Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby Bib Questions and No Reply Comments/Emails


If you ask me a question in the comments I try to answer with reply emails. A lot of folks will ask me questions on a lot of the older posts but I have no way to reply to you! So check out this great posting on Blog Tips by Happy Hour Projects on how to do your settings so I and others can reply to questions!
Same with emails! I need to be able to reply if you ask me anything.

On to the baby bib questions.

I have used a lot of different bib patterns. Some are from online and others are older bought patterns. I have to say I will just draw one out on a folded sheet of copy paper.

Use soft washed flannel both sides for infants bibs. Others use cottons or other fabric top and flannel on backs. A great place for flannel is local yard sales or thrifts for receiving blankets. Lot of fabric for 98 cents!  Pre washing( have my own bottle of baby detergent) all fabrics keeps the bibs from shrinking after they have been given. If you like giving 'new' looking and feel though just be sure to tell the Moms it will shrink. The quilting will keep that to a minimum as well.
I have some I am doing now out of hand towels. 

You can use sew on snaps or some use small bag magnets. I use the sew in Velcro. Buy the long strip and cut off what I need.

Sew bibs and burp cloths to be USED. Not to become family heirlooms. So keep this in mind when you buy fabrics!

Hope this helps!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

List of free patterns and tutorials links.


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Friday, August 7, 2015

Diaper Bag for Hunter's Mom

Here is my latest large bag made up as a diaper bag.
 Cute fabric with old fashioned baby buggies and the green is diaper pins. Super cute!
Used gray circle fabric for body and the orange for the handles is stars.
The orange star fabric is also used for lining and inside pockets.
Lining quilted and so is body of the bag but used the stiff bag interfacing as well.
As post title says it is for Hunter's Mom and here is Hunter! Born Aug 4, 2015! Our newest great grand! So GGma and GGpa sent off lots of goodies to Texas. Lots of homemade by GGma items too.
Just wish I could have put myself in one of the boxes too! Hard being a long distance grandparent. Miss out on holding and snuggling the babes. Thank goodness for new technology so do not have to wait on the US Mail for pics or long distance telephone calls!

I have been doing a lot of sewing so I must be in burn out mode! I was also sick a bit but meds seemed to have worked. Do hope I get back in the groove soon. I have other projects would like to finish or at least move along further!!

Can you believe it is August already!!!! I still feel like it is January in some ways...well except for the humidity and hot temps...;-)
I am so up for Fall though!!! Have some painting I want done so then I can bring out the Fall decor!!

So this all means we have Christmas screaming towards us at breakneck speed!!! Not sure how much holiday gift sewing I will get done! I still have birthday gifts I am late on to finish!!!!!!!
I'm Late... I'm Late for a very important......gift! ;-)
Could be a year for pillow cases and gift cards!!!