Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well the big day is here.
I sure hope all the lil ones get loads of treats!!!!
Here are some of my goodies.

Candy of course!


Cup cakes!!

Punkin muffins

Thursday, October 16, 2008


If you love quits and quilt shows you really need to pop over to my pal Mary Ellen's blog It's Me I Think.

Check out her posts on a show she attended in San Antiono, TX.

Beautiful pics of some of the quilts.

She is also blogging on her home's Halloween cute!!!

I have to be out and about today so hopefully will be uneventful... no mysteries or adventures to stumble into...;-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Purse

Here is a small Tulip Pattern Purse I made for our sweet ‘grand’niece Hollyanne.
She turned 13 this year!! YIKES!! Hard to believe she is a TEENAGER!!!!!
She is growing up and getting more beautiful as she does.
Can still see that tiny lil one still in there from time to time…;-)
She is a cheerleader now and the team’s FLYER!!
In 8th grade and smart as a whip. So proud of her!!
Here is one of my FAV pics of her on Halloween a few years back!!
Is this not a doll!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My View

Here are some photos of what I see around me.
This AM early as I was walking Sadie it was just a tad foggy.
So here is the cotton in the fog!
Here is how it looks now with sunshine .
Cotton on 3 sides here.

Farmer has sprayed the defoliant on it so soon those leaves will turn brown and drop off.
The cotton bowls will open fully.
Then the big machines will be up here picking all that pretty white cotton and making huge bales.
Will take photos of that too.
Just wanted to share a lil bit of my part of the world today. ;-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wonda Wonda

Who could be reading this blog right now. Look'in at the pics.
Hummm...could be someone who has no idea it is their swap being worked on!!!
Oh my secret stitch'in is such fun!!

Lookie Lookie...these fabbies look so good together ...humm wonder what they have become!!!!!
Whatever it is should be winging it's way Down Under come Monday!!!
Sure wish I could deliver it in person but alas I am just not small enough to fit in the parcel!!!!
Okay back to work now, well really it is more like playing then working!!
Lucky me!!!! Today is a GOOD DAY!! ( well so far) ;-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Peek A Boo

Just a peek a boo shot for the Stitcher's Angel Swap...;-)

Hummm now what can it be...I wonder...;-)

Any guesses????

Love 'em!!!

By the way just so you know I am a MACHINE kinda gal so use it for applique and whatever else I can !!! I believe if my 'great grands' were here they too would use the machine.

After all they did buy those old Singers when they were the NEW THING!!

Not that hand work is a bad thing I do it once in a while but these hands are not what they used to be so it is nice to have a nice machine to use. My Bernina fits my bill at the moment!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Sewing Day

I am sewing again today.
Finishing up the SA Swap items along with some other projects.
Have a tote idea I am going to try.
Will post photos if it works out as I hope..;-)

Also have home chores to attend to.
Laundry is calling me..have to answer that call.
Sadly we all have to at some point or wear dirty clothes!!
At least all I have to do is take time from my sewing to put them in one machine and then in another!
Not like I have to drag them out to a wash tub and board or to the river and beat on rocks.
Got to count those blessings!!!
Will not hang out laundry today though as we are cloudy and scattered showers. ;-(
I have pretty much been able to do that most of the summer so maybe using dryer today won’t kill me.

We have begun the Fall Fest season around here as well.
This weekend in the Peanut Festival in Suffolk.
So if you are close around need to check it out!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stitching Angel Hint ;-)

I have to say that my stitching angel I have been assigned to send to is an AWESOME stitcher and quilter!
Her work is outstanding!!! Just beautiful! Whomever receives from her will be so LUCKY!!
I sure hope she is not too disappointed with my efforts on her behave.
Hint Hint…she is located in Australia!
So I will be sending her 3 gifts all at one time…will also add a few extra treats!!
Make it worth her wait at least!!!

I just adore ‘some’ of the sewing accessories from Nancy Halvorsen’s
Easy Does It For Friends Book fromArt to Heart….;-)
You can get most if not all of the Easy Does It/ Art to Heart books from Erica’s.
I can recommend Erica’s as I have had wonderful service from them over the years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stop Me!

