Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fall Sew-In Club Finish!

I am well on my way to my goal!
My goal is to get further along or finish the 3 pieced runners.
Here is one finished Fall Runner for July!!

I finished this up yesterday.
Okay I still see a bit of my chalk line...just ignore that please!
Will have to brush on that some more I reckon! ;-)

Did diagonal straight line quilting.
I think it came out great!

I have also sewn borders on the other 2!
Now they are layered ,ready to be quilted!
Hang on to those needles folks but I think I may be done with my Fall Goal sewing soon!!

Thanks to Di of Quilting is Blissful for the nudge and inspiration to get it done!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thimbleberries Sew Day..again. DONE!

All done!!!
It is 31" X 31" square.
This is the best I can get the colors.
All TB fabrics.

So on to the next one for next months Thimbleberries Sew Day!

Thimbleberries Sew Day..again.

Barb of Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is our hostess today because
Crazy Bout Quilts is busy working on her new home!

My project is to finish the TB topper today or this evening.

Just have to finish sewing on my binding!
I love it !
May have to keep out for a bit.
I know it is for Christmas but hey they are my colors...;-)

I also have a Fall Sew-In finish to share tomorrow!
I love it too!!
So come back by to see it( yes you Alice and Di0...;-)

I have been busy round here!
Not only sewing.
Have lots of irons in the fire as they say!
I worked some outside yesterday as we enjoyed a wonderful day with temps in 80's!
Today was warmer and humid again. YUCK.
Went to town early this AM but was back home before it got too bad on me.
So will have to get up extra early again tomorrow to do stuff outside.

So best get back to that binding!!
See ya!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Time Saturday Night!

Yes here is Miss Cocoa trying to steal my chair!
Think she HAS!
She is just my doll baby kitty!

We have broke all kinds of heat records today(Sat)!
I mean HOT! with a capital H!
Sure it is all over the news ..was here anyway.
On top of that our power had to go off for a couple hours!
Sure made us appreciate the AC when it finally came back on again!

Friday evening I begin working on my Thimbleberries table topper.
Had to sew a backing for it and add the batting.

I quilted the center first and next machine appliqued on the garlands.
I like doing the applique through the batting as part of the quilting.
Like how it looks! ;-)

Here is the back.
No not quite like perfect quilting is done but it is perfect for me!
After all this part is not showing on the table topper , now is it!;-)
Hope to be finished and on to binding by Monday!
Yes took a break from the Fall Runners...had too.
They are all ready to be quilted now.
So I have got a lot done!

Please click on button to go read the call for sewing up some quilt blocks
for a wonderful cause.
Something so simple can say and mean so much!
Hope you too will join in the effort!

Thanks bunches!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010


That is what I say as I wipe my brow walking Sadie !!
It is the end of another HOT week here but the beginning a HOTTER weekend!
One good point is my wash does dry super fast on the line.
So what I save not using dryer goes to pay for the AC...;-)
All a trade off as they say!
Just wish we could have some rain.
Crops here are suffering some beyond help now.

I have been staying busy though INSIDE!
Still arranging furniture around.
Not all done of yet.
We plan to buy new bed foundations, maybe tomorrow.

Cocoa Kitty and I have been hanging in the sewing room.
Working on my Fall Challenge.
Trying to think cool and stay cool.

Cocoa loves the 'new to us' batting we are trying out.
Quilters Dream Green.
Made from plastic bottles.
It is really soft.
Using it for my runners.

I am working on 3 at one time.
Here I have 2 ready to quilt.

Adding one last strip to 3rd one.
Will get it sandwiched today.
Hope to get one fully quilted today.
Will see!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!!
Stay cool or warm whichever fits your part of the world!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pie Safe Auditioning

Love this pic!

