Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Cheese...

New book… “Who left my cheese in the Truck??”
No one ‘moved’ my cheese.
Nope did not move it at all!!

7:30 AM
I grab my cup of joe... go to ice box…no cream cheese…go to bread box.. no rye bread..????!!!!??
What the hoot is going on??
Shake my head…now did I DREAM that DH said he picked me up some cheese and bread yesterday??
Lord help me I am losing it..once again. Yes this happens every other day...the losing it part.
NO!! Can’t be dreaming, it happened.
I look and look..nada.

Finally give up and have to call DH at office.

DH.. Hey Babe!

Me..Am I losing my mind or what? Did you really pick up cheese and rye bread ?

DH.. hummm y…eeee…ssss.

Me..Okay by any chance do you know where it is now??

DH…whhhy ? (he is thinking oh no she is gone this time!!…)

Me.. I can't find any cheese or rye bread in this kitchen today!


Me ..hello?????

DH… hummmm y…eee…ssss I think I might know…..

DH..hummm ya might want to go look in the truck behind the seat…


DH.. yes I think I MAY have forgot to take it out!!

Me.. so what you are saying it that YOU FORGOT to bring in a bag ??? On my!
(sigghhh of relief …I am not crazy, well any more than I was already)

DH ..yes so now you will have to get dressed to go out to bring in your breakfast..!

Haaa.. to really get the humor in all this you would have to know how perfect my darling thinks he is.. and he is perfectly right for me….;-)
He did remember that I had said I was out of cheese and rye. So was very thoughtful of him to pick it up without me asking.
So I pulled on some shorts and top over my lil jammies, ( we have folks across road now... kids wait for bus) went out brought it in…was fine.
Had my nice and ‘spreadable’ cream cheese on rye toast with my coffee. YUM!
I just happen to like cream cheese better then butter.;-)

Now I have spoken to the MAN WHO LEAVES CHEESE in TRUCK a couple times again…says he is multi tasking.. OH LORD..please don’t let him
leave any company engineering ‘cheese’ out where it should not be!!!!!;-)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 things(you may be tagged) and the results of some of them...;-)

My blogging friend ,Pat of A Little of This and a Little of Pat
has tagged me!
I must list 8 things in these different categories…sure hope I can do 8!!
Then tag 8 more blogger pals in turn!
So look out !!!;-)
No really if you would rather not you don’t have to do it because I list you here…promise no Blog Police will knock at your blog door!!

8 things I am looking forward too:
Summer trips to Outer Banks, NC.
Harvesting from our veggie garden we have just got planted.
The flowers and plants we planted to grow and bloom.
Cook outs with family and friends during the summer.
Daughter and grand kids coming to visit.
Having the outside house trim all painted!
New dishwasher installed ( sits on carport in crate).
Visits from my sewing and stitching pals.

8 things I did yesterday:
Moved plants outside to porch.
Feed all the plants( in and out) and deeply watered.
Filled up hummer feeders, again.
Planted garden veggies.
Planted some flowers in border beds.
Did some work sewing.
Cooked a nice early supper of roast beef.
Sat on porch for a bit.

8 things I wish I could do:
Lose weight..gain some will power!
Finish all my WIPs this year!
Stop what is happening to our economy.
Yes win enough money to pay off our bills, and kids/nephews homes and debts.
Upgrade our motor home to a newer model and be able to go anywhere any time on a whim!
Remodel house.
Build my lil cabin off grid with solar power.
Shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop…for fabric with no $$ limit!!!!!

8 TV Shows I watch:
When I watch…mostly will do reruns..;-)
all the CSI shows
Law & Order
Law & Order:SVU
Movies with DH
Tend to read books more than TV.

Now for the 8 tagged ones:

Each one of these gals is very talented and I know you well enjoy reading the blogs.

Also I would hope when you visit all blogs you will click on the followers or the blog rolls to visit other folks. I know I do and with my slow dial up I can be traveling for a while all over blog land!!
Love it!

Just click on name to visit!


After 8 things I did yesterday above plus more I got this...see pic.

Yes right knee is swollen and has decided to go on vacation for a
few days.. ;-)!! So rest , ice, heat and meds will set it right again.
I will never learn!! I know I have limits but will push too far.
Which is stupid really as ending up like this and can't do much!!
Will hobble around some and be back at it soon enough!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful BOM Shabby Roses and a GIVEAWAY!

You really must go check out this wonderful free BOM called Shabby Roses!!

Simply beautiful.

I know I know another BOM?????.. well I plan on doing them just now right now...later this year!!

