Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rooster Vest

So if you are coming to Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest Sunday, Mar 1, and see a 'mature' short fat gal in this, it is me… haaa!!! This is a Meme’s pattern. May be a free one now.
I hand appliqued this during one of DH's procedures at hospital. ;-)
I got the denim vest at thrift, it is a short one forget what they call that.
I changed out the buttons to match the back as well.
Anyway is a fun wear to these kinds of events even if I have ' filled out' somewhat since I finished it!!
Need to make me up a wall hanging with this one too, but do on machine this time...;-)
I think Sherry has some cute patterns and I happen to be a rooster kinda gal so have a few of them!!!

Thanks so much for all your nice comments on the Froggy Quilt Top!!!
Just makes me so happy to do for others!!
Yes Laurie please do one when you can , (maybe after your trip..haa!!)no time limit here!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mountain Baby Blanket far

It has a name"All My Froggy Friends"! So Cute!!
I am doing bright!!
I found this 3/4 yd piece in my stash. When or why I got it I do not know!
I managed to find some bright tone on tones to go with it.
Washed them all up an no bleeders in the bunch! ;-)
Next have to add the lime green border and top will be done.
Just free wheeling it doing my own thing to work with this amount of fabric only.
Still 'old school' here, just use paper and pencil!

Took a pic of the top so far but came out bad. Will post a better one when it is done.
Wanted RachelC to see there is some progress here on ONE so far!!!
Have another one in the 'pull fabric stage' too!!
Go to her blog and see some cute ones done.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show

Pic above is last year’s Big Winner.
Today is opening day. Cool, sunshine, no rain so far only a light wind.
Local newspaper article said they are expecting 10,000 folks!
So hope everyone is arriving in good spirits getting set for classes or just viewing and shopping!!
I will be there on Sunday this year with my niece Diana and pal Shirl from Richmond.
Hope to see Averettladynana and her daughter there as well.
So if anyone else is going to be there Sunday give me an email yell!!
Maybe we can meet up too.
I sure wish I could have met up today with alittleofthisandalittleofpat and snippenthreads.
Almost worth it to just dress go over and wave Pat’s bus down…. but have other places I have to be today.;-(
So if you see this lady wearing a black T-Shirt that says, “Got FABRIC?”….see her pic on her blog…give her a hug and say Lola sent me!!

Here is the list of some vendors.
If any you recommend I be sure to check let me know!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

I came across this when I was digging in a closet! Yes look'n for something else..again!
I had forgot all about this piece of an old pieced quilt top.
It was a rescue too, just like our fur babies!!
It is a dumpster find, except I did not ‘dive’ for it, was hanging off the side.
Was dirty and my DH is like …WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? LEAVE THAT HERE !!!NASTY!!!… ha!!
Well we know I did not listen to his over reacting drama. ;-)
Brought it home washed it up.
I spent time thinking on who did it and why, was it unfinished or was it used for covering something ?Were the pieces worn to begin with? Maybe just some one's busy work say on older person? Why would someone throw it out? So many questions.

All hexes are done by hand, sqs are machine sewn together and cut looks like done with pinking shears. No it is not perfect, but that is what is so endearing to me!
You can see worn spots in some places and the colors on some of the hexes are faded more than others. I sure wish I knew it's story.
I used it hung over a cabinet door or laying on the old Singer Treadle for many moons then washed it up again and put away.
That was like maybe 20 yrs ago!!
What is so neat is it fitting right in with all the NEW fabrics out and the NEW color ways!!
Say Orange and Aqua!
If I did not know better I would say this is new fabric bought online recently!!
Looking to the past for inspiration is apparently not a new thing!!
Everything Old Is New AGAIN.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pat Sloan's OP Challenge Retreat Finished Blocks

Okay here are promised pics. I say this not knowing if Blogger and my pc are going to cooperate. They sure would not yesterday late!!!
I did 12 blocks, just enough. No way could I get more from the Buggy Barn fabs, my inspiration ones. Mixed in some Thimbleberries and Mumm too.

I do have some other fabs,( light ,med, dark) I could make some borders with to make a bigger top but not sure if I want to do that yet. I then would have to send it out to be quilted. I do have more of the 'cross' fab to put on sides then use the dark green and eggplant(purple) as outer borders..hummm just thinking...;-)
I know I like the blocks as is no sashing or adding different fab blocks into the mix.
So if they become 4 runners will be sewn as is with simple borders.
Cha Ching gifts in the gift closet!!!

