Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Stuff

 Found a lovely surprise package in the mail last week from Australia. So sweet of Joy to think of me ! I do hope  you are back safe in Saudi!

 I have been busy round here. Home chores and other things. We have rain. Almost 2 inches yesterday!! A couple more days with chance of storms along with more rain . Not knocking it as wells always need rain but nice to spread it out!;-)

This week is a busy one with medical stuff. One is for a procedure for DH Friday. I am hoping to have a wool project ready to go, maybe from the Summer issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects that Laural of Simply Put Plus sent me! Her project is wonderful!

Working on my red work basket project. I decided not to make the full size quilt. Doing a wall hanging table topper size. Made the full size in black for niece. She has in her dining room. Is lovely!
Would like to have mine done in a week or so to put on sofa chest. Aunt Dot coming up for a mini visit!
She loves to see what I have got DONE! So gentle pressure to finish up some things !

Also have Blue Bird on the machine. It was a Pat Sloan class. Should have been finished by now but such is life...round here anyway! ;-) The top is already for the applique now. Will get a pic when that is prepped.

So reckon I best get to it if I wish to reach my goals for the week!!
Take care!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


My name was picked for this prize! Thanks Laural! I feel lucky today!!

Laural of Simply Put Plus is hosting a wonderful giveaway!
It is for the new issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects !
Inside you will find her wonderful project!
So head on over and check it out!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Digging in a closet...

 ..can be like going back in time!
I found this cute piece my BFF Angel Brenda had made for me in the the 80's!
Brenda passed away suddenly in 2003. All her wonderful works mean so much to me and remind me of the fun we used to have together.
This one had hung in the old house for many years! We had wood stoves then and also smokers..ugh!
So washed it up but no frame as the piece had shrunk up a bit even in cool water. So had sat it aside in closet! It is now in an old vintage pant hanger. Just to find right spot to hang up in sewing room now!

Also digging around found these very old blocks in a bag.

These are made with a lot of fabrics used to make my sweet Mama and Mama in law's simple summer frocks, as we called them, and some aprons! I did not do very well at the piecing part back then!

Not perfect at piecing now but a tad better! They are not perfect but sweet memories none the less!

Think will use this lay out and sew up with sashing and borders. Make a nice lap quilt for me that will be like having hugs from my angel gals!

Have some other projects on the needle as well. Cannot share them for a bit as they are gifts.
My work space needs a good clean up too. Oh My!
Oh well that is always the case in here it seems before, after and during projects! hahaha!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day of Remembrance

 Today is the Virginia ‘Day of Remembrance’ for the April 16, 2007 shooting spree on the Virginia Tech campus that killed 32 people and injured several others.

 As we observe this sad day for Virginia, we are sending our thoughts and prayers to all affected by yesterday's tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thank You Sewcalgal!

 I was lucky enough to have my name drawn for a giveaway on Sewcalgal's blog.
Was the Winter Blues Blog Hop Party she hosted!
So many wonderful sponsors had donated some awesome gifts!
My gift was this wonderful book on machine applique by Lori Buhler.
I will so enjoy reading about her way of doing things and looking at the beautiful quilt patterns !

Thank you SewCalGal for being such a great host of so many wonderful events on your blog!

You all really do need to go check out Sewcalgal's blog for her fun events but also she shares loads of informative posts on many quilting/sewing related subjects!
A lot there so head on over check it out!
You will enjoy  it..I promise!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

TUT and Giveaway...

...over at Liz's Blog...A Redneck Dingbat Quilter!
Liz shares with us how she makes the cutest bags from parts of jeans!  I think these would make awesome gifts!! Ya got to go check it out!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh Yes I Did!

 Went  up into the Blue Ridge Mts for a baby shower but did find time to shop! Well fabric shop!
Now if only I can find the time to begin sewing some ME projects! I need to figure out how to budget my time for all the gift sewing I seem to do and my own projects! Need to finish up a few already in progress!

