Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, it's almost time to say goodbye to 2009 and to ring in a brand new year….2010!!

I want to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know all of you!! I feel as if I have found some true and dear long lost pals! I find in many of my chats with my non-blogging friends/family I will bring up something one of you has shared. Isn’t it amazing how close you can feel to people you have never really met? I have been fortunate to have met some of you in person, and it has been like hanging out with dear old friends.

May 2010 be a year filled with love, laughter, joy and prosperity for you and your family.

Thanks so much for visiting me here and a big hug to all who have left comments for me!

I have in turn enjoyed so many of your wonderful blogs as well.

My Google Reader stays full of delightful blog posts I can enjoy!

I am wishing a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to each of you, my dear bloggy pals!!

Sending out my Warmest New Year Wishes and Big Hugs to you all!!!

See you in 2010!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Few Christmas Goodies

Two new Needle Rolls made by niece Diana!

My wreath is filling up!!
Love it!!

Santa gave me three scented wax 'pretend 'candles for my tall holders!
Now I do not have to worry about setting the house on fire!!

DH found this Lola perfume by Marc Jacobs...smells yummy!
The 3 fur babes gave me this digital photo frame.
Now to fill it up with pics!

One of my gifts from son and wife was a new snowman for my collection!

Stocking stuffers..YEE HAW!!

We have had a wonderful few days of Christmas!
Son and wife were with us Christmas Day with grand dog Beamer.

Had a wonderful meal and fun day together.
Beamer(named after Va Tech coach) a big lab, did not want to be still!!Ha! Ha!

Then Sunday nephew, niece and grand niece, Hollyanne, were here for clam chowder.
That is what nephew got for Christmas...he loves his Auntie's Chowdah..;-)

Sorry was not doing good with camera only get to see the Tall One's feet with his two lovies on the sofa opening gifts!
Both days full of fun and love!
We are truly blessed to have all of them in our lives.
So if I had to pick my best gifts it would be all of them, my sweet DH and our adorable fur babes!!!

Doctor update:
They called yesterday with an earlier appt for today at 1:45PM.
I am sure will just be a 'chat '..him, looking at other tests, then see how we proceed.
Thanks to all for your concern and prayers.
Big Hugs!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I’m just say’n….

Christmas Great. Tired. Early sales today. Shopped. Good deals. Tired. Bed early.

Good Night All!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing you all Christmas Joys!!

The Sights and Sounds of Christmas

The sound of joyful church bells Heard from a distant hill, A warm and cozy fireside To chase the winter's chill.

The jingle of the sleigh bells,
A Christmas candle's glow,
The cherished celebrations
Each heart has come to know.

A child's anticipation
As he peers beneath the tree,
And finds the gift he asked for
When he sat on Santa's knee.

The sights and sounds of Christmas
Woefully will depart,
But the wondrous love of Jesus
Can remain within each heart.

—Catherine Janssen Irwin

My wish for each of you is that you have more Christmas Joys than your heart can hold!
God bless you at Christmastime and in the New Year too!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Warm heartfelt hugs,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!!

So is everyone busy with last minute Christmas stuff?
All that baking, cooking, decorating, shopping, gift wrapping frenzy slowing up some?
It is around here. Course never was all that much happening here.

Yesterday took this sweetie, our grand niece, shopping for her Mama!
Was a fun day!
We begin the day at Starbucks!!
We did good every where we went too.
Our list was done in no time flat!!

My fav book! ha ha ha!
Yes that is Lola the opossum Elf!!
I forget now where I found this one but had to have it.

I delivered the neighbors gifts today.
Put the mail carriers gift in the box with flag up.
Cooked a few things for the Christmas Day meal ahead.
DH will do the rest.

Will have time to play in my sewing room tomorrow...WOW!
Speaking of sewing I want to give a couple of shout outs today!
One to Linda B who has a birthday in Dec so got up this Siggie Block Swap!!

Such a fun block swap too!
All the colors of blocks along with artwork are awesome and no fabby repeats!
This will make a very fun quilt.
Thanks to LindaB for setting up the swap and a big thanks to all the wonderful quilters who made each block!
Linda also included a wonderful pin cushie!
Love it!!

