Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doing ok here...

Thanks so much for all the concern and good wishes!
We are without power and local phone, on generator for now.
Damage was minimal here. Tree stuff mostly.
There could be more flooding later in week when some of the inland rivers crest.
For some reason the pc does not want to read my memory card from camera.
So no pics!

Just popped in to let you know we are ok so far!
Thanks again!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

As ready as we can be...

...for whatever Irene brings us.
We had 3 properties to get ready! Whew! Tired and worn out!
There is a chance our Direct TV dish and the Hughes Net dish may blow off roof!
So if is does we will be without internet for a goodly bit!
I may be out of pocket for a while.
Do have a TV we can use without DTV but can only get local channels...oh how sad... haha!
We have become so spoiled with what we think we need these days!

Since I cannot share what I have been working on decided to share something from my niece!

Tom Turkey all framed up!
Sat him on the mantle and he was like YEAH BABBEE this is my spot! I rock this mantle...;-)
I am so ready for Fall and begin pulling out the decor stuff!!
This storm put a stop to the work that was to be done this weekend on the new floors! UGH!

Hope we all pass this storm safe and sound along with our homes and loved ones!
I will be saying prayers and thinking of everyone who may be affected by this hurricane along with us!

God bless and keep you in his care!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaking one day.. blown away next???

Yes we shook yesterday here in Virginia . Odd feeling I must say.
Been a while since I had this sensation, which was in SE Missouri.
They have these a bit more often there on the New Madrid fault line.
Yesterday I was at sink in kitchen and my brick home went back an forth.
The hanging fixture was swaying and my pot rack!
Pics went crooked but nothing fell off wall or shelves!
A crack at end of house is a bit bigger and some mortar fell but that is the extent of it for us. Thanks goodness!

Now to the blown away part ...Irene! Yes we are preparing for a hurricane.
So far we are not to get full brunt but wind and rain.
We always would rather be prepared for the worse but hope for the best.
After going through 3 bad ones here we just do it.
Last bad one left us without power for 2 weeks!
So tune up generator, gas up autos and do what needs doing.
If we get by with no more than a bit of rain so be it. Better safe than sorry in my book.
Rain would be greatly appreciated for the Great Dismal Swamp fire!
They need a lot of rain to finally put it out!
We have smoke today so no wash out on line.

Last week as a busy one!
A family member passed away.
So was busy doing things for family and the services.
Had another test done on my eyes.
Still Suspect Glaucoma and hanging in! YES!
Just have to stay on top of it according to my eye doctor!

Not much on the sewing front here to share but have still been busy!
Put'n up food as they say.
Still lots more to get done before we are done with the season.

Tomatoes for soup go into freezer.
Picked more, so more to do like this.
Not canning any this year.

Picked grapes. Lots of grapes!

Grapes get cooked down to make juice.
This too goes in freezer to make jelly later.
If this old pot could talk the sweet stories it would tell!

More blueberries to pick . Have put plenty in freezer already.

Helped DH make his Hot Pepper Jelly.

Crowder Peas also went in freezer.
Next is the sweet pepper pickle relish to make.
Jars all ready to go.
Hope to get that done tomorrow before weekend.

As soon as dryer load finishes will be off to Wally World and Food Lion in Suffolk!
Doing my Friday shopping early!
Can get crazy around here with a predicted storm coming!!!

Thanks for everyone who popped in to see our Cocoa for the Pets On Quilts Show!

Take care everyone!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cocoa Kitty for the 2011 Pets on Quilts Show

Okay here in our Cocoa Marie!

Now I hope this counts for the Pets on Quilts Show because she is on 2 quilts! Hahaha!
She decided to nap in this gift box ! Why? Well you know cats love tissue paper and small boxes but other than that it was placed on HER QUILT! Under her quilt is a bed quilt!!
So hence our sweet kitty is on 2 quilts!

Here is Cocoa Kitty below napping on quilt batting under the cutting table!

Yes she likes the quilts before they are quilts too!!!!

Hope you have enjoyed our funny fickle feline's pics!
Cocoa is a mess but we love her!

She has been with us 12 years!
Cocoa was only 5 weeks old when DH rescued her.
Her mother who had been dumped with her kittens, was ran over.
Baby Cocoa only one to survive! A fighter!!

Sadly this rural area has long been a dumping ground for unwanted cats and dogs.
Dumping an animal is not a way to FREE it or give it a chance ...can be a death sentence!!
If only more folks would understand that neutering is not a bad thing and can be done for little money with Snip Vans and other such animal organizations!
Please consider a rescued pet when you are thinking of adopting a fur babe of your own!
If the one you bring home is not a good fit please take the sweetie back for another chance at a new forever home. No shame in that either!

Okay off my soap box...for now!;-)

Oh My Goodness I almost for got to add my quilt entry !!

This is Alice's Purple Kitties in the Garden.

I made this as a birthday gift for my pal Alice.
It is a cute quilted wall hanging if I say so myself! ;-)
Had to be purple as Alice loves purple!
Thanks for looking and hope you consider casting a vote for me and Cocoa Kitty too!

Now scoot on over to Sew Cal Gal's Blog to see all the other cuties of Pets On Quilts Show of 2011!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy... Busy...

A setting off the old fashion wonderfully scented yellow rose from Aunt Dot's bush up at the farmhouse.

Aunt Dot's large porch planter full of marigolds now on my porch.
Last ones she planted.
Miss her a lot. She and Uncle Ollie have settled in well in NC.
We talk on phone but still miss her presence.
Not sure as of now what will happen with the farmhouse. DH hates to see it sold.
So many childhood memories for him with his grandparents.
Was hard enough to let the farm go back when money was needed for DH's Mom's Alzheimer care. Hard to see the family farmhouse go as well. Sure wish we could win the lotto!!

Besides all the busy times surrounding Aunt Dot's move , my medical appts, DH's DIY work we have garden stuff!

Tomatoes beginning to come on, ours and the ones up at farmhouse!

Summer squash about over. Peppers coming a bit at a time but cukes are still coming along.

We were so dry for so long now getting rain. Helping the late bloomers.

Aunt Dot's last apple tree is bearing now.
We have pears too but pic did not come out so well.
Also DH has picked loads of blueberries and we put those in freezer!
So all ready for pan cakes, muffins, cobblers or pies for winter.

Figs are also needing to be picked!!
Will give a lot of those away.

Now the Concord and White grapes up at farmhouse are getting ripe as well!
Aunt Dot's son will come this weekend to pick what he wants then we will get rest.

DH has finished pulling up all the old carpet and flooring in living room and hall.
All staples pulled out. Now has some things to do to the sub flooring before he can lay the entry way . So house is still yet a "piled up mess" words for it at least!

Gee things can get really busy around her from time to time!!

My toe is pretty healed. So will have to find a date for the left one to be done!!! UGH!
My other med appts resulted in blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and must lose some weight!! Dear me!
Good news on other medical fronts though so reckon it all levels out!
As my Mama used to say "This world and one more!!" Haha!!

So just thought I would let ya'll know I am still here just really socked in!
Sewing? No but do have plans...always have plans don't I??? hahaha!

Whew... best get ready for yet another hot day here!!
Take care!