I am really pleased with how they came out.
Someone else has said they remind them of hugs and kisses, yes they sort of do.
So who knows may have to have a couple more wild ripping, cutting, sewing, pressing days to make some for some special wee ones!!
If you did not join in the OP Challenge Retreat this weekend you can still get the info and pattern on Pat Sloan’s Blog, begin on Friday the 20 th.
Speaking of Wee on to my next projects making some Mountain Baby Blankets. Orange is a warm color!!
Please click on the button at top right of my side bar for details.
I plan to make mine simple and warm.
Not like we have to impress the world with our sewing skills to wrap a precious wee one in warmth.
Just some fabric, some thread and a good heart will work just fine…please check it out.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finished my OP Blocks!!

Whew! Done!
All twelve. Pretty good for getting a days late start and feeling puny to boot!
Will post pics tomorrow.
Blogger and Vista seem to not want to play well together right now and I am tired!
Not even sure if I will get this posted but here goes!
Thanks to Pat Sloan for a fine retreat !!
Congrats to all the winners of the Giveaways too... you lucky ducks!!!

Giveaway Potholders go to....

Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-02-22 17:47:26 UTC

So when I count down 10 posts( not counting a double post.;-) I come to:
Linda said...
I wa s at sandys blog and she has you posted as a giveaway. Wow neat potholders. Your tutorial is very good. I coould use some new pot holders and I'm sure my grandaughter would just love them to take cookies out of the oven Linda
February 19, 2009 3:15 PM

Hey Linda!!!! Hope you will use and enjoy them!!
Sure wish I could enjoy a couple of your warm cookies from the oven myself! YUM!!
Sending you an email now so get back to me in 24 hrs with your snail mail info.
If not I will get another number generated!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My OP Challenge Block

Pat Sloan is at it again!! Having a OP Challenge Online Retreat Weekend!!
She has designed a block to be used.
Also loads of GIVEAWAYS going on from some of her quilty bloggy pals!
Great stuff! Check it out over at Pat's Blog.
She is also offering a 5.oo coupon on 20.00 on her web site! WOW!

I am late getting started. I was not sure if I had enough orange to work with!!
Did not want to use Halloween fabric. Could not go shopping being sick with a cold!!
Besides was not sure cold meds and rotory cutter would work well today!!
Seems to be doing okay..course I sound like crap trying to breathe! HA!!
I just had to do this though as I think the pattern is neat.
I do not really have any brights so this is what I came up with!
This pile will become 11 more of these blocks to make 12 total.

After that I will decide what the blocks will become...small quilt, table topper, wall hanging purses, etc!!.
Humm I feel some better ....must be all the Vit C in all this ORANGE!!!;-)

Friday, February 20, 2009


I will close the Pot Holder Giveaway Sunday Feb 22 about noon EST....and draw a name from the pot!!
So be sure you are in the running and tell others who may want to enter as well.

More Potholder Love…

..well I experimented with these.
Made from the simple inexpensive on the bolt homespun not the REAL VINTAGE KIND!

Used some thicker press on batting I had some scraps of from making bags.
Came out fine. They sew up quicker than my TUT pot holders.
Top is before washing pic... next is after washing.
Learned one thing you must be sure you catch the batting in the seams or quilt it some way as it will MOVE when it is washed.
So 2 out of 3 came out fine!!
I have a pal (no blog) who loves this raggedy look so these are for her..well not the one that did not come out so well…;-)
It is not hopeless though will take apart and just recycle the batting!!! ;-)

These would make cut small coasters as well or heat pads for hot dishes.
May do another tut!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ran and ran......

Well I ran and ran but it caught me anyway…this horrid cold!!!
Sore throat, headache, stuffy nose , can’t breath kinda deal!
Now have this pitiful lil cough!!
Just all around miserable feeling!!

So not much getting done here other then what HAS TO.
Laying in the recliner with heating pad and lotsa cups of herbal tea….good thing it is legal herbs or I would be flying by now!!!;-)

Before I was overcome with this 'horridness' I did work on the floral patch work blocks.
Added the pieces to them to make ‘fabric’.
They are now ready to be sandwiched and quilted to make the outside fab for the bags.
Just going to keep these soft…use a cotton batting.
Will add a separate plastic or card board fab covered bottom in them to stabilize the for use.
I may or may not use D rings for handles will see when I get to that point.