She is also having a lovely giveaway!! Beautiful handwork too!!

Please tell her I sent you if you post a comment!!

Just click on the above button or the one is the side bar!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The ‘reds’..

Yes we are now known as ‘the reds’.
No, not the Red Army or a house of red haired folks.
We seem to own and wear a lot of red clothing!!
As I was hanging out some wash I noticed it myself.
Look… a line of reds in varying shades but red none the less.
It brought to mind an episode with my granddaughter D a few years back.

D…Grand Mama( yes this is what my grands call me) did you wear that shirt yesterday?
Me…no babe.
D…well it looks like it.”
Me…humm well I reckon I can change to another one.
I come out again.
Me…we ready to go to the movies??
D… Grand Mama!!
D…do you own any shirts other than RED ones????
Me…yes but I do love red ones. Let’s go!!
So no not same shirt/top but same color! Ha!!

As for reds they also are very evident in our home as accents in many things.
No 'in your face' kind of things rather just a pop here or there.
Not really the bright orange kind of red more middle to dark ones.
In my sewing room they also will find their way on to a project!!!

So just a little bit of insight into my 'red' world.
Not that other colors do not live here as well they do.
Some days I am in a blue mood or pink one!
Oh yes love soft yellows or creams as back grounds.
White is here but plays on a very low key!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easy does not mean less tasty!

Should say fast and easy does not mean tastes less yummy.
I made this pie for Easter Sunday and it was really delish.
Made its on nice crust at bottom of pie!
Wanted to share with you all the recipe.

When we have so much to do like SEW and really want to get to the fun, easy recipes are very handy to have around!
Will taste as if you worked all day in kitchen along with your crock pot meal!!!
Just be sure to have a messy apron on and a tired expression when your loved ones gather at table!

I made one change *I did not have any baking mix so used self rising flour...worked for me!!

Amazing Coconut

Pie Prep : 10 minutes Bake: 40 minutes ( unless oven fast like mine)

2 cups milk, ( I used 2%)

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup all purpose baking mix *

4 eggs

1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine, softened

1 tsp. vanilla

1-1/3 cups Bakers Angel Flake Coconut, I did use this brand and recipe is on bag minus my changes..;-)

Place milk, sugar, flour, eggs, butter and vanilla in blender or mix up with mixer, which is what I used. Blend on low 3 minutes.

Pour into greased deep dish pie plate, I used non stick spray.

Sprinkle with coconut. Now I just mixed mine on in my mixing bowl then poured all into pie dish.

Bake at 350 F for about 40 minutes or until center of pie is set and top is golden brown.

Serve warm or cool on a wire rack .
Ice cream or Cool Whip on side or top is optional.

Store leftover in ice box.

Now to me this is a good breakfast as well...I mean it does have eggs in it !!!
Speaking of which I am betting you could use the egg substitute also.

I do not have a break down of calories or carbs and such but can't be so bad if you just stick to a slice and not half the pie at a sitting!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


WARNING********This may be considered TMI!
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The day begin all nice and innocent. She dressed. She had pulled out a few things that had not been worn in a while.
Yes she admits “ I am now what could be considered ‘pleasantly’ plump…or healthy looking as the old folks used to say.
Yes I like that term best.. I am healthy.”
Now we could also say she is curvaceous or got that Marilyn Monroe look going on...humm getting better.
Anyway on with this horrid tale!

My urr I mean her ‘upper support’ garment was a bit more supportive when she managed to get it on!
(you would have thought at this time someone old enough to receive discounts on Tuesday’s and Thursdays at the grocery would have STOPPED when it was a bit of a struggle to get on)
Felt sort of good though. So off she went and did her daily routines.
All was well till late evening.

Darkness had fallen she just left the kitchen clean ready for the next day.
She went to take her restful evening bath.
That is when it struck!!!!!! Or should I say STUCK!!
The very supportive upper garment…sports bra from hell trapped me, I mean her, in its tight elastic arms!!!!!
She managed to get it up and around her arms, boobs and head but no further!!
Can you imagine the look and feeling of being trapped!!!
She is yelling running into walls Help ME GET IT OFF!!

Her DH runs in ..WHAT !!!?? WHAT IS IT!!!!??
He is looking all around the floor , walls, her legs!!!!
She says ,up here!!! WHERE IS IT!!! he yells WHAT???

Now STOP and read this again and tell me if you came into a small room and the gal is yelling GET IT OFF ME and you see her wrapped up in a sports bra from hell would you be looking for an insect, spider, lizard , rat, mouse, snake??? NO!!!

