Saturday, May 23, 2015

Easy Pretty DIY Wreath
 This wreath can be made fast and easy for any season or holiday.
Best to hang on a covered porch out of the weather.
I picked a patriotic fabric along with some pretty red and white artificial flowers.  Will leave this one up through the Summer. After all we have July 4th coming up as well.
 All you need is a straw wreath. This is the large one.
Some pretty fabric strips at least 2.5 inches wide. These are from a jelly roll but for mine above I simply tore my strips from yardage with the grain. You can use burlap, ribbon, tulle, really anything that will wrap around the wreath.
Start a strip of fabric at angle with a straight pin.
Keep wrapping, over lapping enough so straw is covered. Pull tightly. Try to keep each ending in the back.

Take your picks or flowers, trimmed as you wish and poke in! If trouble poking them into fabric use an ice pick or point end of seam ripper to make a start hole! I wrapped some floral wire around and made a loop to hang. Chose not to add bow but you could!

There you have it! Simple, fast and easy!  Neat thing is  you can use the same base straw wreath over and over!
Used to do craft shows and these are the last straw wreaths I have left! Hope I can find more somewhere! 

I imagine this would work with a large round Styrofoam wreath as well.

Hope you try one!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jay's I Spy
Jays I Spy quilt all done. So many different cute bits of fabric to 'spy' things! Added his name to it so he knows it is his alone..;-) Is a goodly size that can grow with him as he is only two years old! ;-)
 Backing is pieced with some very cute fabrics from the 'Alice' stash! Think he will enjoy the back as well as the front!
Did the curvy stitch in small squares all over. Added the blue and black diagonal print binding. I am pleased with it!
So as soon as I have a pic of Jay with it will share!

Staying busy here. Worked outside some. Planted some pretty annuals in porch pots and re-potted some other plants. Loads more work to try to do in the beds.
Cooled off yesterday which was nice! Had been so hot and humid!
Today more rain which was needed but did mess up lots of  the day's plans!;-)
DH had to replace his lawn mower deck. That was an all day job yesterday. His plan was to cut grass today...did not happen! Maybe it will dry off enough tomorrow to be cut.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mom's Day and Finishes
Here are the Moms....myself, sweet DIL holding Olivia and her Mom. Kids took us out for brunch at Park Lane in Hampton. Had a wonderful time!
 DH here with DIL, Olivia and our son.
What a wonderful blessing for sweet DIL to have her first Mom's Day with this cutie pie!
Olivia is growing so fast. Has the cutest little chubby legs and two sweet front teeth!!
Was a wonderful loving time together celebrating our motherhood!

I have been busy . Finished up two quilts!! All quilted and binding on. ready for delivery.
We decided not to mail out. Will drive to deliver in person! Plan to go next week.
Did end up on the dining room table to quilt them. Too big for my sewing tables!
This is such a fun quilt!!! I just know Jay will enjoy it! He can grow with it!

We have bits of tropical storm Ana now. Needed some rain so a good thing. Just glad not full force winds!
Had turned very warm and now humid. We have managed so far with no AC. Was hoping for a bit longer of milder temps! Oh well naught can be done about it so we deal and whine...;-)

Have managed to hang out wash a few times already so that saved on electric a lot.
Trying to save pennies these days can be hard. Seems everything is going up in price!
We are now living on a fixed income so learning to curb those splurges.
So happy I stocked up on my sewing supplies over the years...aka STASH! hahahaha!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday Plans

Saturday I will be here with my awesome stitching niece!
Hope weather is nice.  Love riding the ferry across the wide James River!
May have to see if we can pop into Joann's for the 40% off all bolts sale as well!!!
Love the Joann's in Williamsburg.

Have not got lost out here in boonies. Just a few(rather stressful) things going on.
Did get the I Spy top finished.
So had to press fabrics and piece backings for I Spy and the other birthday top.
Yesterday I spray basted both quilt sandwiches! Finally no wind!
What a job!

Today I moved my sewing table around and set up the other table to help hold the quilts up for quilting on my regular sewing machine.
Sure it will be like wrestling a couple bears!
Was last time I quilted a larger quilt then baby size!!!
So out of  'quilting' shape!;-)

Cleaned, oiled and put new needle in my trusty Bernina!
Have wound bobbins of my fav King Tut by Superior.
The back brace and quilting gloves at the ready!
So Friday will find me music turned up and needle down!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

I Spy a Stack (Pile)

I Spy a big stack of six inch squares!
Have been sorting and choosing fabrics to cut squares from a few days now.
Thanks Ms. Alice for sharing some fabric with me!
My plan is to cut once but have enough for maybe three I Spy (toddler drag about) quilts!
Our Great Grand Jay turns two in May!
Here Jay is enjoying the dino outfit I made up for him. His birthday party will be dinosaur themed as well. Maybe we have a budding paleontologist in our midst.
Did not use the Go! cutter. Set myself up on the kitchen island and just went to town with my 6.5" square and right hand Martelli rotary cutter! LOVE THAT CUTTER! My hand , my thumb (basal joint) or finger joints feel like I have done nothing!! I highly recommend this tool to any one with hand and wrist issues.
Not paid or given freebies for this opinion. Santa brought the cutter to me this past Christmas.

