Friday, November 27, 2009

Belated Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone who celebrated our US Thanksgiving passed a lovely day yesterday.

We are so busy here with all these folks here in our small home!

Plus they have special diets, Celiacs, so much cooking and cleaning up and :LAUNDRY!!!

We have had rain too so 6 kids INSIDE!!!

Heaven help me!!! Ha!! Haa!!


Did manage to finish up six Noah’s Noel stockings today.

So will fill them up for them to take home.

Did not get the nap quilts done.

When I became ill all sewing stopped!!

Oh well they do not know about them so can finish later and mail. ;-)


No Black Friday Shopping for me today!

Son and DIL went out at midnight to Outlet Mall in Williamsburg!!

No report yet …will be by tomorrow with the kids Christmas so will hear then.


Thanks for you kind thoughts and prayers on my health.

I still cannot eat well, just doing best I can, taking meds.

This too shall pass.

It is true what they say…first place to lose weight is the boobs… hahahaha!

Any pounds lost is good even though I would rather lose it under better circumstances!!


Hope to be back to normal …well us old folks kind of normal , around here Tuesday…;-)

Hope to be able to do some blog reading and surfing!!


No Christmas d├ęcor here till they all leave.

I will have to take down the Fall things first.

Wishing safe travel home and rest for all!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Whew... been a bad few days but hope we are round the bend now!
Just quick up date.
On my way back to eating normal food..on soft for now.
Last evening at the hospital the internal /gastro doctor preformed an endoscopy and dilated the area of my esophagus that had narrowed.
We left from her office right away to the Hospital for the procedure.
Of course these things do not always go smooth or in a timely way!
We did not get back home till 9 or so.
All that being said I can swallow today with not near the pain!
I do have a hiatal hernia some inflamation and gastritis was found.
Will do more checking in upcoming appts to see about cause of the narrowing, leaning toward my other meds over the years..
Man was I imaging all kinds of horrid things!! LOL!!

Thanks so much for the kind caring emails and comments!!!
Means a lot to me!!!
Please consider each one of you hugged!!!

Daughter is in Bristol TN for the night!!
They will pull in here tomorrow afternoon sometime!!!
So off to do some last minute things ...then rest.
Wishing every one a great Sunday and beginning of the Thanksgiving week!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


In slow mode here.
About as ready for the arrival of the special guests as I can be for now.

I am under the weather so to speak.
Went to our GP doc yesterday now have to go to another one...waiting on the call.
GP says possible Esophageal Stricture.
One Dr. GP wanted me to see, well his office is closed today so we are waiting on GP to decide where we go from here.
Having trouble with swallowing any foods, soft or solid, now even liquids, painful.
Been since Sunday I had a meal of any kind.
Yes waited to long...thought was just a sore throat thing coming on.
Doc wants me to try to get in as much carbs in liquid form as I can.
Been drinking plenty of water and hot teas.

Can we say weight loss???;-)
Sorry just my 'sick' humor.

Will not be posting much till I feel better.
Do have some Auto posts that should pop up on a couple days.

No... not canceling my family plans!!
I want to see those grand-babies!!
No pain will keep me from that!!!

Hope everyone is getting all your food goodies together this week!!
Making room for pallets on the floor.
My Granny Bradshaw would have called those guest beds!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Won a Give Away

Laurie of Blue Waters had a give away in Oct and I won!
Her sweet lil nephews drew my name!!!

Here is my loot!!!;-)

Tart warmer with tarts, there is another one Yankee Pumpkin Pie...humm ..under the others!;-)

A cute 'I love my Dog' plaque she made!!
2 cute stockings!
Laurie is a crazy quilt stitcher ..wonderful!
Snowmen towel for kitchen.
Pretty stitched heart...went on my needle roll wreath!
A very lovely small pretty box with a sweet snow man ornie inside.
He says...Good Friends Are Angels!!!
This is so very true.
I have had a few 'angels' enter my life when I needed them for sure.