Anyway they are waiting to be worked on.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thanks so much for the nice comments on my tut and pot holders!!
I have some truly gifted and wonderful blog readers so your approval means a lot!!

I have decided to give two of my potholders away..if anyone wants them.
Offering a Moo one and a Chix one!
I used the ‘Buried Treasure’ fabric so it is not new!
Did wash it all up though!!;-)

Everyone can play!!

Maybe 'slow boat' postage world wide may not be too bad on these small light things...;-)

So now let me see…. what can you do to be in the drawing for these…???
I know!!!

1.How about give a shout out on your blog about my giveaway.
2.Tell me what you will 'fix' using them.
3. Must have a blog and email, no anonymous commenter’s.
4. If you do not respond to my email in 24 hrs will draw another number.
So need to keep check on your email!!

Will draw number Sunday Feb 22, George Washington’s Birthday !!
Will mail out as soon as I have mailing info!!!

Thanks for playing!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pot Holder TUT DONE!

Whew! Was that a learning experience !
That is a job to do! Makes me appreciate so much all the ones I have enjoyed on other blogs for sure!!
I think my next one will be better.
Learn as you go!
I hope this is clear enough.
Thanks for checking it out!!!

How to make my Pot Holders

Okay here is how I make my pot holders.

Hope you can understand .
Believe me it is not hard if I can do it.
I like fast and easy as well as the next one!!!
This is also a very forgiving way to do it so don’t worry.

I used a bowl from kitchen to make my circle pattern piece.

My circle is 9 inches.
You can make any size you wish as this is more technique than anything else.

For my pot holder I cut out 4 circles from fabric.
1- for top
1- for top lining
2- for the back sides/pockets.

Next I cut out circles from W&N batting.
1- for top
1- for back sides
Last I cut out 1 circle of the Insul-Bright for top.

All piece are wrong sides together, right sides out.
Layer in this order top fabric , insul-bright, batting, lining fabric.

Always keep the insul-bright next to top so it touches the HOT ITEM first , then batting then your next piece of fabric.
I use cotton batting not poly. Some folks will also use wool .
Also some will sandwich the insul- bright between 2 pieces of cotton batting.
I did not. You can decide that for yourself.
I always use another holder with these is why.
Just my odd way of doing it…;-)

I then press and pin all layers together.
Take to machine and quilt , any way you want .
I did like pie slices.

For back pieces, which are the pockets you put your hand in.
Take the 2 other fabric circles and fold in half, press.

Take the 1 batting circle and cut in half.

Lay each half batting inside the pressed in half fabric circles.

Press, pin, take to machine and stitch down the straight edges.

Now must put in here that if you want to just use bias binding you can stop here.
Lay the pockets right side up on the lining fabric, sew around as below but do not turn.
Just sew your binding on and you are done.
I just happen to think my way makes for a sturdy one is all…;-)

Lay the 2 half back pockets on top circle. Right sides facing.
Meet up the 2 back pieces along the straight side. Pin .
Sew along the edge all around . I use my even feed foot as my guide for seam.

Trim up as close as you can to seam.

Turn the pot holder right sides out.

Push and press out seams gently but really well and press nice and flat.
Meet the 2 back pieces/pockets close together pin in middle and along the edges .

Top stitch along outer edge, beginning at where the back pockets meet, doing back and forth where the 2 back pockets meet, helps make it strong there.
You will be enclosing the inside seam as you sew.

Press again and you are good to go.

My finished pot holder come out to about 8 1/4 inches.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cute Giveaway ! Hurry on over though!

Go to Char's blog, Toby Cat Creations, and check out the cute bunny wall hanging and a couple new things she has added to the 'pot'!
Read the posts then cast your vote!

Char is a very talented gal with thread and fabric!

Buried Treasure.

I been digging in stuff, boxes yet to be gone through.
Were set aside for to do this at later date…ha! Yeah right.
Any way came across this cute Moo and Chix fab that my BFF from age 6 yrs ‘Deb No Blog’ had given me a few years ago.
She had it left over from some projects.
Was to be made into some kitchen stuff.
So decided to make some pot holders out of it.
I am going to try to show you all how I do mine.
I am taking pics as I go then I will try to add easy info too.
My first one so we will see how it goes!!
So just hold on and I will try to get this TUT done and posted tomorrow!
Maybe late tomorrow… ha!!