Been rain and or drizzle with cloudy skies for a week here!
We put our carpet cleaning on hold as humidity is so high.
So hoping maybe one day soon can get it done!
This also kept the spray basting of the gift quilt on hold.

Need to wash windows inside and out along with a few other Spring chores.
Can not do the deep Spring clean I used to do but would like a few chores out of the way!
Seems like we develop piles of stuff around here a lot.
A cleared spot just invites a pile to form! So this means I must dig out the utility room yet again.
Took down the Easter decor and it rests (piled) at end of dining table. Waiting to be put away (piled) in entry closet for another year.

With our cool one day then warm next temps, sweatpants and shorts both been pulled from wardrobes.
So yes there is a pile of each to pick from for the day!

Goes with out saying the piles of fabrics, and such in sewing room!!
So today I hope to tackle a few piles!
Unless I get distracted by that starched, pressed and ready to sew stack (pile) of I Spy squares!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Things Machine Quilters Should Stop Doing

This was shared with me and I found it very inspiring! So wanted to share with my blog pals as well! I know I am bad about criticizing my own sewing and quilt work. Hope you find it inspiring as well!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Big Project

Here is the big project I have been working on.
A large lap quilt gift for my step daughter . Her birthday was in March but I figure if I get it done before next year I am doing good!!!;-)
Used a Moda Allure by Sanae jelly roll of fabric she loved when I posted it on FB.
Pattern is a freebie called Strip Twist by Bonnie Hunter.
Love this shot with sun behind it. Looks like a stain glass window!
Waiting on a rain free, none windy day to spray baste the quilt sandwich.
Plan is to do my straight line quilting diagonally both ways to get diamonds.
The thread will really not jump out at you and backing will match thread as well.
If you look close you can see the blocks marching across on point and the secondary larger block made by 4 of the Strip Twist blocks.

This is my first Jelly Roll only fabric quilt top!
I have always used the jelly roll strips with other fabrics.
I did order a fat quater bundle to be sure I had enough.
Which worked out as I cut the first pieced blocks WRONG!!!
Working with a lot of bias edges in not fun but spray starch does help!

Pretty sure it will be loved! Modern gal and all!
Have enough left to make up a pillow or something else if I choose.
Will see. ;-)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sewing

First I wish to thank all for the condolence comments posted on the passing of our senior kitty Cocoa.
Hard to say that last goodbye. She will be missed.
We do have the kitty kids double trouble, Wiggles and Boots, to keep us loved on and entertained. ;-)

I have been working on a bigger sewing project but did stop to sew for Easter!
A bunny and Easter basket with eggs for our lil' 9mth old grand girly!
He is made with soft flannel.  As he is washed will become more soft and fuzzy seams.
Cute bottom! I drew him up myself, no pattern. Hand stitched his face.  Baby safe!
 Miss O did seem to take to him pretty good. ;-)
Sadly she was sick over Easter weekend with that horrid noro virus. So we had to cancel our plans. We will celebrate DH birthday(was April 4th) this coming Sunday.
Made the eggs since she can not do candy! :-)
Was fun to stitch up Miss O a pretty Easter basket! Being a Grammy can be fun!

We have rain. Had a horrid thunder storm last night. First one of season.
Has warmed up here some. Suppose to have a high of 84 this weekend! WOW! From 60ish days to hot!
Hubby picked these for my sewing room. Do believe the jonquils and hyacinths are just about over. Still have some tulips blooming. Grass has been cut a couple times. Our last frost date is April 15th. We hope to plant some pots and a small patch of a veggie garden. That will be a fight with the deer to get anything from it though!

Well best get back to it! Reckon my chores will not do themselves!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

R.I.P. Sweet Girl

R.I.P. Cocoa Marie

Champion 'where's the baby' player.
Awesome RV Traveling Kitty Buddy.
Queen Kitty of the sewing room.
Our Miss Independence!
Fearsome and loving protector of your sweet Granny.

You grew from an ugly duckling into a big beautiful girl.
Take flight baby girl on those sweet kitty angel wings and soar with no more pain or suffering.
Love you always.
Ma and Pa

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We got snow, which was predicted.
No not in the amount predicted but too much for us!
Thank goodness we did not have much of the ice/sleet on top of it either.
Still  we are out in the boonies and do not expect to see a plow truck anytime soon.

Road what road?? It is there buried!
 Took these early this morning.
We got up to maybe 6+ inches in spots and 5 inches in others.
Cold and some wind out of the north.  No this is not as bad as our pals up in North East but it is not the North East!
My sweetie feed the birds, cleaned off our truck and cars. Shoveled walk ways and steps.
We have sunshine now but that will go away soon . Another chance at snow later tomorrow.
Also temps predicted  -4 F Wed night and 2 F Thursday!
What in the world!!! Sure hope and pray that does NOT happen!
We have a pump-house for well which has a heat lamp in for warmth but that is 'tooooo coooold' for us here in Southern VA!.
Pipes could freeze even with dripping!
We have been dripping faucets for a while now too.
Heat seems to stay on...dread next elec bill!
May need some one to float me a loan to pay it...;-)
Happy Winter is short for us...most of the time!

I know this too shall pass. Spring will arrive!
We have jonquils blooming, hyacinths popping up and the maples have buds!
So back to my pot of tea and sewing flannel fabric squares!

Take care everyone and be safe!