Laurie added these sweet things to the package as a BD gift!!!
So touching and sweet.
Beautiful card and loved that message!
Thank you so much Laurie!
It really brightened my day for sure!
I stopped my work and just enjoyed the moment with you!!!
Big Hugs to you way up there in Michigan !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tea for real...

Hello!!! Welcome to another Tea Tuesday!
Is it just me or do these days seem to come around rather fast!!!;-)
Please pop on over to Kim's Blog SHABBY PINK and PRETTY for her pretty Tea Tuesday and more folks sharing tea with you today!

This is my 'real' tea from Monday afternoon.
Nothing fancy but hit the spot!
This is not a high dollar pot by any means.
It means a lot to me though, Aunt Dot bought it for me!!
Yes she saw the rooster theme and I sprang to mind...;-)
The lil shot glass was Great Aunt Mary's that I put my sweetener bags in it.
Used the cream ware cup, saucer and small dish.
Deb Mumm napkin, all on my old silver tray with vintage doily on it.
The tea finger sammies my DH made for me.
They are yummy and better than a sweet treat...well not 'better' but better for me..;-)

I just slice off what I want.
Yes he is a keeper...for the moment.. hahaha!

Here are the six sweeties we are expecting this coming Sunday!
Five happy fellas and one cute lil gal!

They love tea too...we may just have to have a tea party!!!
Pretty sure Lil Gal will join me in a few;-)

Hope every one is having fun getting ready for Thanksgiving!!!
Don't you just love it??
Roasted Turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pies, collard greens, all the special pickles and relishes we make in the summer just for these occasions!!
Not sure how formal our settings will be this year with so many here to gather around our table but we will be counting our blessing for sure!

Monday, November 16, 2009

books or quilts..needle rolls???

Okay here is one of the cloth 'books' I am making into a nap quilt.
I should have pieced some blocks for the sides but I just really do not have the time.
Besides I did not think about it till I had already sewed the borders and sides on! UGH!
No time to take all out and begin again!
Besides it will be a well used quilt any way..;-)
So just need to sandwich and quilt.
Next one is an ABC book, hope to have it pieced today.

I also wanted to share a wonderful birthday gift I received from my niece D.
A needle roll!! Snowmen!!
I love these not know why...maybe the name...hahaha!
We know I love rolls..these are just not edible!!!
They are yummy though!
D is an awesome stitcher!!!

Remember the grapevine wreath I it is!
I decided to make it my needle roll holder.
So as I receive them( yes I hope for more, more , more)..will add them.
I did put 2 pin cushies on there too, they were done by a gal in Texas.
I hung it between the windows of my sewing room.

For window coverings I decided to use 2 vintage lace table clothes!
Works for me!
Maybe with the rain last...I can work some outside.
I still need to sand and paint the wall shelves for sewing room.
Course may just have to wait till after Thanksgiving .

So much to do before the arrival of the grands Sunday!
Sent Gramps out to do some shopping yesterday!
Nice that he enjoys doing it!
Got to stock up on some supplies.
WOW...I am trying to imagine fixing for an extra 7 every day!

We had Sunshine all day Sunday!!! YES!
Light wind and was warm too!!
I washed up some fabric and dried it on the line!
I hope we are back to our normal Fall weather now!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Water logged and wind blown....

..just a tad soggy...;-)

Poor Pup hates going out.
Scare's her with wind she hates getting wet !
Soon she will have NO WHERE TO GO!;-)

8 inches of up date from Aunt Dot yet could be more.
Our rain gauge fell down on the job!
Well it was being blown about and water rising round it so just gave up really!

Wind blowing water into chimney, even with a chimney cap on!
Also some was blown up under flashing too.

Not on PC much as power flicks too much!
Good for my other works in in progress though!

Four finished , two more to do today then three more to begin!
I have 3 grands coming that these clothe books are for.
Amelia and Benji are the babes 4 & 2 then one of my sweeties is Special Needs and Ab loves books and these work great for him.

