Her blog is a happy place to be and her warmth comes though.
I want to pass it on also to some folks whom I have come to know in the blog world as helpful, kind, considerate and all are very talented! If you have received it already well here you go again. Only proves why you are being selected yet again!!

Please pay them all a visit and see what I mean!!
Mary of It's Me I Think is a funny gal who takes loving care of her family.
She is Nana Nanny to her two small grandsons and has just moved to Alaska!
Read about her new adventures.
Linda of Fiber Fabrications raises her wonderful alpacas with much love and care. She uses their wool to be so creative with . She leads a busy fun life I love to read about!!
I am also in her Birthday Block Swap!!
Pat from A Little of This and A Little Of Pat is one of the most helpful and kind gals in blog land bar none!! She is talented in many ways !! She will have a new fun read blog post every day!!!
I do consider her a pal.
Valerie of Life's Little Garden shares so much of herself, her family and her faith by example.
A kindhearted loving Mom and Grandma. I must say I do adore her posts about her Quilting Granny and try not to miss them! Such inspiration there for us all!
Rachel of Not So Plain Jane can be a hoot!! She too is very talented along with being a fun loving gal!! If she is not sharing her life she will find some great giveways to share!!!
Lani from The Never Ending Adventure only have to read one post on her blog to be rolling with laughter. Go see ...give it a try as a day brightener!!!
Ann of A Good Yarn is one of the most talneted quilt makers I have seen. She is awesome. I do like hearing about her life as well down under!!!
I consider her a dear pal as well.
Marydon of Feedsack Fantasy who is an expert on all things feed sack but also a kind and helpful person. She is living her faith everyday.
Mary of Quilt of the best at what she does with her quilting frame. Such a kind and friendly gal too.
Laurie of Buttons N' Lace.. a sweet gal who loves to garden and make all things floral and lacy..;-)
Micki in Ireland of Irish Muses.. yet another warm, friendly and wonderfully talented gal.
Oh goodness I could just go on and on!! So many wonderful friendly folks in our blogging world. These are just a few who have touched me in wonderful ways.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Wondering what this is???
May have something to do with me 'soon' posting for the 300th time!!!!!!
Sure hope my sweet readers and followers will keep an eye out for that post!!!
Comments always welcome...;-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tea Tuesday

Today is 'Tea' Tuesday...because no more teacups to share at this time...;-)
Tea stuff though!!!
Look at these cute teapot napkin rings!!!
Found them at a thrift!!
They are silver but not sure if I want to polish them or leave as is!!!
Just the four so will have to be a tea luncheon for four only...;-)

Go to Kim's Blog to check out more Tuesday Tea Posts.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

GIVEAWAY and online shop revamp....

Click on the above logo !!!
It will take you to the New and Improved Pumpkin Patch Primitives website!
Oh my goodness some super cool new Halloween fabs I am gonna have to have and I bet you will too!!!
So surf on over!!!

Now to Brenda's Giveaway!!!
Click on the pic below to go read all about this awesome kit!!!
Please feel free to say Lola sent ya!!! ;-)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday trip to Windsor ...

Okay yesterday Deb and I checked out a LQS in Windsor.
Was very nice gals there in a small lil shop set out in the country.
I think it will become a very good one given time.
Right now the fabric choices were limited and not as much newer fabs.
They ordered a cutter so soon will be able to do the strips , etc.
She is updating her site and also the shop offerings also.
Below is some 1/2 yrd cuts I got for 10% off!!
Snowfolks, Jack'os and the Thimbleberries Owls.YUM!

Here are the fats I got for 1.5o each!!
Pepper Cory for Telegraph Road Studio, sort of '30s to me.
I will go back and keep check on fabrics and to get to know them!!!
I love machine applique and did not see too much of it there or my 'kind'...ha!!!
Last Sat in Smithfield also checked out a few yard sales and for just 1.75 I got a shirt, shorts and a pretty sun dress!
Made a run out to the 2 thrift stores in town.
One had nada but second was a charm!
Got two compression quilt wall hangers, oak, 43” for 1.98 each!!!!
Like 90 bucks worth!! Pays to check all those bins folks!!
Along with a neat ‘sewing’ themed 2 yard piece of fabric.
Think I will make Deb a sewing themed gift for her BD coming up in Aug!
So that is my post for the day for Friday Finds , plus! Ha!!
Crossing fingers we will get some showers here, we so need them.
May try for a yard sale or two tomorrow.
Hope every one has a great weekend!!!
See ya Monday!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Saturday Outing-The Christmas Store

Sat was an enjoyable day. Niece D and I played tourist in Smithfield , Va, one of our locals towns.
Silly me did not take as many pics as I planned to though.
I think I must go brain dead once I put the camera in my bag!!
Did get some pics in the Christmas Store of some of the more colorful trees!!
This is where I bought the 2 ornies I shared on Tuesday's Teacup Post.
This was at one time a department store. Wooden floors and tin ceilings.

