Friday, January 30, 2009

No Pic Friday

Yeppers did the Corn Chowda....must say was YUMMY!
I did not do right to that recipe but then I never do that for one reason or other.
I do not measure too much when I cook either , save that for baking..;-)
We live a goodly piece out of two towns we are closest too so do try to keep stuff here in pantry and our freezer is pretty loaded.
I put up fresh veggies both canned and frozen during summer.
Try to catch things on sale and put in freezer.
We do have a generator that goes on if we lose power to save our food!!!
Got to save that for sure!!;-)
Was quite a storm went through here Wed night, high winds and heavy rain for a lil bit!!
Power blinked but did not go off!!
Was up to 70 Wed too!!!! Thur back to cold cold but sunshine!

I seem to have picked up a virus bug of some kind though.
So been battling that so to speak and have not got some things done as I hoped by end of Jan!
Slowed me up ...headache, tired and well let me just say been doing a lot of reading in the hall bathroom!!!
Between that and the dark bad days we have had just have not been the happy chipper gal I normally am..;-(
Oh well this too shall pass…Oh Lord I had to say that!!!;-)

Okay back to working on the wool snowman runner!!
Remember it? If not check this post.
Weekend 'Doings'
Want to have it done by Feb 1!!!!

Also have to get my BOM by Guute on machine.
I will just save the stitchery ones for some later time.
I always like to have stitcherys on hand for our RV trips south or to the NC beach.
That way I keep busy and my eyes off the road so do not worry about DH's driving! Ha!!

This tired old slow dial up seems to be even slower than usual!!
Gurrrrrrrr!! Really does make for not being able to keep up with as many blogs as I would LOVE to do!!!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my projects and to all who follow this blog !! I do appreciate it so much!!!!
Hummm may just have to have an APPRECIATION GIVE AWAY in a bit!!
Will try to get caught up with all your blogs again soon!!
Hugs ..from a distance so you don't get my bug!!!!!


  1. I do hope you feel better and soon. There's a lot of bugs going around and you need time to get back to full strength.

    Take care of yourself
    Ann :)


Luv hear'in from ya!!