Tuesday, May 18, 2010

clipped wing...kinda sorta

One hour you are up flying high getting stuff done and then BAM ya get your wings clipped!!!
Well in my case more like a 'hind leg'!
Yepper in the calf of my left leg.
Something pulled then POPPED, sounded like a bottle cork and PAIN!
Drag myself to the freezer grab an ice pack to slap on.
Got to the recliner to get it up. Did grab an Ace on the way.
Yes I do keep all these items very assessable ..I need them a lot !
Felt horrid for a goodly bit.
Like something pulling hard when I moved leg at all.
Some swelling.

Can’t stand long or walk normal so crutches are my new best buds.

So after some web look up and DH discussion, make the appt with our ortho practice.

Yes I say OURS, as much $$ we have INVESTED there we should have a share!

So all afternoon yesterday was R.I.C.E. aka rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Overnight being off it eased it off somewhat.

Still no normal walking.

Not as much swelling.

Today is a late afternoon appt.

So will hopefully know just what happened, why and how to proceed.

So off to shower and primp to get all ready to have my leg ‘felt up’ by a young Doc!

Oh be still my heart!!

Stay tuned report at 11!


  1. So sorry to hear that you're hurt. Hopefully, the young doctor will have you up and around very soon. Take care.

  2. Oh No hope you are up on your feet soon.

  3. Oh my goodness ..well I hope the doc can sort your leg out for you .
    too much dancin me thinks ..lol

  4. Oh Lola it sounds painful! Maybe you tore a ligament? Well at least you have a cute Dr. to take your mind off the pain? Well at least to make it more bearable,

  5. Oh Boy,

    i hope it's not too long that you have to be off your foot!

    Take care of you and crossed fingers for better news!

  6. Oh poor Lola! Sounds so painful. I hope you are better soon.

    But the young doc part - well, that sounded okay. haha. Was he good looking?

  7. Hope it's nothing serious, fell better soon.

  8. Oh my goodness! I sure hope that you are up on your feet and back at it very soon!

  9. I sure hope it is nothing serious. You have my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  10. Ouch!!!!

    I hope you are back on your feet soon.

  11. Owwweeee - take care. (I know you already are, but doesn't it make us feel better to give inane advice?)

  12. Yowzer! Take it easy kiddo. I hope it's nothing serious and will respond to treatment. Cheers, Ann :-)

  13. Oh my, that doesn't sound good at all. Hope everything goes well at the doctor's and you get some good news!

  14. I think I'm going to have to come up there and take care of you for a bit. Sorry your hurt, hopefully it's not bad.

  15. Sounds miserable. Sounds like you will be sittin' and stitchin' for awhile. I'm waiting to hear.

  16. Sounds horribly painful, but seeing that cute, young doctor should be such fun!
    Get well soon!


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