Oh my word!!!
No more. I will not buy anymore Candy Corn this year!
I do not know what is wrong with me…I never used to even like it that much.
Would buy it for Mama as she loved it. I would never eat any!
I bought a mix of the reg CC, some with choc on it along with the pretty lil sugar 24000000000 calories punkins in it.
I think Fall Mix was on the rather large bag I bought at Wal-Mart maybe 2 weeks ago to put in the vintage candy dishes.
I had also planned to fix up cute lil treat bags.
It is almost gone!
I am munching on it like nuts!!!! Which makes me nutzo!
All this time trying to eat low cal….warped I tell ya…. I am warped!!!

Well here is a stitchery I did with NO CALORIES candy corn!!!;-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Got Punkins!

Got my punkins. Yes!
3..1-lge(to me) 1-med ,1-small..did not get a load this year. ha!!
Put small one on the mantle.
Will use the others for my steps to be Jacks come the 31st.
Yes I know I could buy one of the fake forever kind, all ready cut out and with a light to plug in but hey I am just a traditionalist!! Maybe one day when I no longer can carve one without harming myself or others.. haaa!!!
I love cutting that top off, digging out those seeds and the guts as my kids used to call it!!
Set my lil candle inside in its cup…it flickers and glows just as it should…also that smell of that burning inside…well just part of the fun Fall holiday to me.
Same as at Christmas… yes I use some fake greenery and trees but will bring in fresh pine, cedar and holly for the week of Christmas!! Smells like Christmas along with the baked gingerbread.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Great Punkin...

Off today to find our Great Punk'in... ha!!

Well it will be a great one to us anyway.

May pick up a couple along with some gourds. Don't know about any corn stalks.

Did not raise any this year and a lot of the local corn is already picked.

Hope everyone is having a FUN FALL DAY!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Check out this Quilter...

So Awesome ! Nancy is a trucker along with her lil fur pal Foxy!

Does her quilting/sewing in her rig's sleeper.

Gee...I whine about my small room at least I have a ROOM and it is not moving !! Ha!

Now I do hit the road some and sew but then again we are in a Class A motor home towing a car! So still not as small as a her space.

I am betting NANCY also gets more done then some of us do as well!!!

Now the up side is she gets to travel from one coast to another ...think of all the quilt shops she can pop into... well at least the ones where she can park!!!

Thanks batty for helping us all get to know the Truckin Quilter!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Giveaway Alert

Be sure to pop on over to Sunny’s blog, Seam2BSewing and sign up for
her Fall Into Fall Giveaway!
If this link don’t work use one on my side bar.
She is doing 3 gifties!
Super things !!!
You will enjoy her blog too!!
So scoot on over and sign up today!!!

Check out all the quilty bloggers doing the Fall into Fall Giveaways !!!
Loads of cool stuff in the giveaways!!!

You can sign up if you want to do a giveaway on your blog and Debi will enter you in for a drawing too!!
Good luck and have fun!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Quilter's Horoscope

The Quilter's Horoscope by Pauline Rogers
A humorous compilation of character traits of quilters according to their zodiac signs. Compiled by a quilting tutor with over twenty years experience teaching patchwork and quilting and zero years writing horoscopes.

Check it out and see what you are!

Just too funny! Here is mine:
Scorpio - October 24 to November 22 Being passionate Scorpios can be excellent quilters. When they rely on their natural intuition, they excel at choosing color and pattern combinations. Sometimes their compulsive nature can cause problems, as they leave projects unfinished in their quest to have the latest and greatest. When they stick with a project they produce supreme work. They always must have the most up-to-minute supplies or tools and tend to be jealous of others who may possess anything more recent. They have been known to sulk if they get frustrated in their aim to be unsurpassed. Nevertheless, their desire to have the best is what drives them to produce exceptional quality work. As they possess abundant energy they can do a large amount of quilting without even needing a break for a cuppa.

  • Okay now let me see…excellent is NOT a word I would use describing myself.

  • I AM compulsive though around fabric, patterns and mags…BUY TOO MUCH

  • I don’t have to have ALL the latest widgets and gadget but sure would LOVE to HAVE the SR on my Bernina!!

  • Sulk…well yeah I can do that too but NOT because my work was surpassed!

  • ABUNDANT ENERGY???????? ‘cuse me… come again…me?? I don’t think so. Ha!!!!!

  • Never miss my cuppa or 2 of afternoon tea no no. ;-)

    Maybe I should read them all and make up my own… haaaaaa!!

free graphics

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cute Fun Halloween Giveaway.

Mary Ellen is having such a cute Oct 6th giveaway on her blog.
It is non sewing or quilting related but still fun!
Hurry on over check it out and sign up.
Tell her I sent ya!;-)