Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christmas in July...

....kinda... sorta... ha!!!
Yes I am squeaking this in as July 08 is almost a MEMORY!!
... is it just me or is time flyin...oh well that is another post all together!!This is a Tree Skirt I made out of 12.5 inch blocks blocks ,Ohio Star is the pattern.
I used one out of an old issue of Quilt Magazine.
Here are some free ones.
You can also just put in 'free Ohio Star blocks' in a search engine..loads will come up.
You can use any 12" or 16" block pattern for whatever look you want.

A beautiful elegant look. The fabric is dark reds to pink burgundy, greens with black print of poinsettias.
I used solid black for the star. Really makes it all pop! I do not use too many solids as I prefer a tone on tone.
Dark green tone on tone border with a small green gingham used for the ties which left frayed edges all really does work.
All it is is 4 blocks sewed as if for quilt then cut opening between two.
Added an outside border in the black. I did the birthing method...sewed up like a sack, all right side of fabric layered in, turned from opening you have left , pressed then quilted simply, around stars, sashings and borders.
Sewed all around the edge, adding in the ties at this point, which also sews up the turning opening.

It is really easy to do.
When you put on tree.. set 'on point' for that nice look.
I know the gal who bought this one was very pleased...;-)
As always STILL need to make ME one! Ha!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Can show it now....

...this here new bag design of mine! See in title above!
Sweetie Niece 'commissioned' me to make one for her BFF for her BD Gift .
They met up Saturday for the delivery and a fun shopping day in Williamsburg!
They are busy Cross Stitchers! Checkout Shirl's blog, Tranquil Stitches.

So took Shirl's tastes into account and we came up with this.
Using Thimbleberry fabrics in sort of Fallish colors.
Nice squared off shape to it.
Also has a needle keeper and thread keeper inside.
There is a place she can use the claw to hook her scissors to or keys.
Pretty neat bag, if I say so myself!;-)
From what I heard on the phone LOUDLY she LOVED it and quickly switched her PURSE stuff to it... ha!!! So reckon it can be whatever kinda bag she wants it to be hers after all!!
Wishing you many many more happy ones!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fruits of our Labors

As promised or proof of our labor. ha!!
Here are the jars of snaps beans. Did do up 7 qts of what I call my 'company snaps'!
Left them nice an long, all lined up pretty in the jars. Look like County Fair Jars... ha!!!
These will look pretty on a platter with dressing and toasted almonds don't ya know!;-)
Next is what DH came out with after smoking his 40 # of pork butts.
Seems they were more fat then meat. Only had like 17# after the long smoking process.
We share some then put rest in freezer for later.
Once he puts on his sauce it is yummy and a 1# will make a meal with buns and cole slaw. What is this in this big bag you ask????
It is Crowder Peas! This area's pick over Blackeye Peas, which is what I grew up with.
I can eat these too.The fella who bought the farm blessed us with them.
Says will be picking butter beans soon so will have more of those.
DH told him I had already frozen a bushel .... says bringing them anyway!

Anyway we have a job now to get these Crowder's shelled, put in freezer.
I must say I have got spoiled with getting our stuff already shelled!
So much easier to let a machine do it!!;-)
May have to search out some young fingers to help us out...hummm wonder where......??? Ha!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Neat Tote Give Away

No...not on my blog!! ;-)
Check out The Blue Angels Blog by clicking post title above.
Also read about two lil adorable twin fellas while there!
Good luck in the drawing...well not really ....I hope I WIN! Ha!!!!!!!!

Yes I am body and brain dead.. I think.
Got the snap canning done yesterday.
Will show off my goodies in another post.
Had to run to town today to use my coupons and get some shoes on sale!
Pick up a few other items.
Now have to help DH bag up his smoked chopped pork butts.. he did today.
Started with 40 pds. Will see how it much it cooked out to when he is done chopping it.
Will post a pic with the canning pics later.
Will have yummy BBQ sammies here in a bit . He already made up the NC vinegar base sauce.
Heavens it makes everything smell smoky and of course I get CLEAN UP DETAIL!

Oh well at least the house no longer smells like the fried croakers(fish) we had last night!
Look out Glade I may be on to some thing here...Smoke Butt Air Freshener!!!HAAAAAA!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


There is an old say'n that goes.."Be careful what ya ask for cause ya just might get it".
I am think'n this means what you think will be so wonderful may not be....will be more then you can handle or not as good as you thought or MORE THEN YOU THOUGHT!
For me a lil of all at this point! Ha!

I am up to my neck in snap beans!! Ha!

Yes I wanted them... been check'n on them for a month.
Well here they come!! Got a good bushel +!!!

I will wash and snap about 4 of these big cup tins today or at least will try.
I want to begin canning tomorrow AM!
Soooo that means no sewing, of any kind for a couple days.
I will be able to find a good movie on the tube to watch while I snap all day... so reckon that could be considered a GOOD THING. ;-)

Well as I see it this is more winter food for our pantry!
I can sew after all this is done.
Next canning crop will be tomatoes but that is still off a ways!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey ya'll!!