I am auditioning things in the pie safe.
The linens have not been pressed yet.
Drawer is back in but not in this pic.
Will not be putting my antique quilts in quite yet though.
If I put any textiles in will have to be on the top inside shelf.
DH loves how it looks so that is a good reason to just go with it as is.
Maybe it was meant to live in dining room and not the sewing room after all!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Monday

Well it is another Monday here in Boonie-ville.
I do have a list for the week of THINGS TO DO.
Will see how much gets done.
Was HOT HOT !!
More HOT HOT and HUMID called
for this week.
We need rain so bad!!
Wish those out west could send some here!

Had a busy week and weekend.
Pulled out more things from DH's sheds for the yard sale coming up.
Hot dusty work.
Got the new 'old' furniture cleaned up.
The old pie safe has a problem.
Can not get a scent out of the drawer!
I ordered some powerful stuff, Odor X and still get a whiff.
They did tell me to wait it out as over time can dissipate
after treatment.
It is not a knock you dead smell but just will not put in
any fabric items for now.
Use it for glassware, dishes, etc.
So not a bad thing.

Here is the Christmas Panel, Birds 'n' Berries, I bought at
the Christmas Open House at Quilt Shop.
Had to order a pretty red coordinating piece to go
with it as it all sold out that night!!

I had just received my order of this Hoffman print which
I think goes with it fine!
Red Birds are also VA state bird.
I just like them and we have a lot of them out here!

DH and I went to Tuesday Morning over weekend.
He bought himself some nice baking pans.
I bought these drapes. They are an insulated pretty satin strip.

I have to use the 63" as our heaters are under the windows.
7.99 each panel folks!!
Better quality and cheaper than Wal-Mart or other discount chains!
I pressed but will take a bit for the creases to fall out.
Humm if I hang them out on the line humidity may do that for me...;-)

We are in the midst of our 'high' tomato crop! ;-)
Will not be an abundance for canning this year.
Even with a bit of watering here and there,
plants are suffering in this terrible heat.
We are grateful none the less for these sweet tasting red jewels!
So hope you all are getting off to a good start to the week as well!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Many Lamps!

Okay as promised the third box from the dish lot.

Old Kerosene lamps!
Heavy weight too.
Very pretty glass!
All have the brass collars.
Just need the wicks and globes.
My close up pics all blurred.

Now we do have some old ones already from our parents.
Will have to mark which is which!
Sort of one of those weird things as I had been telling DH I wanted to order a white glass shade kit for one of our bigger ones! Now I need to order maybe 3!

Last here is the Bennington Pottery Trigger Mug .
It is more green then in this pic.
So that is all the dishes lot.

I also bought a lot of old beds and rails for 10 bucks!
DS will take tall oak one to redo for them.
That big piece of wood is mahogany from an old grand piano!
So more wood for DS to play with.
Old oak in the old rails there to re use for the missing spool cabinet top trim.YES!

Cute lil metal bed in the mix, head and foot but no rails.
So will have to see if I can find some.
Would make a cute toddler bed !
The mantle I THOUGHT went in this lot had already been sold!
So did not get the mantle that was also on my list.;-(
Got to keep looking!

On The Sewing Front!

I have joined Di of Quilting is Blissful and her pals for the

Fall Sew-In Club Challenge!

I have 3 of these Fall Runners I want to finish.
Add a border , sandwich & quilt then add binding... DONE!
Well that is may plan. Will just go one at a time!
If that is all I get done so be it!

From this....

To this...!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dish Auction Lot

The above dishes, minus a couple we gave niece, were in two boxes.
Some old ironstone. I will hang them up on wall.
Glasses are Glas Snap II by Corning.
Bottoms are like coasters that snap off.
My DH is calling them Jetson glasses. ;-)
Milk glass tooth pick holder, a small covered dish from France.
Also not pictured is a Bennington Pottery trigger mug...yes it is now my coffee mug!

I had to buy all 3 boxes to get these!
They look black I know but they are brown!
Staffordshire Royal Mail.
Not a whole set but enough to do four place settings.
I love them!