I will only do these for my sweeties I adore as they are a PAIN !!!
I do not care what price you pay, by which designer, or fabric company they will not match up as they are suppose too!!!
So are a real job to do with batting, squaring up when possible ...etc!
Some make for great nap quilts too.
Hope to share that with you soon!
Okay back to the work table!

Sure hope this storm mess is out of here today!!!
DH no office...bridges, tunnels closed and exits ramps too!
Of course as days progress our rivers and creeks will rise and crest!
For Blackwater they say ours, Rattlesnake Swamp will be sooner.
Oh well could have been much worse so we need to be grateful for that.
;-) enjoy a tune click on link!

Johnny Cash...5Ft High and Rising

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stormy Day

We are in the midst of a Nor 'Easter Storm... a big one.
Ida or what is left, has mixed in with what we had here so now a big mess.
Looking at major flooding which already is bad in some areas from morning tides.
Winds are up and gusting to 65. Tides later tonight will be close or as bad a Isabel was!
DH could not get to work had to turn around bridge was closed.
Schools all closed. Loads of other places closed.
Power is out in some areas.
We have had blinks but so far still have day progresses and evening may lose it for sure.
Here are pics of my yard just from rain fall.
This area is a water area...our inland rivers and creeks/ streams all fed by Chesapeake Bay so as storm blows in water they all over flow.
Here I am surrounded by 4 bridges, with Isabel we were locked in for a while with high waters.
So this is my post for the day.
Will stay high and dry as I can and sew...;-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

A day to honor those who fought for our freedoms in the past and the ones who do so now.
A day to remember those who have died for our causes and those who came home battered and torn.
The least we can do is say Thank You on this day we call Veterans Day.



World War I, then normally referred to simply as The Great War (no one could imagine any war being greater!), ended with the implementation of an armistice [temporary cessation of hostilities in this case until the final peace treaty, the infamous Treaty of Versailles, was signed in 1919] between the Allies and Germany at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of November, 1918.


November 11: President Wilson proclaims the first Armistice Day with the following words: "To us in America, the reflections of armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations" The original concept for the celebration was for the suspension of business for a two minute period beginning at 11 A.M., with the day also marked by parades and public meetings.


On the second anniversary of the armistice, France and the United Kingdom hold ceremonies honoring their unknown dead from the war. In America, at the suggestion of church groups, President Wilson names the Sunday nearest Armistice Day Sunday, on which should be held services in the interest of international peace.


Congress passes legislation approving the establishment of a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. November 11 is chosen for the date of the ceremony. According on October 20, Congress declares November 11, 1921 a legal Federal holiday to honor all those who participated in the war. The ceremony was conducted with great success.


Congress adopts a resolution directing the President to issue an annual proclamation calling on the observance of Armistice Day. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, most states establish November 11 as a legal holiday and at the Federal level, an annual proclamation is issued by the President.


Congress passes legislation on May 13 making November 11 a legal Federal holiday, Armistice Day. The United States has no actual national holidays because the states retain the right to designate their own holidays. The Federal government can in fact only designate holidays for Federal employees and for the District of Columbia. But in practice the states almost always follow the Federal lead in designation of holidays.

1941- 1945
1950- 1953

World War II and the Korean War create millions of additional war veterans in addition to those of the First World War already honored by Armistice Day.


On June 1, President Eisenhower signs legislation changing the name of the legal holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

Congress passes the Monday Holiday Law which established the fourth Monday in October as the new date for the observance of Veterans Day. The law is to take effect in 1971.


The Federal observance of Veterans Day is held on the fourth Monday of October. Initially all states follow suit except Mississippi and South Dakota. Other states changed their observances back to November 11 as follows: 1972- Louisiana and Wisconsin; 1974- Kentucky, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, South Carolina, West Virginia; 1975- California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming


Legislation passed to return the Federal observance of Veterans Day to November 11, based on popular support throughout the nation. Since the change to the fourth Monday in October, 46 states had either continued to commemorate November 11 or had reverted back to the original date based on popular sentiment. The law was to take effect in 1978.