I am still here. Still busy doing my clean out . Making progress, though at times it appears I am making a Bigger Mess!!
Taking time from the clear out to be creative. Need too keep up my creative energy!;-)

I came across some vintage tablecloths I had planned to do something with and decided to see what I could do.
Now before you collector folks get all up about it, these are ones that have been washed but are not perfect. They have a few stains
and wear spots. So I am just trying to give them a longer life in another way, shopping bags, by cutting around these areas when possible.

Decided to try a TUT of a simple easy lined shop tote, so hope to have that up
when I finish.
These need to be lined as they are real vintage ones and need that extra support I feel
Still fully washable.

Some others I will make some window valances and yellow.
A Country French look. I use the ones that are still in good shape on my
old kitchen enameled table.
Love that vintage look!

I also have some quilt projects and wool hand ones to work on as well.
Soon will be FALL DECOR time, one of my fav times to do up the mantle and house!
Have not got as far with my dard red pieced toile table runner as I had wanted. Wanted it done by the winter holidays along with the place mats
and other things!!!!

The thing with the cleaning out is I tend to find things I have set aside for this,that and the other and get side tracked!
Reading a book, mag or fabric, lace or such. Almost like finding
hidden treasures!!!!
I sure hope between now and Dec 25th I have accomplished as much as I think I will!!!!

I also have put up more butter beans and corn in freezer, still hope to get green beans soon, they seem to be running later as we have not really had rain as we needed it. Our lil garden is drying up so bad! Sure hope we get a few tomatoes off those plants anyway.Getting tempted to pick a couple an fry us up some Fried Green 'Maters!!! We normally do that after the ripe harvest
Went and helped DH pick blackberries for his lil cobblers, yes were yummy. Also bought cantaloupes and more tomatoes at the farm stand.

Uncle Ollie just brought us some more blueberries this morning that Aunt Dot picked.
These will go into a cobbler also I am thinking.

I hope some you all decided to send a package to the drive for Flooded Quilters . I sent one, now to get another one ready. Does not have to be a lot.
I know if it was me I sure would want some one to think of me in this way.
This is such a small thing we can do compared to the over all lose they have suffered.

So see ya later to hang out some wash on line then back to having some sewing fun !!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Can Help Flooded Iowa Quilters!

Please go to Guden's blog to read what you can do to help.
Just click on the post title it will take you to her blog post.
This is Gudrun Erla of GE Designs.

There are other groups also doing wonderful things.
You can read more about them too and check out the links.
Thanks so much!
We can all be a small drop that can fill a big bucket!!

Click for flood pics.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Weekend.

Put up over a bushel of corn in freezer.
Kept some out though.
Will have some in a corn pudding, skillet cooked and then some on the cob of course!

Corn Pudding Recipe
3 eggs
2 Tbsp flour
1/2 stick butter
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups milk
2 cups fresh corn
1/2 tsp. salt

Melt butter in baking dish. Mix eggs, sugar, flour and salt together.
Add milk, butter and corn. mix well and pour back into buttered dish.
Bake at 350 F for about 45 min. uncovered , middle oven rack.
Check with a small knife , when comes out clean is done.
Should be a nice golden brown on top.
We use a small Corning ware casserole for it.

We also got a bushel shelled butter beans to put in freezer.
Had planned on doing them today but have another job to finish.
Snaps(green beans) will be ready one day this week so gal will call me to come pick up my bushel, then I will can those.
Just me and DH so will do in pints instead of quarts.

She also had fresh ripe off the vine tomatoes...YUMMO!
Ours are so not near ready so was a REAL treat for us to have tomato sandwiches!!
Just a REAL taste of SUMMER to me...lov 'em!!

We are beginning to pick cukes though and they are good too.
DH made his Cucumber Salad recipe an we have been eating it like mad.
Will have to make more! Here is recipe.

Marinated Cucumber Salad

2 med cukes, thinly sliced
1 med onion, cut into rings
2 cups carrots, thinly sliced
1/2 cup sliced celery
1 cup vinegar, not white
1/4 cup vege oil
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. celery seeds
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper

Combine first ingredients in a large shallow dish; set aside.
Combine next 6 ingredients, mixing well; poor over veggies, tossing lightly.
Cover and chill 8 to 10 hrs. We do over night.
This is about 6 servings... we will double it and works fine as well.
Like making pickle but no cooking!!;-)

Our pepper plants don't seem to be doing to well, have lost some.
Have been picking banana peppers though.
Squash is beginning to bare.
Okra is really loving the heat and humidity same as cotton...haaa!
Cotton has jumped the last week with our humid wet weather.

