Friday, October 24, 2014 now Grammy has a cold
Last Sunday Olivia was baptized. Here we all are, DH, me, Olivia, our DIL and son. our little one was wonderful through it all with no crying. All smiles and coos. After ceremony was over and picture time came she went right to sleep!
Was a wonderful day! We had prepared food to enjoy with extended family for brunch.
So after our little Miss had changed out of the family gown she was all comfy again. Only bad thing was she had a runny nose and bit of a cold! So loving on my sweetie I seem to have caught the cold!
Olivia by the way was doing better by Tuesday.  Grammy not so much.
This cold is kicking my behind good! Head stopped up, runny nose with sneezing and now sore throat.
So not a lot has been accomplished round here. Did get some home chores done Monday and Tuesday.
Hope to shake this horrid cold this weekend!
Things to do...places to go ...people to see....;-)
Had hoped to be done with this Urban Zoologie banner for Olivia's room this week. Have coordinating fabric for backs and ribbon. Using the panel to make up a square block bunting banner. There is a mobile we made using this fabric too. It is a cute and fun line to use for children. Seems to have quite the 'Mom' following. Did read somewhere though that the line is being discontinued. Hope not as it is so fun!
Anyway crossing fingers I can get this banner finished along with some Halloween items for my sweet Trick or Treaters this year!

Wednesday was a not so nice weather day. Cold and damp. So on went the gas logs!
Sure hope the price on our propane goes down this Winter.
Our gas prices are now at $2.72 a gal!!
Hard to believe we were at almost $4.00 a gal not that long ago!
Would be nice for folks traveling by car during the holidays to pay less for their petrol this year!
Course seems like food costs are just headed for the sky!
So we may all drive over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house and have pinto beans for Thanksgiving....;-)

Monday, October 20, 2014


Last week and this weekend have been busy with fun family events and others things.
So behind on the home front. Well back to reality today. Must do some cleaning and home chores.
All this must be done so I can begin some gift sewing projects!
I always make this huge to do list, in my mind, but never do reach the end of the list!
Hahahaha! I think we all tend to think we can get more done leading up to Christmas than is humanly possible!

So maybe three lists:
1.Want To Do
2.Can Do
3.Will Do

Do so love to make lists and draw line though the done items!
Seems to give me incentive to push on!
One rule I have is to not verbally promise things on my list to anyone or even tell folks my plans to do this or that.
So no one will know if I did not get something done!
Course must say sometimes I do surprise myself at what I can accomplish when trying hard.
Always chide myself and say ..see if you tried this hard all year goodness knows what you could get done! hahaha!

We are in full Fall mode here.  Down right cold this early AM at 34F.
Love the cooler days though. Makes our home feel all cozy and warm. 
Trees are beginning to turn pretty colors. Soybean fields all golden.
Cotton fields becoming white as snow.
Soon we will be prepping for our Thanksgiving!
Love Fall and enjoy using my Fall decorating items.
No new Fall runners or quilts made this year.
Have several projects in progress on my list for Winter sewing(fav time to sew) for next Fall.
This Jack runner was made many moons ago. They are easy and fun for Halloween.
Simple fabric banner made simply with pinking sheers and bias tape.
Love this pumpkin mini quilt I made using strips call it Pumpkin Blossoms.
 One of my favorite quilt as you go strip runners done up in Fall colors with flowers. Fall Blooms.
The wool penny rug on wall was a Pat Sloan design from a long time back.  I have Fall things tucked here and there all around the front part of the house. Will stay up till time to do the Christmas trees!

So best get up and to it I reckon. Get this day moving along!!!
Thanks for stopping by to visit!
Take care and enjoy your Monday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Customer Service Shout Out

Sometimes you really have to give a shout out to a company that thinks highly of those that use their product! I am a long time user of Fairfield's Fusi Boo Batting. Love the stuff!
I always buy it at Hancock's Fabrics, on sale or with a coupon.
Never had an issue till a couple months ago. 
Last one I bought  used it on a baby quilt and it did not want to adhere well.
No idea why, as I said never have I had a problem before even double layering it.
So I sent an email to the company explaining my problem an asking if it has a shelf life limit.
I received  a very quick response!
No, there should be no age related problem with the glue in the batting and they apologized for my having an issue.  Asked for my address to replace the batting.
I was amazed when this big box arrived with four battings!