Sorry blurred ..the fishing tree!

We do live in farming country so here is the John Deere tree!
My first look at a yellow tree! Ha!!

Pretty in Pink.. ha!

Maybe feathers are your ones!!

How about a sea shore tree.
Blue and loads of pretty shells!!
We checked out the Farmer’s Market and several of the shops on Main Street.
Items we liked in the antique shop were a bit too high for my wallet.. ha!!
I did purchase a small flag at the flag store.
Will go back later in year for a couple large ones for Fall and Winter plus some for holiday gifts.
Will share more of our day in another post!!!
Some great finds!!!!
Off today with BFF Deb( no blog) to a LQS that is new to us.
Looking for some fab to go with the purple, cream and paisley fabs of the UFO blocks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All done...

...for now!
Winter pantry is well stocked with some veggies and pickles.
Soon to be added will be pears, fig and some jellies.
We will be gifted some apple butter, honey and other 'sweet jars' so we will have plenty to top a scone or biscuit or two!!
Have lots of fresh frozen fruit as well.
Add to this the potatoes, sweet, red and white cookers we are good to go!

Have plenty of snaps and tomatoes in the cartons also.

Shelf full of new corn. Will place older corn on top.

Butter beans from this years bushel. Also place the older ones on top to use first.
Should be getting the peas sometime in next week or so.
Okra is bearing but not a lot. Peppers too are few and slow as we lost some plants to wilt. Have enjoyed some eggplant already too YUM!
I do feel good knowing we have fresh food that we have prepared with no additives, etc. Makes me feel like the farm gals of old and proud !!It will all make some fine soups, stews, sauces and sides dishes come winter.
Still have fresh to eat now.
Fall garden will be planted soon so lots of greens.
Well as soon as I rest up from this frenzy will finish sewing those small projects to share with you.
Also send out my last PIF!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Teacup Tuesday and a hen…

Are you up for a spot of tea?? Tray all set! A very smallish cup o tea that is.. Ha!!
I bought this nice ornie Sat at The Christmas Store in Smithfield,VA!
It will go along nicely with the small tea pot and tea cup ornies I showed last week!!
I also purchased this sweet ornie.
A hen on her nest with biddies peeping out!
Love it! I already have a pretty rooster ornie my DH bought for me many years ago.
Sorry for posting late!!!!
I got caught up doing the 'mater canning and slipped my mind!
I normally do these up ahead but behind on that this week too!!!!
Please go tot Kim's blog to see other posters for Teacup Tuesday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas in July

Yes it is time to begin to think about Christmas!
So may sales now in LQS’s with this theme too.
So I decided this would be my project to try to have done by Nov!
Another UFO…my Christmas Candle top.
This is a lap quilt but I will use as a hanging or drape over the Old Singer in living room.
Just have to sandwich it and quilt.
Going to just do an outline quilting I think.
Got to decide if it will be done in red or green ‘arty’ thread….hummm.
Any comments??? Suggestions???

Very plugged in today with the corn!!
We got it all shucked last night.
Today is blanching and bagging.
If I still can stand after that will do the butter beans! Ha!
Doing corn brings back memories.
Used to do loads more than this when all the kids were small.
They would sing ..CORN DAY CORN DAY. Corn for breakfast, dinner, and supper… ha!!
We would spread the ears with homemade butter that Miz Doris,now 90, made from milking her cow.
When that cow died no more butter..;-(
I do want to take the day off tomorrow.
Need to have a day away off the farm.
Niece D and I may go to Smithfield to check out some new antique shops.
Also a flag shop where I want to look for some new ones.
Big Christmas Shop too!!
There is a tea shop if open and a coffee & pastry shop.
Big Farmer’s Market that opens early that sells all kinds of things not just produce.
Pork, Pine and Peanut Festival is going on in Surry County this weekend.
We will not be attending. Seems to us has gone downhill in last few years.
The level of artist/crafter’s work and imports, just not a high quality hand crafted show anymore.
Hate to see this happen to such a long standing show.
Maybe with new folks on committee it will improve again.
Hope we all have a great weekend!!!
Monday.. Monday will be here in a blink!!!
( can ya hear the Mama’s and Papa’s singing that???)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In a pickle...

…..sweet ones that is!
I got my batches of sweet pickle all done today.
From the lime soak to processed jars!
Now no longer any danger of my chicken salad not tasting just like it should!

Today Sadie Pup and I are off in our truck to pick up corn and butter beans at a local farmers. They called today for our order.
They will go in freezer so the canner can rest a bit.
Still yet more tomatoes to can.
This pan full above now waiting on me and more to pick.