Next shout out goes to Jocelyn.
One of the sweetest gals I have met in blog land!

What a nice surprise to receive in the mail!!
Perked up my day in a big way!
Thanks again Jocelyn!
Hope you are warm or cool whichever you need by now....;-)

So every one we are almost there!!!
Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!!
Enjoy every sweet second of it all!!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Table is set...

A Grace for Christmas Day Dinner

Father, We thank Thee for this day.
Bless all we do and all we say.
May we each enjoy Thy blessings great
As Jesus' Birth we celebrate.
And may the love that we share here
Remain throughout the coming year.

Gertrude B. Byram

Welcome to my Christmas dining room.
I have the table set...or I think so.;-)
May tweak a bit but this is my trial run.

Using my vintage Homestead China.

These plates just say Christmas to me.
The glasses my Dad collected and gave me.
Using a mix of family silverware, plaid napkins, ribbon place mats on DH's Grandmother's table cloth.

All the small snow folks plates have different ones on them.
They were a gift one year from our son and his wife.

This pretty center piece is a dish garden.
So festive. It was a Thank You gift from Aunt Dot's two children.
My crystal hurricane candle holders.
Using the candy cane candles nestled in small pine cones.

This very old Santy Claus was Aunt Alma's along with all the white deer I have sitting around the center piece.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into where we will be having our small dinner
on Christmas Day.
We will eat early as son and wife have to go to her parents in late afternoon.
I cooked the Country Ham today.
We will also have roast beef and gravy, green beans, collard greens, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, fruit salad, homemade rolls with pecan tart and coffee for dessert.

Goodness hard to believe it will be here in just 4 days!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Very.. Very... Interesting...

Now was that Col Klink or Sgt Schultz that said that on Hogan's Heroes???? Ha ha!!
I am working on some simple cloth blocks today .
Last second idea.. I know Lord Help me I am C.R.A.Z.Y.!
Nothing really to share from my wee sewing factory so here we go around Blog Land!

First up Fabricartist21 is having a super Giveaway!!
You really must check it out!
Adding something to it every day for 12 days!
So go over check it out see if you want to play!

Next up is over at Today's Creative Blog.
If you have not checked out this blog you are missing out.
Some cool thing on there.

Today's Fabulous Friday Giveawy is a book.
One Yard Wonders.
Has 101 projects in it.
So go sign up!

Now over at Look Ma No Patterns is a super cute TUT.
It is for a nesting dolls garland!!
I can see this used in a number of ways including a border on a sweet lil gal quilt!

So go... have fun looking at these sites!!
I have to get back to work here!!!

Oh yes we are under a Winter Storm far just cold and very frosty!!
They say our best shot at some snow is Saturday night...humm...okay right.
We shall see!
Hope those further west and up from us are preparing for a snuggled in weekend as it looks like that is what you may be doing!!!
Put on that pot of stew, soup or chili!!
Now run on out while you can for marshmallows and hot chocolate!!!
Happy Weekend EVERYONE!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santy Claus

Dear Santy Claus,

It has come to my attention that the folks at the Fat Quarter Shop are helping you out this year!

Oh my goodness how cool is that!!!!!

I am just now getting around to writing my letter to you .

Yes that is me always behind!!

I have just not had time to think of my own wish list up till now!

I have been so busy being a very good gal doing my own Santy Granny thing here.

Sewing stuff for the sweet little dears, shopping and of course baking.

Yes my dear Santy Claus you will have some delish snacks on your treat plate by the hearth as always!

Shhhh.. of course the ‘pick me up shot’ will also be in its same secret spot!!

Would never forget that!!;-)

I do not want to be greedy kind sir but just one of these bundles in my sock would make me ever so happy!!

I would adore a Sandy Gervais’ Essence Fat Quarter Bundle!!

Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Homefront Fat Quarter Bundle would also be very very nice.

So if I am lucky enough to be chosen either one would make me happy so you can decide!!

If I am not the lucky one..well don’t you worry your sweet lil white whiskers one bit!

I will not be mad at you dear Santy Claus.

I would be happy to see any one of my sweet bloggy pals have a wish come true!!

Now you take care and do drive with care on Christmas Eve..lots of satellites up there these days!!

Hugs and kisses to you and dear Mrs. Claus!!