Look what a bargain I found at the South Hill,VA Walmart! I must be so behind in reading if this has already landed in the bargain bin! DH was shopping in sporting goods at a lot of stops on the way up and back! So I wondered about looking!
No this was not bought at a Wally's or a sporting goods shop! Saw this at a yard sale on HWY 103  heading towards Mt. Airy, NC on way to baby shower! Haha!
We did not stop then. We came back by it after and saw 2 machines. I picked this one.
Not a Singer but a Universal Deluxe made in Japan. I am dating it late 1950's maybe as all the stuff still inside which included a pattern was around that time. I like it as it is smaller than my 1955 Singer 99 but a bit bigger than the featherweight. All my old Singer feet work on it just fine. Has drop feed dogs too!
No did not need it but $20 bucks brought it home!
Cleaning it up a bit now then will take apart what I can. Will have to be rewired.
I am debating on leaving in cabinet which will redo or rewire it to use as table top.

Been outside working in yard last couple days. Roses needed cuttin and had to address some chickweed! We broke a record yesterday with hot temp of 89F for this Spring date!
Today not to be as hot but still in 80's but back down to 60's and 70's for rest of week and weeks end!
I am trying to just do what I can and be happy with what little I get done.
Hands are sore from yesterdays work so bet my big plans for the day will be cut in half!

Well best get back to it!
Hope it is a nice day where ever you are today!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All done and delivered...

 ..to the baby shower! 

 I did not measure it! So sorry no dimensions! Making these bags is really more of a technique than following any pattern. I do not have a pattern for this bag! Thanks for liking enough to ask though!
 This is a flat pocket on the back.

 On front I put in a pleated pocket to handle fat stuff!;-)
 Inside has pockets all around plus a nice full bottom. I made a changing pad to go in there.

I find that by stitching the handle like this it makes them last longer and really makes for a sturdy strap. I did lay in extra padding on the shoulder rest area also.

Added the snap to keep all from falling out! Gee forgot take pic of cute label I added!

 Goodies for inside! Since we know it is a little fella, Jay William, was fun to buy some cute items!
Here is the cute parents to be, sweet Mama to be, our darling granddaughter and her sweetie! Baby is due April 27th. Seems lots of folks at shower are thinking he may come a wee bit earlier! We shall see. Yes we will be making a trip back up to the Blue Ridge when he does make his appearance!
Had  wonderful time with them, his family and our other grands that were in attendance. Sadly not all my pics came out well! Maybe I can steal some from face book...;-)

Was a nice drive up and back home. Not a lot of traffic despite a big NASCAR race in Martinsville, VA. Warm sunshine. Not over hot.
Just a really nice weekend to be in the mountains!

We are enjoying a nice weather week here at home too! 70's with sunshine.
I am hanging out wash on the line for the first time this season! 
No heat on or need for AC yet! Loving it!

Must get busy on some other items I need to sew up.
Some spring cleaning to do and we have to change our Easter decor out to some red, white and blue!
Have Memorial Day and 4th coming next!

Not even going to look at the flower beds that need weedin! DH can handle it! hahaha!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buzzee Bee

 Been a busy gal since Easter! Have sewn up a bunch of pot holders!
These are for some BD gift bags. I toss these in as they do come in handy for cooks!
Have Easter goodie bags packed for the young grands we will get to spend time with this coming weekend. Fun Times Ahead!
Suppose to be a beautiful weekend in the Blue Ridge this weekend ! Sure hope so! It is so pretty in the mts in the Spring and Fall.

These are the fabrics for grand daughter's diaper/mommy/baby bag! So many titles for them these days! ;-)

I quilted the outer bag fabric.
Here is where I am out with the outer bag part. There is another pocket on back side too. Will have a shoulder strap as well.

I am battling the lining now! UGH! Was not the weight I wanted to use but was all I had on hand so making it work! The inside has pockets all around. Will share pics when done.

The shower is this weekend. Have some goodies to stuff inside with the gift card for our sweet baby Jay William! Was hoping to get more stuff made by Great Granny but time will not allow! Yes there will be a quilt but later! ;-)

Today is DH's BD! He is officially an Old Geezer today...his words not mine! Hahaha!
He wanted  chocolate ricotta cheese cup cakes and pepper steak with rice. So his wish is my command! DH is very good to me and really does not ask for much so do not mind fussing over him once in a while!

So in between the baking, cooking, doing wash, other chores and such, I am sewing  on the bag!
If I could move like this every day oh the calories I would burn!!!

 Okay best get back to it!!!