Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend Adventure

 I am off for a weekend jaunt to the Amherst area of Virginia on Friday. My traveling partner is my niece Diana. We are planning to just take it slow on way out and stop when we see something or some place we would like to check out! Driving through some very pretty Virginia countryside.

We are going to Amherst for this lovely one day show at Notforgotten Farm.
We have wanted to go for a couple years now but something always seemed to come up !
So this time we decided to make a weekend of it and booked our room!

 A lovely list of venders including my friend Mandy of  Bittersweetfolkart are setting up for the show.
Will enjoy seeing other artists as well as handwork designers and supply venders.
So if you are near enough to drive over or up or down...sure you will enjoy your day.
Click on pic to go to blog.

So DH will have to cat sit the fur babies!
All he has asked was to see if we can bring back some apples!
Will do! ;-)

We have turned a bit cooler so nice! Hope the temps near the mountians are cool as well.
Have pulled out some FAll decor inside but not yet on outside.
We had horrid rains so got behind on that.
Will do it next week. Need to go find some fresh pumpkins to use as well.

Wishing all a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So...just where did August go?????

My goodness! Time be flying by! Year is winding down!
No post from me for the whole of August!
Well I can assure you I have been busy. ;-)

We have enjoyed the wonderful summer veggies and fruits from the local farmer's market.
Cooking out on the grill.
Spending time with family and our darling new grand baby, Olivia Grace!
We hosted family Sunday for Labor Day. 
DH cooked ribs and chicken on his big barrel grill.
Loads of sides along with Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream and Hummingbird Cake desserts.
Sadly I was so busy chatting and having fun did not snap pics! SLAP!
Yes Aunt Dot got after me on that one! hahaha!

Here is Olivia in her Va Tech Hokie outfit!
Look Out!! Cuteness over load!!!!
Go Hokies!!! Yes they won Saturday!!
They do not know they have a new  sweet little good luck charm! ;-)

On sewing front one of my projects I made was a big bag for a birthday gift.
Bought the fabrics at Bella's when I met up with Alice last.
Very good size. Made as a beach bag! Started out with one way in my mind but morphed into this bag instead! Pieced and quilted the fabric strips. Really liked how that looked so may have to do some simple gift quilts like that too. Works with the right showy kind of fabrics.
Very roomy inside. I did load it up with goodies...flip flops, beach towel, mug, hair stuff, note pad, even her own personal battery fan! Was in a hurry and forgot those pics!  Gave it to her Sunday. She loved it!

Made some other projects but will share those in another post! Will try harder to spread out some posts this month! More birthdays coming and of course the big CHRISTMAS gift making season!!!
Not sure how many I will get made but a few most definitely!!

Temp to be 98F today!! Chance of thunderstorms every. single. day. this week!!!
We are now getting the hot and humid weather we should have had on those surprising nice cool nice days last month!!
I am ready for Fall!!!
Time to pull out the Fall decor , my fav, and get thinking of all things pumpkin!!!
So on that note think I will go pull out some runners and quilts!

Thanks for hanging in with me!!!
Have a grand day or evening which ever time zone you may be in!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Gals
 Here is sweet Aunt Dot. So pretty on her 94th birthday! She loves her Word Search quilt!
Everyone she showed it too enjoyed seeing it as well. So happy she is using and enjoying it so much!
Here is our new lil grand gal Olivia and her older fur brother Beamer!
Daddy has a leg full with both of them!;-)
Beamer has always been so good with little ones.
He kissed (licked) O after this and she made the funniest face! ;-)
Baby O is growing and doing well. She has almost made it to 10 pounds!
She has a party in a weeks to meet some more family and friends!

We have had beautiful days this week. Low temps and sunshine.
Strange for us in late July but will take it! Had windows open and no AC running!

Sewing here has been slow. I sort of did a sewing crash and burn so hope to get back to it soon.
Have eye dr appt today. Messy one.
Crossing fingers all goes well with it and still stay suspect glaucoma!

DH did not plant gardens this year so we have been enjoying the Smithfield , Va Farmer's Market .
Have enjoyed snap(green) beans and new potatoes, corn, summer squash, egg plant, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, blueberries and peaches. Sure I am forgetting some things.
Not putting up any but just enjoying having fresh veggies for a while.

Almost scary how the days are flying by this least to me!
Here we are beginning the month of August already!
This means Christmas will be here in a few weeks! hahaha.;-)
Well I know for me it will feel like that so really must get my sewing mojo back in gear!
Do have a few birthday(finish) and Christmas gifts I want to make.

Saw something on Facebook was humorous but true.
Went like this: My wish is too keep all the knowledge and wisdom of my years but have the body of a 20 year old and the energy of a 3 year old!!! YES PLEASE!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Word Search
I came across this word search theme fabric online and just knew it had to become a project for Aunt Dot!
She loves her Word Search Books! We always look for ones we think she will enjoy when out and about. The Bible ones are now a favorite along with the Chicken Soup brand.
So after I ordered the word fabric decided on a lap/chair quilt for her 94th birthday gift. Aunt Dot has to use a walker so she sits in her chair most of the time. Besides she is a tiny slip of a gal so no huge quilt. This one is 40x50.
I was looking at a Mo Star Quilt Co. deal of the day and it was a Moda jelly roll called Weeds by Me & My Sister Designs. That was it! The reds, blacks and grays would work wonderfully so ordered it pronto!
Just kept the design simple and it worked up fast. DH decided to take a pic of me quilting!
Thinks I look humorous doing it!
Yes I need a haircut but toying with letting it grow out more....yeah till I get aggravated with it...hahaha!