Veterans Day observance reverts to November 11.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Won't you join me.... the fire for a cup of tea??
The sun is shining today but there is a chill in the air.

Grab a chenille sofa pilla and get comfy.

We each have our own choice of tea in our own lil brown teapots.

The cups and saucers are a green Currier and Ives set of Country Life.
Using spoons from my silver ware set.
The small log cabin is a vintage maple syrup tin from Vermont.

The bottom green luncheon plates are vintage but no marks on them.
They have country cottages on them and farm tools, love them.
Delicate white floral china napkin rings from Japan.

Such a cute set for sugar and creamer.
They have pine cones hanging on a branch, brown and green.
A MADE IN USA on bottom that is like Hall or McCoy used.
Cream cake slices in a fruit bowl that matches the plate set.
I really love these old vintage greens.
All of these are my found treasures over the years.

I am so comfy here sadly I may have to ask your assistance to rise up from here.
My 'vintage' joints are getting sort of stiff...;-)
Whew ...that's better..thanks so much!!!

This is a cute teapot appliqued and pieced , hand quilted table topper.
The pot lids have sweet buttons on them.
Was a gift from a online friend a few years ago.
When I use this, and I do for my tea at times, I think of her.

Happy Tea Tuesday!
Thanks for the lovely visit today!
Please go by our Tea Tuesday hostess Kim's Blog, Shabby Pink and Pretty, to see who else has linked up to share some lovely teas with you!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Greetings from the fog....

What a foggy morn it was!!

Thanks goodness I had my trusty beagle butt beacon to follow!! ;-)
Yes the little dear took me the long way back to our porch! Haa! Haa!

Thanks so much to every one who wished me a Happy Birthday!!
So very kind of you to take the time to do so!
Seems a lot of us share this special day or week in Nov!
Things have sort of settled down BD wise....sigh.

Did get more organized stuff done on weekend with help from niece D.
Also DH stored some packed up containers for me.
I am to the point... pack it up and away..will deal with picking through later....;-)

Today I have to run Unc Ollie to eye doc( prep for cataract surgery) so not much can get done.
Tomorrow the Bernina roars again babeee!!!!!

Happy Monday and hope your week begins with a GOOD BANG!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday Fun..and 'sew' on ;-)

Yesterday, Nov 5, was my birthday.
I found this yesterday by my coffee cup.;-)

Yes it is a Big Bug Zapper!!
DH just HAD to have a lil giftie to go with my BD card.
Now that is a HOOT but sorry can't share here.. ha!
I will just say that my DH and I have a wicked sense of humor in common...;-)
My sewing room makeover is my birthday gift.
I have enjoyed receiving sweet BD cards, funny emails and witty phone calls !
I always can get a week out of it.. Ha!! Ha!!

My dear son took me to lunch in Smithfield, Va on Wed .
We went here to the Smithfield Gourmet Bakery and Cafe.

I had to bring this half home.
Sammie was HUGE on fresh baked bread.
Yummy and excellent coffee too.
I was good, had no dessert but did LOOK at some longingly!
We went in a few shops too.. was a nice afternoon spent with him!

Oh the way back home he took me by to pick up my bushel of sweet taters!
Nice to have a strong young fella to tote them in for me!

I ordered these wonderful Fall fabrics from Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives.
Yes sort of a BD gift to myself! ;-)
I just love Gobble Gobble by Moda, so settled for 2 charm packs.
I had to have some of The Haunted Hollow line as well as a couple yards of some others on sale. Go check them out great fabrics for good deals!

I also received these a bit a go...2 honey buns, Glace and Aviary and a dessert roll of Glace.
They are for some holiday projects.

