Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brain Dead

Brain Dead or maybe had a short out!!
Have ya just ever been that way all of a sudden!!!
I tell ya with me I need meds for it I think!! :-)
I am sewing along on my squares, making really great progress then my brain an fingers decide they no longer wish to work together!!
I finally see my seam width is NOT RIGHT…what the HEY!!
Go back see what I have done and fix it.
Instead of hitting needle up/down I am hitting CLEAR stitch.. DUH!!!
This means the needle moves back to center!!!
So have to FROG a few sqs.
Then proceed to DO IT AGAIN!!
Okay Okay.. crying UNCLE!!
I take that as a sure sign this little (small in my mind anyway) stitcher gal needs to stop for the day!!!!!

Will leave ya with a pic of a Snow Family I made a few years ago.
No snow here just cold wet rain. Sometime I think snow would be better.
Oh my then again maybe not!!!
I am rethinking my supper plans may need soup to warm us up from inside out.


  1. Oh, yes...have had MANY times when I knew I just had to QUIT for the day. I hate when it happens, but....have learned not to fight it or I end up with a MESS. NICE snow folks you made!

  2. Oh I love your little snowman family, how cute! I wish I had some of your talent, care to throw some my way!? I'd really like you to take some of our snow, 4 more inches added last night and today, with more called for tomorrow. Enjoy some soup, I have a pot of home made chicken noodle simmering right now!

  3. Oh yes, I can sympathize. And like Pat, I take it as a sign that it's time to put it away.

    Love the snowman family. I collect snowmen... but not the real ones. They tend to melt all over my living room floor haha.

  4. I think we've all had those days, doesn't make it any better of course. I find chocolate is usually the best medicine on these occasions. I just adore your little snowmen family. I've developed a real soft spot for them in recent times. I think they look delightful sitting in their bucket!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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