Friday, January 16, 2015

Sharing Wonderful Gifts
Sweet Di sent me a lovely gift package! Cute Santa pin cushie. He will stay out all year!
The cute zippy bag full of sewing needfuls!
I still have this mug rug on my pc desk! Love the jolly fella!
Thanks again Miz Di!
Santa brought me a new rotary cutter.  Have not tried it out yet. Hope not too much of a learning curve!
Adore these Twas the Night bowls from our niece !  They are red no pink. Silly camera.
DH gave me this labeler. Tt will help me keep track of things in sewing space or I hope!
A new hummer feeder too. Love feeding my hummers!

I also received new house slippers, new LL Bean shirt, gift cards and books along with a shipment of citrus fruit!!
We had a lovely Christmas with family and friends.
Made many treasured memories to last a life time which is the best gift of all!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice Day

We have ice today. It is covering most everything. The roads are better as a lot were pretreated. I have not ventured outside to take pics. Nope! Do not wish to add any broken parts to my already poor body!
Just hope wind stays down and does not pick up. Do not want any limbs over wires!

We had to go out yesterday to Williamsburg. Happy we got those errands taken care of before this mess came in last evening. We can just stay all snugged in today.

DH wanted spaghetti so we had that for our dinner. He has been doing most of the cooking so my turn! Not sure he will do my clean up as I do his though! We are just learning each day how to get a long being together all the time. Well most of our time. We do have some time apart!
We had warm brownie for desert!

The outside Christmas decor has been taken down and packed away for another year. Inside not yet. We have to wait on weather to go to storage building to get the boxes and totes, then when packed up take back. Can be a process when we have rain and wind. Takes me a day to take down and a day to pack up! We normally do not take down til after Old Christmas Day anyway. Jan 6th though has come and gone a week!
Do not mind as we have really enjoyed our trees and decor this year!

I did work on cleaning the 'sewing studio' trying to sort and get things in some kind of order!
Once again I have somehow managed to pile up the small room up with fabric, craft things and other related items! My gal pal Alice says we are preppers! Happy I found some good bargains over last few years as now things will be a tad bit tighter in the purse as they say!
Seems the cost of everything we need to live food, meds, healthcare, utilities, etc. is going up! We are glad to see our gasoline prices down. Now 1.88 a gal. Sure will not last into warmer months when we like to go on trips. Shall see I reckon.
I know some are saying...clean, really????? hahaha! Well yes it is!
Can see most of the floor! Put a few of my machines back in closet along with other things that belong in there! Still out are my 'new to me' vintage Singer Featherweight and vintage heavy duty Singer to finish oiling and replacing belts etc. My Bernina is my go to machine and lives on this table.
Yes there is still piles of 'stuff' here and there. Things will remain that way till used or until room grows bigger! Have managed to tuck away as much as I can.
Fabric storage in here consists of cabinets and some of the closet, an old pie safe from Aunt Dot which is the clothing fabrics, totes, shelves, drawer units which hold scraps, cut strips and thread. There are also baskets full of holiday theme fabrics.
Mind you I love antique and vintage fabrics. So have two large totes in hall closet.
Along with my wool supply which I need to find a better way to store to be able to get to easier to use!
The secret to all the storage woes is USE IT!!!! So less coming in and more being used should go  A LONG WAY TOWARDS LESS CLUTTER...YEAH RIGHT!;-)

So have you been sorting and moving and trying to get your sewing/ crafting space ready for a new year of  making projects too??

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

My wish is that 2015 will bring each of you much joy, good health,
family love and times spent together, hours of fun sewing ,
 along with all you and your family may need.  
I pray and hope for peace and understanding for our country and the world.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Fall Giveaway Wins

This is a belated post of two lovely giveaways that my name was drawn!
I did send my Thanks out to the wonderful givers but did not post about them on the blog!
First was a nice box stuffed full of this lovely pile, yards, of fabric from Laura Nownes!
These will work so well on gifts for the modern gals in my life! I love the yellow and blue myself! New tops maybe for summer! Thanks again for sharing Laura!
Next was this lovely Fig Tree by Moda  honey bun roll and book from Elisabeth of Brown Bird Designs.
This may have to become a pretty new runner for Spring!
Thank you again Elisabeth!

Hope you will check out both of these lovely ladies blogs and websites!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Enjoyed a Lovely Christmas Day
Here is our sweet grand baby Olivia on her very first Christmas morning! Her bib was made by a cousin's wife with a new Bernina machine. She is also a new Grandma so when doing bibs she made these up to share with our grand baby too!
Yes we got up very early and off we went to their home along with DIL's parents.  Changing the tradition of having Christmas morning here.
Kids put on a nice spread. Enjoyed it all so very much!!

We all had to pack up and head to DH's sister's home for dinner. We had prepared our portion day before. Fixed two desserts, Pumpkin Roll and mincemeat pie, along with a butterbean with corn dish.
I did sew  up a couple quick gifts for our two nephews. I made the Rice Heating Pads. They both seem to have more aches and pains these days! Close to and turning 50 can do that to ya! :-)

We still have more baking and treats to get together to mail out or take on visits.
Hope to do the visiting across state soon. DH promised to help son, who has week off, do some kitchen remodeling. This will give me time to finish up more sewing too!
Still have the pretty decorations up. Will save the take down job for later!