See this stack here??
Well these all have to be FINISHED by Nov 21...yes this year!!!
All for my 6 sweeties that will be here for Thanksgiving from Tennessee!!
So I may be a slow blogger for a few weeks!!!
This Granny will be spending my days dulling up some rotary blades, sewing seams and pressing!!
Pedal to the metal on the old Bernina , thread and fabric scraps flying!!
I may not win any Olympic gold medals but hugs and kisses from my grandbabies ...well that is gold to me!!!
Wishing all a super duper weekend having fun doing whatever makes ya happy!!
Stay warm and dry or cool and wet..which ever scenario fits!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well it seems this has become a sweet tradition for us to spend this special Fall Sunday with three of our darling sweeties!
Our niece D does the decor and most of the cooking.
Nephew P and grand niece Hollyanne will assist her when needed.

Just look at this wonderful table all set for our soup!!

Big pumpkin is full of hot soup and a salad on the side.
We also had French Bread my DH (Unc) made .

Our hostess filled each of our lil pumpkins with tasty Ham and Potato with Beans Soup!

A pic of her side board...want to swipe that cool metal pumpkin!!!

Oh look a quilt. It is her Witchy-Poo one.
Hummm wonder who made that????
Yeah ..Auntie L did. ;-)
We really got to get it on a hanger and up.
Don't you like how I sneak in my 'sewing' on most posts.
Don't you love their antique furniture????
All family pieces from D's grand parents!
We had a fun grand time as we always do.
Love them very much and appreciate all they do for us.

Our beautiful grandniece Hollyanne.
She is growing up on us!!!

Hope you enjoyed me sharing a bit of our special day with you all!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Touched by an Angel!

My Stitcher's Angel that is!!!
I have been blessed to have super talented Di of Quilting is Blissful as my Angel!

Box exciting!!

Oh my goodness pull out this big awesome bag!!
Love it!!!!

Look in the bag!!!! OH MY WORD!!!!!

All these wrapped packages with cute stickers!!!
I will say I waited till DH got home before supper to open them.
More fun to share the treasures!!!

Adorable 'tea towel'...haa!
Appliqued teapot and her stitched rose!!!
Some tea I have not tried yet!
Love it!!!

Now don't hate me because these cuties are now MINE!!!
Sweet lil scissors with a birdie fob, sweet pin cushie and a darling lil basket!!!

Extra cute...birdie wings are needle keepers!!!!
I am squealing here...DH is like are a nut!
Nope, sadly he just don't get it....;-)

Next was an adorable packet of transfers for tea towels called Kitchen Grace by Yesterday's Charm! So will have to get them put on some sacking to stitch over Winter!!!
A bag of cotton stuffing. I have never used any ..opened up and so soft!

A seam ripper...we can never have too many, I like to keep one in all my project bags!!
Now have you ever saw a quilt Emory board???
Well I have led a sheltered life I reckon as I haven't!
It will live beside my main machine!!!
Love it!!!
A cute note pad book that is very French looking!!
Will put in my tote to just wave around when I am 'looking' for something!! Haha!
Was all a glow with happiness with my gifts, gathering up the paper and box...WHAT IS THIS!!!!

OH MY more!!!!!

I am getting so excited !!!!DH is like calm down!!!!!
The house is shaking with your dancing round girl!!!
I KNEW it was a little quilt!!!!!!!!
Just KNEW it!!!

Is she not beautiful??????!!!!!
So much handwork and hand quilting beautifully done!!!!
Yes that is my name on there!!!
Means she is MINE .MINE. MINE!!
Need to shop for a hanger so she can bless my sewing room with the friendship I feel I now have with Ms.Di way up in NY!

I love everything I received...was over whelmed for sure!!!
All in a nice way though!!!
Was like getting loads of gifts for my BD!!!
Thank you so much Sweetie Gal Di...XO to you!
Please run over to her blog, she is an awesome quilter, sewing gal and gets so much done!!!
Tell her Lola sent ya!!!!