Next we did the coupon thing and went grocery shopping.
Man that is becoming a job these days trying to make your dollar go as far as it possibly can.
We did pretty good. Between the low prices and sale items , buy get 1 free items ,and the coupons I matched up to deals.
Spent right under a 100 bucks and got what we needed for another few weeks!! Plus some meat for freezer.YES!!
We went to some stores we would not have went to normally if we had not been in the area!!
Trying to do the save gas thing as well.
Now don't think if I had say 2 kids at home we could have done the same savings!!! ;-)

Also had some coupons for lunch, buy one burger get one free!! Ha!!
So for 6 bucks we had lunch too!!!!
Was whooped when we got home though.
Gee...wore me out mentally and physically trying to save some $$$!
Now back to that 'other job', cleaning....ugh!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Progress Was Made!!!!

I do not think I could have kept going had it not been for my sweet helper!!!!!
I am so grateful that she took time out of her VACATION to come help me.
So owe her BIG TIME!!!

Granted there is still work to be done, more stuff out of drawers , pc corner area, etc.
Will keep up the momentum this push has given me.
I am so happy though to see the floor, open closet doors to other fabric, and be able to pull out my cutting table!!!!
I have to say I did get harsh with myself and purged fabric and other things.

I have been so blessed many times with gifted fabric and other things related and non related to my sewing and crafty habits.
I am so grateful to all who thought of me in this way.... hugs to all!!
I had a hard time letting go of some things even though I did not use them, just for this very reason.
Yes I am/was one of those folks...if it was a gift I HAD to keep it even if it is not used, in the way, not my taste, or needs to go!!!
Haaa!! Well I am break'in that habit somewhat!

Sent bags to thrift for others to find treasures to use!!
I also pulled some out to bundle up and sale.

I keep hearing the phrase.. Creative people have clutter.
Well I am here to tell ya.. my creative clutter was beginning in to DAMAGE my creativeness big time!!!
I guess if you have a huge area you can spread out then some 'creative clutter ' is okay...NOT when you are in a very small room!!!!
Also NOT when you are NOT able to remember what is where! Ha!!!!

Anyway suffice it to say the 3 goals of yesterday were met!!

Pic of closet doors OPENED...and the cutting table cleared and ready to ROLL!!!
Now on to my next set of goals!!
Baby steps are good...after all folks....Rome was not built in a day ya know!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Help on the way....

....or at least I hope so.
My shopping trip yesterday was for these storage units.
Not too much money ..went to a local store called Maxways.
So did not have to drive to any Big City.
Saved gas , time and money. Yah me!!!
Did look in thrift for storage 'possibles' first, right next door, none.

Hope they will help with this pile..look to right.
I need to be able to see as much as possible of my supplies to use.
Out of site out of mind is so true for me or I spend too much time look'in for buried things!!!
Will worry about the 'beautification' of room later...;-)

I am getting excited about being able to do more now!!
After all it is less then 6 mths till Christmas!!
OH MY!!!
Quilts, runners, totes, stockings an other sewing projects to be made!!!
Also orders to be sewed up!!
Speaking of which thanks so much to all those asking about more shopping bags!!
Will be some more soon along with the Darl'in Lil Bags!

Will begin later today and hope tomorrow with niece to really 'get ur done'!!!!
Gee would be nice if all I had to do all day was play in here but alas my other role calls.
Must now do some 'grunt work'...laundry and house hold stuff including pay some bills!! YIKES!

Any tips or blogs on storage or organizing to share...please leave a comment or link!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh my....

I say that with a HEBBY HEBBY sigh.

I HAVE too much de-cluttering to do!
I have been working on my files on my put'er , too many old ones and duplicates in all of them, pics big time.
Have to do this as we have a new one to set up and I do not want to up load all this junk again!!

Wed my niece, Diana, is coming out to HELP me TRY to de-clutter some and rearrange this sewing room!!
I can no longer get my cutting table out when I need it unless I move 'piles' around!!
I have loads of WIP/UFOs I have to finish and need this lil room to work better.
Poor lil room, not it's fault it can't work SMART is the human in controls fault!;-)

I know this can not be fixed in one day but it is a bit more on the way to done.

I have done some already..okay a lil bit. See right pic.;-)
No this is in no way all my fabrics!
Then I had stuff to do in a hurry and BAM...had a BIG MESS attack!!!!

I finally realize there are things in here that Iwill never use or even want to anymore.
So will pass them on to others who may want or need them.

Also I have decided I am just a needle and thread person, so all the 'other craft supplies' need to leave this room. Go live with someone who does paper and paint things.

I know it will be hard to part with some of the things I have been MEANING TO GET RD'TO for sooo very long! I think I am ready.. I really do...suck it up and just let go!! Try not to feel like such a failure for not sticking with some of the projects! ;-(

Yes I can... Yes I can...will just keep this up and cry later!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th Everyone!

Want to wish every one in USA a Happy 4 Th!!!

Despite all our present difficulties we are still very BLESSED to live in AMERICA!

Remember our HEROES past and present who have kept us FREE!