Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kaye England Lecture

Alice and I went to a Kaye England lecture and trunk show Monday at a Newport News, VA quilt shop. We had a blast! Kaye is such a fun and down to earth lady! If she is ever near you for a class or lecture you really must go! You will not regret it at all!

 Was hard to get many good pics as she is never still! Full of fun and information we took notes! Those are not her quilts behind here. They are from a class that the shop offers in the huge class room there.
 This is one of Kaye England's quilts in the trunk show. Alice loves this so bought the pattern to do up in her colors! Alice also won a door prize of some fat qts of Kaye's newest fabric line!!!!
This is one of my favs and so bought the pattern, called Betsy Ross! It is from Kaye's Voices of the Past Collection. I also bought one from her Signature Scraps Collection called  Burgoyne Surrounded.

Alice and I also popped into a local Re Store and Tuesday Morning. Yes we found  stuff we had to have! Some came home with us and some did not!;-)

Still busy here getting house back into some kind of order. We have been given more treasures from DH's Grandmother and his Aunt. So needed to try to make it all fit some how!

Went fabric shopping with my sweet niece D for her living room and dining room windows. Sew...will be sewing those up next week, I hope. Then I must get on the needle with some smallish Christmas gifts!

The new knee is still not as it should be.. but slowly it will get there so I am told! Just not a real patient person!

Been some wonderful coolish days here! Very Fallish! Love those!
Today we are a tad on the warm side. Calling for a chance of storms/rain every day through Monday.
That is okay as long as we are not rained out everyday or flooded!

So reckon best get back to it . Lots to do for  a busy weekend here!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Punkin Inspired

Had to get DH to hold up quilt for me.
Was a tad to big to pin to my design wall.
I still have a wee bit more quilting to do on it and the binding.
Did the blanket stitch applique after I layered so makes for neat qulting too.
That is a Pat Sloan technique. By the way excited to be doing a work shop with Pat in Oct!

I call this one Punkin Inspired because it was inspired by a quilt I saw Here.
Hers was based on a Blackbird Design you can read about here.
Blackbird Design's quilt would be a wonderful large bed quilt to make for the season!
The booklet/pattern pops up on Ebay and Etsy once in a while.

My finished quilt is not quite same as both of the above ones but they did inspire me to make it so I wanted to give them a shout out!
I drew out all my own pumpkin designs on Heat n Bond Lite. Used the GO! to cut my stars and the small half square triangles for the border.

My quilt is wall size. I plan to hang it on my living room wall behind sofa.
So I hope to have it finished and hung up this week!!!
With our cooler temps here it makes me want to cook soups n chowders and put up all my Fall decor!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is it Fall yet???

Must be, as our temps have cooled way down with beautiful 'Fallish' days this week!
Loving it!!! AC off and windows open!!

Been busy here. Working on a quilt to hang in living room. A peek above.
I was inspired by a quilt I saw online. So decided to make my own version!
So far so good. I only need to put binding on and  then will share a pic of it finished!

I am also quilting my Cotton Boll runner. Can read about  that here.
Need to get it finished as we have a new "old" buffet in dining room to put it on!
Will share that and another antique from DH's grandparents in a later post.
Right now it is all a mess!
I decide to move things around to best accommodate the large buffet.
So ya know that led to this then that...etc!
Will be painting above chair rail too!

Was a fun day Sunday with son, his wife and niece being our helpers!
I sure miss the days if I decided to move stuff around could just do it!
Oh well all is good as we got to spend time with those we adore!

So reckon I need to get back to my chores and then a can of black paint I have waiting on me by hearth!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stitch'n and a Sweet Win

Okay I have been busy with the stitch'n needles as well. Sometimes that was all I felt like doing .
May frame some but not sure how I will finish others. Small quilts or maybe candle mats.
 Four of these will be popped into frames. The 2 punkin heads will be up for Fall. I age my own fabrics.
My niece finished her Midnight Watch ! I aged her some linen to use. Love it! May have to steal it!

Lastly a big Thank You to Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter for picking my name for her Give Away! Love Fall and that oak leaf block looks neatorama! Now do you see that orange home spun?? Can we say PUMPKINS!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still here..coming along!

I seem to have reached a plateau with the new knee function. Bend is not where I would like it to be but does not bother me doing what I need to do. Still do my daily PT.  Stiffness and a bit of swelling still  a problem. Pain is easing off but at end of day I welcome a bit of relief.
Now in saying all that I am pretty much doing whatever I want! Sewing at machine, standing cutting, and of course those dreaded household chores!

We have had oodles of rain since I bemoaned our long dry spell! Be careful what ya ask for kind of deal!
During the week and every weekend has been horrid down pours! So we decided if we wait for rain to stop will never get out!
DH was kind enough to take me to Norfolk to a large fabric store there.
It is called Fabric Hut. Had ordered online from them and through Amazon but never been, so off we went!

 The storm that morning had shut down their payment system! So only cash or 'good check'. That term tickles me! Our clerk was a sweet gal! Was so funny when I ask to take her pic for my blog! She calls across store..We have a blogger! ;-)

 DH and I walked all over. Had a huge section of quilting fabrics with some on sale. Large selection of GO! products. The apparel and home decor areas are quite large as well.
 Yes in all that quilting fabrics selection above, this is all I bought, but all are 1 yard cuts!

 We also went into a store next door called Dollar Deals. Lots of stuff!

Found the above voile textured sheers for $5.00 a panel! Need to hem them for the living room windows.

Have also been cutting and sewing! Made a comfort quilt for a little gal being treated for West Nile at CHKD. My first 'larger' project since surgery! Girly girl for sure. So cute.
 Quilting was tiring but slowly my stamina is building back up.
Covers up the whole sewing table! Add 2 more rows would have been a twin!

Have some other projects will share in another post! This one is already quite long!

Pulled out some Fall decor items! Want to get house all done up with Fall colors. Maybe can make us  feel cooler with our high temps and humidity! The weather folks do say we have some cooler days coming this weekend! Hope so! Less rain too!!