These are by Booths Blue Mist Tulip Made in England.
Only 3 plates with cups and saucers.
We did have Sunday lunch on these when niece was here...;-)
Feel delicate in the hand.

Pretty set of soup bowls and bread/salad/ dessert plates.
We looked and looked online for a pattern name for these to no avail.
Will have to send a scan or pic to Replacements too see if they can identify.

This is my DH's 1825 family church.
I wanted it for the old red color on cream of course..;-)
It is a 1951 plate.
Will share the third box contents tomorrow!
Still need to take some pics of them!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sooo we went to the auction....

This was the estate sale of folks we have known many years, my DH all his life.
Just around the corner from us.
We arrived early to do the look about thing.
Lots had still not been set out of the barns.
Had some drizzle.
Sorry but I forgot camera !!
At any rate had my list and we begin to look for those items.
Found all but a couple so had to wait for auction to see those.
Soon loads of folks were showing up!
So we and some friends decided to get our chairs set up close.
Yes we got rained on a couple times.
No one complained as we ran to a tent for cover cause we NEED rain so badly!
Was loads of things, some going very high$$$.

On my list was this sweet pie safe , with no doors! SCORE!!!
Was thinking I could use if for displaying some of my vintage/antique quilts.

Has a drawer at bottom too.

Here is a side view of the punched tin panels.
Some one has also added a drying rack to it!
So today DH and niece gave me the idea to use in my sewing room.
I had wanted to pull more of my stash out of closet so I can SEE IT!
So after I give it a good bit of cleanup and line the shelves we shall see!
I have to say there was a gal who seemed to want every thing that I wanted!

This was my last SCORE but was second on my list!
Big oak 1850's O N T Clark's Cotton Spool Cabinet desk!

Yes looks a bit rough but has lived in a barn for a long time!
DH can whip it together for me though.
Freshen up the finish and decals I am happy!
It will live in dining room as too large for my sewing room.

Just so happy to have it and that I out bid..THAT GAL AGAIN! ;-)

Next was a deal of a life time but was NOT on my list but when the fella said last chance gavel in the air, DH said GO for it!
A 3 piece oak bedroom suite!

Here is the wash stand.

Above is the tall headboard, foot board and dresser with mirror!
We have the old rails also along with a conversion set of rails.
The ones who thought they had it came up to DH as he and son were loading it up.
The fella was telling him how much each piece was worth.
Can we say STEAL!!!
There is more but will do them on next post!

Last but by no means least a Good Time:

I also met a fellow blogger, Alice in QuilterLand this past Friday night.;-)
A delightful quilt/ sewing partner in crime!!!
We met up at a local quilt shop's Christmas fabric unveiling.
FUN! Had a chatty good time. Bought a wee bit.
No pics..I am slack with the camera what can I say!

Life is good!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vintage Fabric

I had forgotten that I had this nice bark cloth linen type drapery panel!
Was digging though my vintage fabric tub and saw it!
Decided to pull it out and deconstruct it.
Was a very nice custom made piece.

It is so very Americana! A toile type.
I am not sure of the date on the fabric.
Have not been able to find any like it online.
The salvage was trimmed just enough so I CANNOT see maker. Darn.
Very high end quality fabric.

Backing/lining aged to perfection for some other projects...stitchery maybe.;-)

I decided to make a simple runner for the table with it.
Really love it!

Also a simple flanged pilla cover for DH's Great Granny Peden's sewing rocker.
Looked great for the July 4th celebration!
I leave my Americana up for the summer so they fit right in!

Fireplace all flagged up..;)
Found those old blue and white doilies and they worked!
Even have a red, white and blue stain glass rooster!

Here is where I hung up the flag stitchery quilt.
Yes that is a white pic frame with kids pic.;-)
I need to paint it black!
I need to go buy more paint.. my can is almost empty!!
Lord No!! Can't have that!! ;-)
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July 4th!!

Wishing everyone in the USA a Happy and Safe 4th of July weekend!