I highly recommend this product and the Fairfield Company!
Thank you Fairfield for your great customer service!
Not all companies stand behind their products as well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Amherst Virginia Antique Shops
Do not allow this small looking facade  fool ya! This place went on forever! Seemed like a whole block! Truth be told was too over whelming! After a bit it all looked the same! This place is filled to the brim. Two floors full.
 Just about anything you maybe on the look out for was here. Love me some dishes too!
 Looking down one of many walk ways!
There were quilts and pretty bed spreads.  Loved that lamp there as well.
This was one of the front windows. Was a small sewing machine in here but they wanted to much for it in it's poor condition. Even with 20% off when I ask if could do better. Besides DH would have been asking WHAT???!!@@##$ I have two to take to machine fella as it is!
More quilts. This was a cute applique small quilt.
A true scrappy crumb sew it all up to use quilt!
My niece the cross stitcher saw this one. Was pretty done up in greens on muslin with solid green border. Was used and loved! So we walked and looked and looked some more till we had to get out ! hahaha! This place may be one of those two day kinda places! Amazing!
One other place in town is called Warehouse Antiques. Was also full but not as large a space. Had more prim chippy rusty country kind of items. I loved it.
The owner, Tim, was very nice and we enjoyed our visit and conversation with him.
Be sure to check them out if you are in the area!
No quilt shops on this trip. Will have to save that for the next road trip. ;-)

October is the month of a lot of Fall Festivals and Craft Shows in our area. Hope to get to a couple but will see. Loads busy. Lots to do this time of year.
Have to get ready for some out of town family company. Which means a lot of work in our small home!
Sort of miss the days when I could put some pallets on the floor for all the kids!!! Bam! instant guestrooms!

Been waiting on the cotton to be picked before doing some outside cleaning. So far it is still a ways from ready! So no window washing!
Speaking of windows, have them open today! Wonderful!
Love Fall!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cumberland House
 This is a very pretty shop in Cumberland, VA right off RT 60. Was on our way up to Amherst, VA.
Gal inside was very nice and turns out her Mom lives in Smithfield, VA! Small world as they say.
I took some pics but not a lot as I got carried away with usual!  A lot of the older quilts I see are what some refer to as 'utility quilts'. Well used. I adore this kind of quilt. Not every farm wife was able to afford to even use feed sacks as those went into making clothes for family. So most are indeed scrap quilts. Not all are pretty and just for show but for use.
The design of the one under pillow is interesting. Was quilted in the shape of the tear drop all over. One next to it was all a muslin fabric and faded from washings. Was quilted in simple straight lines. More a cot size.
Oh my..a modern design in 20's or 30's blocks...say it ain't so...;-) Someone made them up into quilt a tad later. Was heavy too. I have found sometimes 3 quilt tops layered in one quilt. No wasting the batting for those frugal gals of old. When one top was fraying they simply put on another top! Some tie that last top on even though ones under were quilted. Too thick! I feel shamed and wasteful sometimes when I see such thrift.
This was a sweet Jenny Lind type bed. The quilt here is in wonderful shape. Not as old or as well used as others. Same cotton fabric. Every diamond was outline quilted.

Was lots more to this shop. Would love to return just to see what she has added! There were a couple other shops in same area. Some thrifts and one other antique shop but very very high $$$$.

May have to get DH to road trip back one day. We will have a few of those trips coming up. My sweet fella put in for retirement!! Dec 5th will be his last day. Now we will see how long he can hang with me before deciding to go back as consultant or having me committed ! hahaha!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Yes indeedy here we are into the Fall sesaon here in my part of the world! Love it.
Corn crop has pretty much been got up , cotton sprayed so leaves will drop off and  bolls are opening up.
Soybeans will be much later though they are beginning to turn pretty golden yellow.
We have a few leaves beginning to turn too but nothing major yet.
DH did buy some mums and we picked up some pumpkins this past Sunday so stoop is looking like Fall! Oh yes I also managed to change out my flags as well.