Today I am busy cooking Lil Man’s BD dinner….fried chix, mashed taters, collard greens, and homemade biscuits.
DH is doing the corn pudding and I made the cherry pie yesterday!
Ya’ll come!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine's Day Gifts

No jewelry or candy for me this year!!
Yes I am happy about that!!!
I got 2 Ott-Lite floor lamps instead!!!
One for the end of sofa, pretty antique brass, where I sit and stitch with DH and watch TV.
Other one for beside my sewing machine table !(sorry to messy for pic) Ha!!
This is the deal the we got on the floor models!!

Think this offer is over but Ott-Lite still have some good deals on others.

Check out this GIVEAWAY for a OTT-LITE. This is one like at my machine table!

Man they are wonderful and the light is amazing!!!
I was having some trouble with seeing to work well at night. We have good lighting or thought we did but these are BETTER by far!
These have been on my Christmas Lists last couple years as well so reckon we can scratch them off now!!!
DH now thinks he needs one for his side of the bed for reading!
Maybe I should put one on his Christmas List !!Ha!!
I also made yummy chocolate cupcakes with delish cream cheese icing!!
DH’s office folks LOVED them!!
I may have to keep this recipe to myself for a bit…thinking I may enter it in some contests they are so good!!!! Some of the best things can come from having to just use items on hand!!;-)
Just enjoy the pics..less fattening that way!! Haa!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Lil Man Today!!

Oh my has it been that many years ago?? Was I really that thin after being 140 pds of mostly baby!!! Oh My My!!
As you used to say.. Back in those Bell Bottom Times!! Ha!!
You were my sweet lil bundle of chubby baby boy!
Just a joy from the get go!!
You are still a joy as a wonderful man and we are very proud of you!!

After the biggest catch of his life a 500 pound Marlin!
Here with the BEST CATCH of his life, his sweet and lovely wife.

Daddy and I look forward to spoiling you some more Sunday with your selected BD dinner menu!!

As your GrannyH used to say' to me "no matter how old you get you will always be my baby!!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilt Raffle..1 it for the love of a horse!!

Quilt Raffle for some Sweet Horses!!!

Will be a May 10th, 2009 Mother’s Day drawing at Sesroh Tack Shoppe Smithfield, VA .

Local area barns have taken in many recently seized horses that have been abused and neglected. Can read about it in Daily Press article.
These horses need a 2nd chance at life.

The United States Equine Rescue League has placed these horses with local families to be nursed back to health and then adopted out once healthy.
They are in dire need of basic food, water, vet, and foot care.
All of the proceeds from the raffle of this quilt will go to the needs of these horses.
For just $1.00 per chance you are also giving a horse a 2 nd chance.
It is a king size, hand pieced, machine quilted all cotton quilt.
It will be on display at Bella Fabrics in Carrollton for a short while.
Tickets can be purchased at Bella's, Horse and Hound, and Sesroh Tack Shoppe.
Additional donations of food or hay or vet service can be made at local tack shops and
For more info or questions you may also contact Jodie .

There were also over 80 Golden Retrievers rescued as well. I do not know of any fundraising efforts for them right now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nut’in fancy…

…just a couple very simple Valentine’s items.
Made these simple coasters today from 5”squares and some left over cotton batting…they fit in this holder I happened to come up on in a box in storage.
I wanted flags for the porch side bed and mail box but did not want to go to big city to get any sooooo…used simple cotton fab and made my own.
Not like they will be out there forever. Hey my outside ones I bought did not last a *******spell …well any length of time! ;-)
I need to buy all new ones before Christmas !
I have seen some in Country Sampler I may try to order .
I want them to look good from both sides, not just one.
Here is a pic of some snowmen on old chest in dining room.
Will be putting them away next week after Valentine’s Day.
Been busy being the maid today so did not get much else done.
Now time to go to the kitchen and become the chef..;-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Burn Notice!!

SUNBURN that is!!! Haa!!! Yeah!! OUCH!
Well what can I say …was close to a record breaking warm Feb day for us..record was 75 we made 72 officially… out here we got 73.4!!!
Bright sunshine so nice and warm on bones and joints so weary of the awful cold we have had !!!
Was nice warm and relaxed on the lounger. Was watching DH do a bit of yard work.
Had on a low t shirt with capris, NO SHOES.. YEAH BAAABEEEEE!!!

Well this is all I will show you that is red! My niece says it is official now... I am a RED NECK!!HAA! No regrets!!!!
We are to be cool again tomorrow then in 60’s but rain…so today was a wonderful treat!!!
Sure hope all who had a touch of this warmth was out and enjoying it!!!