Friday, January 9, 2009

Jack Pot!!

Wow! Look what I was given yesterday !!
Aunt Dot will be 89 on her BD. She is a sweetheart and our only remaining senior family member! Still lives in the big old family farm house, here on the farm and does for herself and her DH.
I had asked her if she had any old feed sack material as I wanted to do up a small project.
Anyway she pulled out this box and said I could have all the old fab in it.
I had only wanted some small pieces…well look what I ended up with!

A cut out apron , all pcs ready to sew up, will be making pattern off of that.
Another small older apron, needs repair but I will make a pattern off this one as well!!

Large pcs of feed sack and smaller ones, also old bark cloth like fabrics, real pillow ticking, never used!!! That vintage airplane fabric may have to be made up into a tote of some kind!!
The other too, now how about that vintage 60’s wild paisley!!
Was also some made up quilt sqs in it from all kinds of fabs, including knits.
I said I would sew her and Unc O a couple lap throws with them and use the old knit yardage as backing.

Any way all in all was pretty good trade for some turnips I pulled from garden and cleaned up for her…;-) I also gave her the bag I made in the sew along as she loved it.
I am happy and Aunt Dot is too!!

Now as soon a pattern I ordered gets here I can use some of these feed sacks pcs!!!
More on that later… pretties… ;-)


  1. WOW...what a terrific gift from your Aunt. (Hey...I notice you are able to get text ABOVE your first photo in your posts. I have trouble with that. Any hints you can give me? My photos ALWAYS appear above my text.)

  2. Gosh you hit the jackpot! For Sure!
    Love the feed sacks and pillow ticking!

  3. Gosh this is the kind of finds a girl dreams of..
    Theresa N


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