We have had a few 'coolish' days and evenings. Fog seems to greet us daily in the mornings!
Did not burn off yesterday until close to noon!
Sadly DH is suffering from a sinus infection.
Poor old thang has has some horrid headaches. Hope all the meds doc wrote up for him will work and soon.

I did so enjoy the trip up to Amherst and Notforgotten Farm!
Trip up was in rain and drizzle. We stopped at a few places and had a good time despite the weather.
Did not find the apple place I had looked up online though. So no apples.
DH and I may drive up to Stuart and see if we can nab some later this month.

The show at Notforgotten Farm was wonderful!
Inside the cute shop was very crowded so no pics. Also some booths did not want pics taken.
Oh well here is a link you can go to and see list of venders along with pics of it all before the huge crowds arrived.
Yes indeed there was a lot of folks at this show!
By the way there will be a Christmas Open House at the farm Dec 6th, 2014.
I purchased some wool. My travel bud stocked up on cross stitch charts! 

I did visit with my pal Mandy of Bittersweetfolkart Primitives.
Bought me a cool witch and snowfella along with a couple grungy pumpkins!
Here is Witchy Poo gracing the table for a 'spell' along with the pumpkins...;-)
Snowfella will be joining the other Winter friends as decor in December!
Will share some of the places we stopped along the way in a few more posts.

Not all my pics came out well. Something is up with my camera settings an for the life of me I can not get it fixed!

Need to clean up my sewing room yet again and get busy.
Not making that many gifts for Christmas but the few need finishing up!!
My Goodness I sure hope 2015 does not fly by as fast as this year!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend Adventure

 I am off for a weekend jaunt to the Amherst area of Virginia on Friday. My traveling partner is my niece Diana. We are planning to just take it slow on way out and stop when we see something or some place we would like to check out! Driving through some very pretty Virginia countryside.

We are going to Amherst for this lovely one day show at Notforgotten Farm.
We have wanted to go for a couple years now but something always seemed to come up !
So this time we decided to make a weekend of it and booked our room!

 A lovely list of venders including my friend Mandy of  Bittersweetfolkart are setting up for the show.
Will enjoy seeing other artists as well as handwork designers and supply venders.
So if you are near enough to drive over or up or down...sure you will enjoy your day.
Click on pic to go to blog.

So DH will have to cat sit the fur babies!
All he has asked was to see if we can bring back some apples!
Will do! ;-)

We have turned a bit cooler so nice! Hope the temps near the mountians are cool as well.
Have pulled out some FAll decor inside but not yet on outside.
We had horrid rains so got behind on that.
Will do it next week. Need to go find some fresh pumpkins to use as well.

Wishing all a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So...just where did August go?????

My goodness! Time be flying by! Year is winding down!
No post from me for the whole of August!
Well I can assure you I have been busy. ;-)

We have enjoyed the wonderful summer veggies and fruits from the local farmer's market.
Cooking out on the grill.
Spending time with family and our darling new grand baby, Olivia Grace!
We hosted family Sunday for Labor Day. 
DH cooked ribs and chicken on his big barrel grill.
Loads of sides along with Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream and Hummingbird Cake desserts.
Sadly I was so busy chatting and having fun did not snap pics! SLAP!
Yes Aunt Dot got after me on that one! hahaha!

Here is Olivia in her Va Tech Hokie outfit!
Look Out!! Cuteness over load!!!!
Go Hokies!!! Yes they won Saturday!!
They do not know they have a new  sweet little good luck charm! ;-)

On sewing front one of my projects I made was a big bag for a birthday gift.
Bought the fabrics at Bella's when I met up with Alice last.
Very good size. Made as a beach bag! Started out with one way in my mind but morphed into this bag instead! Pieced and quilted the fabric strips. Really liked how that looked so may have to do some simple gift quilts like that too. Works with the right showy kind of fabrics.
Very roomy inside. I did load it up with goodies...flip flops, beach towel, mug, hair stuff, note pad, even her own personal battery fan! Was in a hurry and forgot those pics!  Gave it to her Sunday. She loved it!