Friday found us just laying about, sort of wore out! We babysat Olivia Christmas Eve day and then had late supper with nephew, wife and our sweet grand niece Hollyanne. Course all the traveling Christmas Day too! Did do some sale shopping Saturday. Was not to bad out at all. Crowds must have been out of town!
Found a few good bargains for next Christmas. Popped into AC Moore with my 20% off coupon. They have nice name brand fabric regularly for $6.99 yard so used that coupon! Enjoyed lunch out. 
When we got home we once more just kicked back relaxing!
Kitties were so happy we were home again. They did not like us being gone so much!

Today had to do some home chores. Yes on Sunday. I normally do not do that but we needed clean clothes and bed linens changed!! So two loads later that was done! Did the fridge clean out and trash was taken off. DH changed oil in his truck.
I really have to keep checking the calendar to be sure of the day! Any holiday that comes on a week day can mess me up! Like Christmas day felt like Sunday!!

Do hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!!
Here we are close to another New Year's Day!!
2015...WOW seems like we just turned over 2014!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hey Ya'll !!

Been a bit busy around here since I last posted!! Lots of year end appointments and of course Christmas preparations!
We had a family and friends gathering here at our home to kick off the season. Was so wonderful enjoying the time together! Loads of good food and fun times!  Not a lot of pics to share. Thought I had loaded them up on my PC so deleted them off the camera!!!!!! Santa please bring Lola a new memory function for Christmas!

 We have been busy baking and making candy for our gift boxes. For a few days our home smelled better than any Yankee Candle you could want!
 These are the large containers!
Delicious pound cakes DH makes that are asked for every year. They are wonderful!
 Need to pack up the tins and boxes! We will be delivering most ourselves this year instead of mailing!

Why??? because DH retired on Dec 5th!!
His office group gave him big send off with a yummy pot luck luncheon party! So many folks wishing him well on his new adventure!!
Was so wonderful to see how they all held DH in such high regard! He will be missed by many.
DH and I also celebrated 40 years hanging out together!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Time is moving on for sure!

Needless to say my days are now no longer my own! Having to learn a 'new normal'! ;-)
 DH was always on vacation for 2weeks during this time of year. So after the Christmas and New Year holidays are past... the big change will sink in for sure!!!

Hope to get more pics posted but not sure when that will happen! Crazyville here these days!

So I want to take this time to wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Big Christmas Hugs to all who take the time to read my posts!
I appreciate you all very much!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blue for Boy Pink for Girl
 Yes it seems an old fashioned idea these days but hey with these cute fabrics not terribly old fashioned!
Used some coupons at Joann's Fabrics on these flannel bundles from Land of Whimzie. I  used my first flannel bundle for Olivia a flannel quilt. Washes up wonderfully so soft. No shrinkage.As matter of fact there is a giveaway going on here for these two bundles! No connection to me just happen to see it. Ends Nov 27th.
 I have managed to get my squares all cut out.  I also bought cute polka dot flannel fabric for the backings.
Beginning with the cute boy one. So all laid out as I want. Now to try to sew up with out mixing them up!!
These are for our first set of twins on my side of family! My great great nephew and niece! My older brother is their Great Gramps! They were born by Cesarian last Wednesday. Ryder at 6.15 pounds and Rylee at 6.9 pounds! Cute as they can be! They are a long ways from us here but we get to share all the joy on Facebook and through emails.
So warm flannel quilts and some burp cloths will soon be on the way from GG Auntie!

Been way laid by yet another head cold and infection!! So sick of this mess already!!
Went to dr for one thing and ended up with another horrid cold! Just had one last month too!
Beginning to think the masks and gloves are not a bad idea! ;-)

Have a country ham on cooking for Thanksgiving at son's home. Hope I am better by then! Do not want to make baby Olivia sick again too!   Woe is me....;-(

We have gone from freezing temps back up to 70's today! Roller coaster weather. Least the sun is trying to shine. May sit on porch a bit to soak up some Vit D!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cool November Day

We are cold and gray today. Wind out of NE. BURRR. Pretty Fall colors still all around though.
Sadly we had to have our plumber come work on well pump today. Darn$$
Oh well I am sure he considered the job a $ blessing and happy we could cover it!
Love Fall and love November! It is my birthday month. ;-)
I have had a wonderful birthday. Spent the day with sweet gal pals in Smithfield,Va.
We went to some shops and out for lunch. We had a ball!

Really the celebrating covered a week or so! I have no problems with that! ;-)

This sweet lil gal blowing bubbles took me out for breakfast Sunday morning!
We had a grand time enjoying her sweet company. Olivia is such a good baby.
Growing so fast. Want her to slow up!
 DH cooked my fav birthday meal of local oysters fried with coleslaw and hush-puppies.
 We by passed the french fries this time! Was very yummy indeed!
Yes the dear man once again baked my fav cake..Boston Cream Pie! Lordy is it some kinda good.

Received some wonderful gifts I will enjoy. My fav and best gift of all was time spent with those I hold dear, my family and friends. Sweet memories I will keep in my heart forever!
Time to put the Halloween away and pull out Tom Turkey! We are so near our USA Thanksgiving Day!
We enjoy spending time with our family on Thanksgiving.  Being so very grateful for those dear faces around us and our many blessings.

Speaking of blessings my big (much older;-)brother will soon be Great Gramps to twins! Sweet baby boy and darling baby girl! So GGAuntie L best get in gear!
Will share that project soon!!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

From our cutie Olivia and me!
Her Grandpop bought her this outfit. Her Mama added the photo trim! Olivia supplied the cutest face ever!
Wishing all the kiddos a happy and safe Trick or Treat!