She managed to say this BRA!!! Please help me …help me I am trapped in it!!!!!
Can’t move my arms, can’t go up or down …. I think it is trying to KILL me!!!

He then looks at me, urr her, really LOOKS then proceeds too…… can hardly say it…laugh….yes laugh!!!
He seems to be having such a hard time helping between losing his breath and tears coming from his eyes!!
After a bit they do manage to set her free.!!!!
DH on the other hand, (as in damn hubby not dear by now) cannot seem to understand how that happened or why she keeps looking at him as if she is planning to make him into compost for the garden!

Be afraid my friends be verrrry afraid…when you open those dresser drawers and look into all that fluffy innocence ,pull out your supportive garments and they give you that I want to cling to your new curves eyeput them back into the bottom drawer or maybe even….the trash can!!!!!!!!

Can you just see that smirky smile...HA.. little does it realize what fate awaits ...the recycle bin!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Earth Day more ‘green’…

..and some color mixed in here and there.
Tulips are about over, last ones are these ruffled ones we put in 2 yrs ago.
Last year was not a real good year for anything as we were so dry last couple years from drought. Fun to see what will surprise us each day!!
Seems we have received right much moisture over Winter and continue to, for now, for the plants to get a good start.
Now we have Clematis all budded out Iris blooming and so much else.
So pretty!!

Look even the butterflies are enjoying the blooms.
Still have lilies to look forward too, Stargazers and Easter ones.
I just cannot seem to get those to bloom for Easter no matter what we do!
Also the hostas are up, Linton Roses have jumped!
Azaleas all bloomed out almost over .
We have one bush that is always last to do so.
We still have more outside chores yet to do.
Loads more mulch to put down, dress beds with compost.
Enlarge a couple flower beds, build a bed for some veggies.
Also finish planting the veggie garden.
We will not plant potatoes, pumpkins, corn or butter beans.
Those we will buy from local farmer.
Have not pulled out the plants to porch just yet.
Want to be sure this warm spell will last. Ha!!

Parsley, sage and rosemary made it through winter just fine.
Now to plant basil and look for the dill to pop up soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plants, Blooms and a Twister….

Yes we had the wonderful weather we were expecting.
Felt good in lots of ways and not so in others..watery eyes, sneezing, headaches.. haa!!
We got the garden plot all worked up anyway!! That is winter wheat in fields.

Got in 16 tomato plants, assorted varieties, green peppers, 2 different kinds squash, butter crunch lettuce and romaine.
Seeded in some radishes too, they are an instant gratification thing…give them 10 days and ready to eat!!
We have more to plant snap beans, cukes, hot peppers, plus more.

We also worked in flower beds and on yard.
Put in 2 new dwarf gardenia bushes, planted a Confederate Jasmine we were given, that is iffy.
Put in border plants on one bed. Seeded area where stumps were ground up.
Loads of pretties blooming or budded out.
So pretty! Have to enjoy while they are here.
Fruit bushes have blooms and so does the fruit trees.

Also had to put out ‘hummer’ feeders.
So far I have counted 4 today , only saw one female so far.
Later will have hoards of them and will have to work to keep feeders full.
Yesterday evening we had a storm in our area that they believe was a twister.
We were lucky to only have things blow in the fields so we had to retrieve them and limbs come out of the maples.
Others had more serious things like fences blown down, gutters and shutters blown off, trees uprooted.
Also was hail in some areas that was bad.
No one was hurt that we know of so that was good!

Gee why can’t we just have some enjoyable weather without wind, or wet stuff…or pollen to set off allergies..oh well with out it no pretties or greenies..;-)
Expecting more chance of thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow.
After that though some pretty days ahead ! YEE HAW!!
Will just cover my nose and mouth and keep on workin on!!!

So no sewing done or much else in the house…save that for rainy days..;-)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


......for the day!!!!! We are OUTSIDE!!!

Details for Saturday, April 18Mainly sunny. Warm. High near 80F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Saturday night: A mostly clear sky. Low around 55F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
UV Index: 8 (Very High)
Relative Humidity: 41%
Precipitation: 0%
Snow: 0%
Cloud Coverage: 1%

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fav Quilt…

…of mine. Yes a Christmas one!
I made this some 27-30 yrs ago!!
I know the kids were small. Wanted to do 2 but could only afford to do one.
So they would take turns sleeping with it the couple weeks up till Christmas Day.
Yes this was done when I was just beginning to patchwork. ;-)
I used some panels depicting the Night Before Christmas story.
Was my kids favorite story, other than the Velveteen Rabbit…;-)
Now they shared this quilt up till they each left home!!
I use it on the sofa during the holidays and cover up with it!;-)
I think it has been amicably decided it will go to youngest son’s children when they come along.
Till then I will keep using it every year and remember those hard $$ times but sweet memories with my babies.
Yes there have been many better quilts and projects in the following years but this will always be the sweetest one...;-)

Now I am not participating in the ‘virtual quilt show’ hosted by Amy at Park City Girl but if you want you can cruise the blogs who are and see some neat things. I believe some cool prizes too.
Click on button below.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oodles of mail..