Anyway had a small table sitting to side and front to help with bulk. Also kept the quilting simple, curving lines, so went quickly. Fully quilted to stand up to washings, not just outline. Found the perfect fabric for binding in my stash. So all good!
Washed up wonderfully! No bleed at all! Did put in some color catchers to be safe. Came out all soft and cuddly! I used a FusiBoo batting , one layer and was not too heavy. Love me some FusiBoo!

Aunt Dot called to say her package arrived an she loves it! That is what it is all about right??!! 
Hope to get a pic with her and her gifts.

So on to next project! Yes that will include some Baby Olivia Grace items!!;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wonderful News!!
 Meet our newest sweet granddaughter Olivia Grace. Born July 2, 2014.
She is a doll and we all adore her already! Such a good a baby she is too.
The darling new family!
Our son, sweet daughter- in- law and new baby Olivia!
Has been a long hard, heartbreaking road to get to this happy time.
This sweet family was created by adoption.
So what does adoption mean??? It means a dream come true!
They were in the delivery room and had thier own room with baby.
Just a wonderful adoption experience.
We had to wait to announce it.... which was hard for me ;-)...till after court on Thursday last.

Yes indeedy been a bit busy around here! Gramps and I are loving it all though!
So lots of sewing happened before Olivia was born along with the quilt I had already shared.
Burp clothes, arm saver for baby carrier, made a mobile  DIL saw on Pintrest.
Thought I had pics but nope.
So will take some next time over there.
Have balloon shades to get made for the nursery.
Went and bought the Kona extra wide white cotton fabric for those.
Still more projects in the pipeline as they say!
We did not know the gender before birth as kids wanted it to be a surprise so now can go all out girly! ;-)

Right now I have a birthday lap quilt to get quilted for Aunt Dot.
Her birthday is soon, 94 years young, and I want it sent off to NC next week!!!
Will share that when it is done.
Have other things I wanted to share that got moved to back burnner so hope to have more blog posts soon!!!

Still walking on my Granny cloud!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Been awhile..

..since my last real blog post.
I did have my surgery in May.
There was a cyst along with the tumor. Thank goodness all was benign!
No other problems were found so no need for any further followup treatments other than just healing up from surgery.
Very grateful for all the good thoughts and prayers sent my way!;-)

Just can't seem to get my energy level back up though!
I do think that what seems like back to back medical issues this year have zapped me!
Doctors are now trying to get my meds back on tract for the PA.
Don't seem to take much to upset that apple cart and knock it off track.
One day at a time we march forward!

I have piddled here and there with sewing. Just not too much.
Which means once again I am behind with my gift making projects and plans.
Did get a baby gift done. Turned out so cute!
 Very pleased with the appliqueing and quilting.
 Very sweet 'longneck' face!

 Was not sure how I was going to quilt but just seemed to flow once I got started!
Washed up so soft and ready to cuddle. Love it!
This is a Patrick Lose design. Was a book I found at Tuesday Morning for maybe 3.99...not much.
All made from stash too! Even the backing! COOL BEANS!

We are into full Summer blast here in the Tidewater area! Hot, high 90's and humid most days. Was without rain for a bit then had storms that bought needed rain but also wind damage too.
Yesterday and today have been quite nice though. Back to 80's and no humidity!
Some chores outside I do need to attend to so hope it holds.

Blogger is not behaving ..again. My blog post reading scroll is showing only one blog's new post.
I click on view more and does not load. I did click on blogs on left side from reading list and the new post for each blog will come up. Do hope this is NOT the new way Blogger expects us to read from now on!!
Oh well can always read on Blog Lovin I reckon.

Take care and wishing all a good day!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day
Wishing all the wonderful Mothers, Step-moms, Adopted Moms, Foster-moms, Aunt Mom's, Mother-in- Laws, Mom friends in blog land a wonderful day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Shopping and Thrifting Luck

Alice had a day off and was not raining so we met up for a day out.
We went to Bella's Quilt Shop which had a sale going on.
Needed some border fabrics. Found some that will work great on the 50% sale table!
Love that when it happens!
They hve moved to a new location and I had not been there yet.
Is a bit bigger than place they had before but two bridges further away from me now.
Super close to Alice now! Could be a bad thing....hahhhaaa!

We left there and went out for lunch.
With our tummy's full we decided to go junk'n!
This is 14 yards of fabric from a CHKD Thrift Store. Came out to $1.35 a yard!
Top two pieces are headed for some warm weather tops.
The others are nice cottons for backings!
I also picked up a pair of capris and a summer top!

Such a happy day out we enjoyed!!
Thanks for a wonderful day out Pal o Mine!
Was much needed fun and laughter!!!
 Hope we have more such days ahead with the warmer weather.

 I told Alice I need to sew up some (3) I Spy quilts for some little ones. I have bought a few quarter yards along with trying to 'locate' my bag of I Spy fabrics I have 'filed away' somewhere in this sewing room! Well she said she would bring me some fabrics to use.
Holy Fat Quarter Bat Gal!!! Look at this tote full!
I do not think the squares I will cut from this pile will put much of a dent in it!!!
Me thinks Alice needs to make another I Spy quilt too...;-)