Made some other projects but will share those in another post! Will try harder to spread out some posts this month! More birthdays coming and of course the big CHRISTMAS gift making season!!!
Not sure how many I will get made but a few most definitely!!

Temp to be 98F today!! Chance of thunderstorms every. single. day. this week!!!
We are now getting the hot and humid weather we should have had on those surprising nice cool nice days last month!!
I am ready for Fall!!!
Time to pull out the Fall decor , my fav, and get thinking of all things pumpkin!!!
So on that note think I will go pull out some runners and quilts!

Thanks for hanging in with me!!!
Have a grand day or evening which ever time zone you may be in!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Gals
 Here is sweet Aunt Dot. So pretty on her 94th birthday! She loves her Word Search quilt!
Everyone she showed it too enjoyed seeing it as well. So happy she is using and enjoying it so much!
Here is our new lil grand gal Olivia and her older fur brother Beamer!
Daddy has a leg full with both of them!;-)
Beamer has always been so good with little ones.
He kissed (licked) O after this and she made the funniest face! ;-)
Baby O is growing and doing well. She has almost made it to 10 pounds!
She has a party in a weeks to meet some more family and friends!

We have had beautiful days this week. Low temps and sunshine.
Strange for us in late July but will take it! Had windows open and no AC running!

Sewing here has been slow. I sort of did a sewing crash and burn so hope to get back to it soon.
Have eye dr appt today. Messy one.
Crossing fingers all goes well with it and still stay suspect glaucoma!

DH did not plant gardens this year so we have been enjoying the Smithfield , Va Farmer's Market .
Have enjoyed snap(green) beans and new potatoes, corn, summer squash, egg plant, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, blueberries and peaches. Sure I am forgetting some things.
Not putting up any but just enjoying having fresh veggies for a while.

Almost scary how the days are flying by this least to me!
Here we are beginning the month of August already!
This means Christmas will be here in a few weeks! hahaha.;-)
Well I know for me it will feel like that so really must get my sewing mojo back in gear!
Do have a few birthday(finish) and Christmas gifts I want to make.

Saw something on Facebook was humorous but true.
Went like this: My wish is too keep all the knowledge and wisdom of my years but have the body of a 20 year old and the energy of a 3 year old!!! YES PLEASE!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Word Search
I came across this word search theme fabric online and just knew it had to become a project for Aunt Dot!
She loves her Word Search Books! We always look for ones we think she will enjoy when out and about. The Bible ones are now a favorite along with the Chicken Soup brand.
So after I ordered the word fabric decided on a lap/chair quilt for her 94th birthday gift. Aunt Dot has to use a walker so she sits in her chair most of the time. Besides she is a tiny slip of a gal so no huge quilt. This one is 40x50.
I was looking at a Mo Star Quilt Co. deal of the day and it was a Moda jelly roll called Weeds by Me & My Sister Designs. That was it! The reds, blacks and grays would work wonderfully so ordered it pronto!
Just kept the design simple and it worked up fast. DH decided to take a pic of me quilting!
Thinks I look humorous doing it!
Yes I need a haircut but toying with letting it grow out more....yeah till I get aggravated with it...hahaha!

Anyway had a small table sitting to side and front to help with bulk. Also kept the quilting simple, curving lines, so went quickly. Fully quilted to stand up to washings, not just outline. Found the perfect fabric for binding in my stash. So all good!
Washed up wonderfully! No bleed at all! Did put in some color catchers to be safe. Came out all soft and cuddly! I used a FusiBoo batting , one layer and was not too heavy. Love me some FusiBoo!

Aunt Dot called to say her package arrived an she loves it! That is what it is all about right??!! 
Hope to get a pic with her and her gifts.

So on to next project! Yes that will include some Baby Olivia Grace items!!;-)