..or so it seemed.
I received my 2 wonderful giveaway boxes last week !!

One from Linda.

One from Lani.
Such fun boxes to open and dig into !!
I look forward to trying out Linda’s pattern, and have all the fabric and such to do so!!
Pop corn and peeps too along with a movie card!

Lani put some peeps in her box too in pink.. a lot of peeps. Ha!
Love the Life Saver Jellybeans! Never knew they existed!!
A load of pretty fabrics too!!

Okay Lani here I am in the Bunny Ears!!
Sorry best I could do trying to try take my own pic! Ha!!

Just to say again thanks to both Linda and Lani and please visit their blogs often.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still into strips and floral..

Okay yes.. I am still pulling from that basket of fabric strips!!
I told ya I ripped up a lot of fabrics!! Ha!!
Anyway I pieced another small quilt/ table runner.
I think it is very pretty and I am really loving it.
I am calling it 'Cottage Garden'.

Every fabric is connected by several things.
All are floral, even the tone on tone cream I added to give the eye a place to rest.
Also reminds me of a cottage garden picket fence..yes I do often have flights of fancy!!;-)
The greens and pinks also connect each one , really they just sit so nice next to each other.
In any other project I would have never used all of them in one piece like this.
Just wait till you see it finished!
Not doing any borders. I am using a pretty green for the binding.
Hope to have it done by this weekend .
Nice pretty Spring look that is not Easter related.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mama's got a brand new bag....

...can ya hear the music??? Ha!!
Well I am a Mama and yes I made a new Spring Bag!!!
When Deb was over last Thur she wanted to make the simple tulip bag.
Called that because you use 4 pieces that are cut out like tulip petals.
Takes only a couple hours to do from cut out to sew up.
I used W&N batting instead of my usual stiff Pellon interfacing.
Made the handles from fabric and longer for a every day shoulder bag.
I dug out a pretty vintage pink button with some bling on it for the closure.
The fabric I have had for a bit, so pretty and feminine looking.
It is Hannah Bella by Robyn Pandolph.
Came also in a pretty green and pink. I have just a small bit of those left.
May have to do a scrappy something from them.
Lining is in a green tone on tone print that matches the leaves and of course the pink handles.
Just made one pocket on the outside did not do any inside.
This is soft bag , easy to toss in wash too.
Did not think in time to get a pic of Deb's bag before she left.
Saturday's post about the studio tour was suppose
to be an auto Monday post.. ;-)
See told ya I was tired, could not get my dates right !!
Anyway don't forget to go look, some are right messy like us reg folks!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Studio Tour

If you want to see where folks create check out the Studio Tour.
Click on the pic above for the link to blogs of designers who have joined this web ring.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

I have been doing a lot for last few weeks and yesterday it seemed my batteries charge dropped! I feel so tired and not just body but mentally as well.
Will not be hosting a big family event on Sunday this year.
So think I will just relax somewhat and maybe recharge my batteries up again… ;-)

I wish for everyone a wonderful Easter weekend.
Hope weather will cooperate wherever you are.
If you are looking for an Easter Bunny visit at your place I hope he can hide the eggs outside but not in mud puddles or snow! Here in my part of Virginia we hope for warm temps and no rain!!
Praying for ‘sun’ in the Sunrise Service Sunday with no clouds or rain.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calendar Quilt Challenge Update

Been a while. Had to get caught up.
Here it is so far.
I still will wait till near the end of year to decide if I split the rows for 2 quilts or how I will do the finished one!
I do not plan to ‘over think it’..if I can help it.;-)
I do love how creative so many have been with their ‘blocks’!
Go check them out here.
Such fun to look at them and go..”why did I not think of that???!!!” ;-)

Goodness I am going Fabric Strip Mad around here!
I am working on a 'patchwork kinda block' with them now.
After all I have a rather large amount of them all ripped and ready to go!!
I still like calling them ‘noodles’ as a gal pal did when we did a swap many moons ago!!

