Saturday, January 31, 2015

Easy Fun Sewing
So this is the fun project I finished up today! Our little great grandson Jay , almost two, loves dinosaurs.
I was looking at Pinterest one day and saw this idea!
 A stuffed tail with a waistband. I used Velcro so can be sized up or down.
Found this green 'scale' fabric in the magical stash!
Found a 98cent hoodie at thrift shop to add the 'fins' straight down hood and back.
Had to make a stuffie dino too! Tail and this fella were easy to draw up free hand and sew up!
Look forward to seeing a pic of Jay in his outfit!;-)

I am sewing up a baby carrier cover for newest great grandson Early. He needs some cute bibs too!
Their Mom, Donna, is our eldest grandchild. She says she loves receiving the 'sewing goodies' boxes!;-)

So many bibs, burp cloths and flannel blankets, pillow cases and quilts to sew up!;-)

Our sweet grand gal Olivia is teething plus has a stuffy head cold. Poor darling. Also my great great nephew baby boy Ryker has a 100F temp and was to go see doctor. His sister and twin, Rylie, seems fine. So hope nothing serious. They are the cutest darling pair of babies!
Just seems to be a lot of babies sick these days. Hope and pray they are all on the mend soon.

We are so cold! Temp did get up to 40F today but with wind blowing did not feel like it at all! Even the house seems to not stay warm enough. Happy to see the sun though!
Forecasters say we may have another Winter rain/snow mix come Monday. :-(

Best get back to my projects. I am trying to be good and tidy up between jobs!
I am sure it will not last!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day
 Yes we have snow. Not much mind you but more than I thought we would get! I figured we would get nada! Temps going up so will be gone soon enough. Least it is nothing compared to what others up North are getting. Hoping they will all stay warm and safe.
Our sweet little grand Olivia loves Elmo! We got her the dancing Elmo for Christmas and she has been crazy for him since day one at 5mths! I drew up this Elmo and put him on a bib. Cute!
This is a smaller version to go on a dress. Been a while since I made baby clothes! Crossing fingers I can still do simple!
I also cut some dark red wool heart for a February small quilt  block.
Have a snow man for January. Just a last minute thing.
Not like I do not have enough projects to get finished as it is but yet start new ones!

The house is pretty much back together after all the holiday mess was put away!
Been doing some cleaning and moving things around. Just always seems so bare and all after the  decorations come down. Nice time to change things up a bit.

DH has been doing most of the cooking but today we are having my Pepper Steak.
He will fix the rice though..;-)
My dear mother-in-law, Miss Nellie, loved this so much.
She would call and ask.. if I buy the fix'ns will you make it for supper...awwwh sweet memories.

Well best get back to it! Day will be gone before I know it. Seems to happen a lot of late.
By the way January is almost gone...really!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sharing Wonderful Gifts
Sweet Di sent me a lovely gift package! Cute Santa pin cushie. He will stay out all year!
The cute zippy bag full of sewing needfuls!
I still have this mug rug on my pc desk! Love the jolly fella!
Thanks again Miz Di!
Santa brought me a new rotary cutter.  Have not tried it out yet. Hope not too much of a learning curve!
Adore these Twas the Night bowls from our niece !  They are red no pink. Silly camera.
DH gave me this labeler. Tt will help me keep track of things in sewing space or I hope!
A new hummer feeder too. Love feeding my hummers!

I also received new house slippers, new LL Bean shirt, gift cards and books along with a shipment of citrus fruit!!
We had a lovely Christmas with family and friends.
Made many treasured memories to last a life time which is the best gift of all!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice Day

We have ice today. It is covering most everything. The roads are better as a lot were pretreated. I have not ventured outside to take pics. Nope! Do not wish to add any broken parts to my already poor body!
Just hope wind stays down and does not pick up. Do not want any limbs over wires!

We had to go out yesterday to Williamsburg. Happy we got those errands taken care of before this mess came in last evening. We can just stay all snugged in today.

DH wanted spaghetti so we had that for our dinner. He has been doing most of the cooking so my turn! Not sure he will do my clean up as I do his though! We are just learning each day how to get a long being together all the time. Well most of our time. We do have some time apart!
We had warm brownie for desert!

The outside Christmas decor has been taken down and packed away for another year. Inside not yet. We have to wait on weather to go to storage building to get the boxes and totes, then when packed up take back. Can be a process when we have rain and wind. Takes me a day to take down and a day to pack up! We normally do not take down til after Old Christmas Day anyway. Jan 6th though has come and gone a week!
Do not mind as we have really enjoyed our trees and decor this year!

I did work on cleaning the 'sewing studio' trying to sort and get things in some kind of order!
Once again I have somehow managed to pile up the small room up with fabric, craft things and other related items! My gal pal Alice says we are preppers! Happy I found some good bargains over last few years as now things will be a tad bit tighter in the purse as they say!
Seems the cost of everything we need to live food, meds, healthcare, utilities, etc. is going up! We are glad to see our gasoline prices down. Now 1.88 a gal. Sure will not last into warmer months when we like to go on trips. Shall see I reckon.
I know some are saying...clean, really????? hahaha! Well yes it is!
Can see most of the floor! Put a few of my machines back in closet along with other things that belong in there! Still out are my 'new to me' vintage Singer Featherweight and vintage heavy duty Singer to finish oiling and replacing belts etc. My Bernina is my go to machine and lives on this table.
Yes there is still piles of 'stuff' here and there. Things will remain that way till used or until room grows bigger! Have managed to tuck away as much as I can.
Fabric storage in here consists of cabinets and some of the closet, an old pie safe from Aunt Dot which is the clothing fabrics, totes, shelves, drawer units which hold scraps, cut strips and thread. There are also baskets full of holiday theme fabrics.
Mind you I love antique and vintage fabrics. So have two large totes in hall closet.
Along with my wool supply which I need to find a better way to store to be able to get to easier to use!
The secret to all the storage woes is USE IT!!!! So less coming in and more being used should go  A LONG WAY TOWARDS LESS CLUTTER...YEAH RIGHT!;-)

So have you been sorting and moving and trying to get your sewing/ crafting space ready for a new year of  making projects too??

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

My wish is that 2015 will bring each of you much joy, good health,
family love and times spent together, hours of fun sewing ,
 along with all you and your family may need.  
I pray and hope for peace and understanding for our country and the world.
Happy New Year!