Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our America!!

Do we live in a wonderful country or what!!
Today the powers that be will change once again in Washington DC with no guns or bloodshed!
We all have the freedom to vote for who we wish, no one to say we can’t.
We may not always agree on all issues but then again..we are free to disagree!!
Today we are all one people as we watch a new person take the time honored oath of President of the United States of America!
We are all hopeful for the future , yes evening knowing it is going to be tough for a few years .
Let us all embrace our new President!!
Pray for President Obama and his family, his safety, his ability to lead and that he can be the one we need to lead us for this time.
President Bush and Mrs. Bush heading home to Texas, may they find peace and some much needed rest.
We may not agree with all his decisions but he was our leader during a very horrific time.
God Bless America and my she always be the Guiding Light of Freedom for the World!!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!