Now on to catching up with a few other BOM’s.
I cannot believe I DID let myself get behind!!
I just have so many fun things I want to do..not enough hours in the day!!!
I mean look it is Wed already!!!!
I better get to it as I want a few things done by Sat!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sewing with Liz

Liz blogger buddy, came from Chesapeake out to the boonies Monday to visit and sew up an oven dress!!!
We did one each… sooo cute they came out!
Here is Liz with hers.
Here is me with mine.
I did mine a tad different…still playing with the design…;-)

The fabric she used is AWESOME and she gave me some!!!
I have plans for it and they are all for ME! Ha!!

We had such a fun visit, sewing, chatting & eating!
We were so into what we were doing, did not know had bad storms( a twister) around us!!!
Do know we got an inch of rain in just a few hours!!
So we think we will be making this a monthly ‘sew in’…;-)
I told her she has to pick the next project.. ha!!

We had smoked chopped pork BBQ DH had done on the weekend for lunch!!
Liz brought the ‘sweet’… some delish cookies she picked up..YUMMO!

Here is the smoker with 6 pork butts cooking low and slow.
He has had this thing over 20 yrs.

Here is the Mister chopping them up.
Would normally do this outside too but wind was horrid!
Forget how many pounds he put in freezer.
He does this twice a year doing between 6 or 8 butts depending on the size .
These were pretty big.
So that was yesterday now back to day of chores and hope I will have time to sew up a couple of things later!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday Sewing Day Project

Last Thur Deb and I had Sewing Day again.
This time we did these scrappy strippy foundation pieced squares.
You either love 'em or hate 'em...ha!!!
The foundation sq was 12 inches.
We took some old fabby’s and uglies, striped them into different widths.
Pressed then sewed them on the foundation fabric.
The iron and spray starch are two good friends when doing these.
Next we cut the sq diagonally , like a big X.
Switched the triangles all around and sewed them back into a sq.
Trimmed up.

How the back looks ..showing how we cut and sewed back.
Now we were just playing learning what to do on the next ones we do.
1…as in trying to have all different fabrics
2…making sure the sqs each have two up triangles and two across ones
3…try to do the quilt as you go method using the sew in sashing tubes
We want to use up all this old fabric and we have loads of squares & strips left !!
So we may be doing some kiddo summer quilts this simple way!!

Anyway we each came out of the session with 4 blocks.
This is what I did with mine.
Made a funky table topper or wall hanging!!
If you do not like buttons on things LOOK AWAY now…;-)
I used some of the fabby strips as borders.
Sewed a backing on it right sides together.
Tuned , pressed then sewed around the border outside close to edge to close up.
Also around the inner edge of border. That is it on this one.
Buttons on where points meet.
With my borders on came out 24X24 inches.
It does have a nice weight to it could be used for warmer months.
If done in flannels would be neat and warm too.
TTTTThat's all folks.....;-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome! Come on in!

Our front door wreath.
Come on in. Have a seat of the sofa.
You will get a good look at the Feed Sack Bunny runner!!
The above pic is true to the colors.
Decided to put it on the sofa chest instead of dining room table.
Can enjoy it more that way!!
The depression glass candy dish holding pastel mints really set sits off too!!
I was told the other dish I use for candy was meant to hold a honey comb.
Sadly I did not get the other Feed Sack Bunny project I had in mind done...maybe next year...ha!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A cutie and some hares...

Meet the love of my life! Ain't he a cutie??
Today is his birthday!!
We will have fun celebrating today and tomorrow.
Cross your fingers that the wonderful weather will hold !!!
Okay 'hare' we go! Ha... I know STOP IT already! ;-)
Here is a little bunny tucked into this basket lamp
along with his eggs and his pals the peeps!

Instead of a cricket on the hearth we have a wool felt hare penny rug!!

This is Old Nibblers hanging on the old oak cabinet door.

Here is a real prim hare just hanging around on a grape vine wreath with some prim old quilt eggs.
Hope you are enjoying the tour so far. We will continue tomorrow!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter stuff..

Pulled out some of my runners and such to make the house more Spring Easter like…have eggs and hares, also some just Spring vintage things to share later too.
Here are a few Easter things.;-)
This runner is patchwork and appliquéd Easter fabric eggs on it, is on old sewing machine I use as side table.

Here is just a pretty pastel pieced one on old vintage child’s desk, at end of sofa.

Here is a simple patch work runner of Easter fabrics and ginghams.
This is a fun table topper appliquéd with Jelly Belly fabric eggs on this chest in dining room.
More ‘hare’ tomorrow…. get it….here …hare….whatever….Haaaaaaaaaaa!!