Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry No Pics !! Had planned to have plenty of snow pics today!
Well we had the snow storm that wasn't yesterday!
Everyone was all pumped and seemed to be ready for it. Even schools were closing!
What snow, no rain, only a few clouds and even had some sunshine.
We did have wind and was very cold with that and the temps, but NO SNOW!
We did have some ice patches on over passes and in some other areas.
I am shaking my head once again that our weather folks can be so certain of something then Mother Nature makes fools of them!
Now our neighbors to the south, North Carolina did get the snow, not in huge amounts but enough to make for being careful if you were out in it.
Oh well better safe then sorry as it goes.

We are waiting today on the Direct TV folks to come put up the new HD Dish and install the new receivers. Appt time..anywhere between 8AM-12 noon.
So up early , dressed and waiting.
TV already has an awesome picture on it so can only imagine how amazing it will be after we are properly hooked up!!
Oh my I may have to have my hand sewing basket full at all times so I can sew and watch TV from now on!!! At least while DHubbs is at the office and I can watch whatever I want... haa!!


  1. You want snow? You can have some of ours. ☺ No matter how much we get, they NEVER cancel school here. Never.

  2. They called school here (N.N. & Hpt.) too yesterday...we had WIND and some flurries.

  3. I wish I could send you some of our snow, it's really getting old!!You're going to love HD! We got ours hooked up last week, and it's awesome! The colors are so much more vivid, and you can really see distance. The remote is different somewhat, with a lot more really cool functions. Have fun!

  4. I wouldn't say no to snow. Yesterday was 40 deg C (104F). Today will be to and so will tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday.

    I wish the weather forecasters could be wrong about that.

    Enjoy your new telly!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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