Did these Roma’s to use as soup or sauce already.
Had a smidgen left over so added the lil chicks and had lunch!
The growing season is moving right along here.
We do not have as much as we thought we would have.
Have not got the rain along we started off with.
Oh well.. have what we have and will be happy with it too!!
I am thinking the pears will be ready before too long for preserves .
I do hope we get some rain to plump up those figs.
I have to say nothing better on a cold gray damp winter morning then a hot biscuit with some butter and fig or pear preserves on it!!!
As soon as I finish laying up my Winter pantry I will be ready for FALL to happen! Yes in maybe 2 weeks!! Ha!!!
No sewing. Just could not fit it all in.
I sure wish my body could keep up with my mind and my plans!
Will have to get serious on it as soon as my canning and freezing days are finished for the year!!
I have those UFO's along with a couple other things started and a long list for the holidays to complete.
Oh Lord who am I kidding....not all going to happen!!! Haa!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yes UFO's... No not the kind from Mars!
The kind lurking in my sewing room/studio/mess...or whatever you want to call it room!
Here are just a couple of them that have been here a while.
A pile of pretty log cabin blocks. Also part of a block swap.

I made more too so I could do a bigger top.
Oh me!! These may become a nice chest or table runner.

Next is a purple n paisley set of blocks for a quilt but alas no more fabric to finish ...or I can't find it anyway!!!!

Now these may become something else too..we shall see.
Will take them with me to LQS to see about some fab to go with them.
So next time you think you are the only one with 'Completion Issues'...well just come on back to my blog, as I am sure I will have more such posts in the future!!!
At least I don't do this when I am painting walls or such! Ha!!!!

Gotta find the up side ya know!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tea Cup Tuesday..

..kinda... sorta.....more of a coffee cup that came with an old set I am thinking.
Still very pretty with it's big creamy white almost pink roses on it .
Can serve tea also or just look pretty on a tray!
This may end up being the first offering on my
Cedar Cottage Shoppe..not sure yet.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Is this a great piece or what!
My niece Diana did up this cute hanger for me for July 4TH!!
I wanted to share it with you all.
Looks good there by the door on that plate rack.
I put it there to take the pic then decided to leave it!!
Diana is an awesome cross stitcher!!
I am the proud owner of many of her works!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tomatoes and Watermelons

Yes we got 'em!!
Now what to do with 'em!!
Maybe a purse or a tote bag.
Yeps..these here are keepers and not in jars!!! ;-)
Nice weight Deb Mumm fabs got on sale at Joann's.
Now could be after this week I may just not want to SEE any more tomatoes of any kind!!
At least for a bit after I can , can and can!
No, not the French can can , no leg kickin here!
The few Romas we have are loaded so got to get to work!!
Ahhh sweet Summer the season of "put up for Winter goodness"!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

the big old farmhouse...

Looking across a cotton field to the family farmhouse.

Coming up the road.

No-till soybeans planted in the cut wheat fields.

What is left of the old kitchen and some out buildings.

Farmhouse peeking out between the trees surrounded by the old fence.

Almost to the gate.

The lane up to the house.

Aunt Dot will meet us at the back kitchen door with her apron on...;-)
She lived here during The Great Depression with her parents and 4 siblings , one of which was my dear Mother- in-law..Miz Nellie.
Aunt Dot married and her DH moved in with her parents and they are still here all these years later.
All the siblings have passed on, now just Aunt Dot at 89 left.
Also on The Farm is DH's homeplace where his father was born to his sharecropper parents. Miz Nellie raised her children here after her DH was killed in an accident.
This is my Cedar Cottage..;-)
Hope you enjoy 'artsy' black and white the tour!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July 2009

Tables set.

Getting ready to cut the brisket.

Lets eat!
Did not get any real good pics on 4th!
Was planning on getting a group shot..NOT!
Anyway food was good, company was good!
The pups had a good time too.
Weather was super nice !!!
I hope you all had as good a day as we did !!

DH s cold dessert!Before and after. YUMMY!!

Banana Pudding

8 oz Cool Whip
16 oz Sour Cream
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
3 or 4 Large Bananas Sliced
1 box (large) Instant Vanilla Pudding
1 box Vanilla Wafers
1 bottle Magic Shell
1 cup Chopped Pecans

Mix Cool Whip, sour cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla pudding mix in a bowl. Using a 9x13 glass pan layer vanilla wafers, bananas and pudding alternately. (Top layer should be pudding mixture). Squeeze out “Magic Shell” to cover the entire layer of pudding. Sprinkle the chopped pecans on top. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or preferably overnight before serving.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oops..Teacup Tuesday

Well I let it slip by… almost!!
I am not on Kim’s list today but you can go check out the list on her blog.
I am sure there will be some great tea cup posts on blogs to check out.
My offering today is a couple of hanging ornies I picked up at a local thrift.
So cute! A teapot and the matching cup!
Need to attempt to clean up but do not want to mess up the gold leafing!!
A lot of these different ones would make for a sweet themed tree for the holidays!!!
Will keep my eye out now for some!