Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dot and Ollie

I 'borrowed' an idea from Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter . She did a beautiful post yesterday about her Sis-in-Love's parents !

I have spoken on here about our sweet Aunt Dot a few times. Well here is a 6 year old article that was published locally when Aunt Dot and Uncle Ollie celebrated 60 yrs together . Hope you can enlarge and read it okay.
They have now been together 66 years!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Yes today is about green. No not $$$ or fabric…green beans!
Snaps as we call them here.
I got two batches canned.
One pan was ready to go but I still had to wash and snap the second pan.

Had to wash up jars, get all the lids ready , etc.
A job yes.. but well worth it .
I know what is on my snaps, how they were raised, processed and canned!
So no chance of a recall on my snaps!!;-)

Will pick more this evening.
May get enough for a batch of pints.
What I did today were in quart jars.

I love my pressure canner.
I have had it for close to 15 yrs now.
Wish I had got one sooner!!
I did have to do a learning curve on timing with the new gas cook top.
Went like a charm!!!
Whew!! I must say though I am TIRED!!!
By the way had a tomato sammie for lunch!!!!! YES!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Beautiful yummy reds ! One for the eyes only and one for the the eyes and the taste buds!!
Life is good!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay things here are still pretty much at 6's and 7's but we will get there!
Below is one of the things I made and sent to Jana in our swap!
This one is mine. Calling it a door hanger!
Such fun to pick out fabs and simple make! Nice and narrow .
Made some for Sewing Day also.

Next we have more squash from the garden. Think it is easing up now.
Heat got to one plant even with rain we have had went limp!
Yes that is a lemon in there too...silly me did not remove for pic!! ;-)

Here is some sliced fresh cukes I had for lunch!!
Better than chips with my tuna!! Yummo!

Last but not least is DH 1st raspberry crop from his new small bushes!!
Cute, sweet and such a pretty color!
There was some blackberries too but I ate them already!!! Ha!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Thimbleberries Patterns..

A Complimentary Pattern from Thimbleberries!
A pretty neat way to have a wonderful flag napkin!!
Also check out the other nice free patterns there!
Love Thimbleberries!!

Update. Sept 19, 2015 Since the above post was posted this Thimbleberries page has been removed. The designer had retired. Well seems she is back again so here is a link to her new Create page and an apple runner pattern pdf free done load there. Check it out!
Thanks for those still visiting my blog since 2009!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Here is a cute piece…a tea ball.
You use this for loose tea.
Un-screw top, put in your tea.
Then into your pot or cup.
After it has its own lil rest to sit on!!!
Mama and I got this on one of our many trips out.
Do not recall where but I do recall was not high dollar!!
I have others but this one is fun!!
Next I have two of these pretty cups. They were from my BFF Brenda.
She passed away in 2003 suddenly.
Brenda had purchased a set of these Churchill from England dishes at the
Williamsburg, VA. Pottery.
Did not like the cups, so smallish so gave them to me for my tea!!!
I treasure them more than if they were gold.
I think of my sweetie pal whenever I use one!
So that is my tea related post for Teacup Tuesday.
Go to Kim's Blog to check out a list of others posting today too!!

Spent all day Monday with Aunt Dot doing doc appts and pre-op stuff at hospital.
Long day I can tell you!
She has one more appt before her surgery Friday.
Going to be a long week!!
Lots to do today too. DH has his procedure early Wed.
So have to fix him all liquid ,light stuff for today .
Also have my bag ready to go with my water, book and stitching …;-)
So maybe I can catch up with stuff I need or want to do on Thur and Friday!
I am thinking will be more NEED than want as I will be behind on the home chores!!
I know my sewing area needs another clean and straightening up..yet again!
So as the wash is washing and or drying I can work on that.
Hope everyone passed a great Father’s Day weekend!!
We did!!! Had good food and good company!!!
No rain or storms!!
Maybe with some sun we will get a red tomato soon!!
These fresh cukes are yummy and the squash.
I am betting next week I will be canning some snaps!!!

Happy Summer ‘09 to everyone!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...

Daddy …you have been gone a long time now…30 yrs.
Was thinking you would have been 99 yrs old now!
I treasure the happy memories and have let go of the others.
I know you did the best you could…doing what you thought was right.
I still sing our lil song and when the moon is full will reach for it , thinking of you.
Happy Father’s Day from my heart to yours.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Out going mail....!
Enjoy when you, (yeah you).... receive!!!
Happy Father's Day weekend to all!!
See ya next week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty ....

..little flower pin cushie!
So sweet looking. I think so anyway.
It is about 7" across. I made my own pattern using juice glasses!
Anything can be a tool around here.
This is what Deb and I made on our Sewing Day a couple weeks ago.
We decided to call them Helen's Flower Pin Keep after her Mama.
Why? Well that pretty delicate crochet lace was made by her!

I am off today with Aunt Dot and her daughter( up from NC) for more appts.
Hope appts are running on time!!
Not taking any handwork or such.
We 3 can chat catching up on NC news....yep we be chatters!!;-)

I finished some things yesterday I want to mail out Friday.
Deb is coming over tomorrow, Thur, for some more sewing fun!!
DH picked a mess of snaps/green beans last evening.
We got them washed and snapped ready to cook.
He also cut some more squash.
May be looking at making fritters with these.
Thanks to all who posted nice comments about the little teacup yesterday!!!
It is such fun to see all the different ones others have too!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Lil' Teacup

I know nothing about this small one. Was in MIL’s hutch.
Sis-IL was going to send to thrift and I said NO..I will take it.;-)
Has a blue dainty flower painted on cup which is trimmed with gold.
Saucer is white porcelain trimmed in gold also.
Bottom reads:
Made exclusively for Houbigant in Japan.

Go on over to Kim’s blog to see the list of others she has invited to play ‘Teacup Tuesday’.
Rain..lots of rain has been falling here.
Hope plants are soaking it up to hold on to for when we get nada and it is hot and dry!
Hummers are feeding on the tree blooms now so not putting out as much feed as before.
Wheat is all golden so look for them to be cutting it soon.
Our garden is coming along too.
DH said he will need to pick snaps/green beans after work tonight.
We have been picking radishes, salad greens and squash along and eating...yummy.
Now add the fresh snaps/green beans. ;-)
Those tomatoes keep getting bigger!!
I was tempted to pick a couple for Fried Green Tomatoes but will wait till we get ripe ones first...;-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm good....

I am over my 'woe is me' day!!
Thanks in part to so many wonderful supportive bloggy folks!!
Don't ya just love this great blog world we have all created?!?!
Folks to inspire ya, lift you up when down, send a good vibe or prayer your way!
Plenty of ATTA GALS and pats on the back !!! Awesome!!
Thanks to all the commenter's and the private emails!!
Hugs all around!!
I hope to say THANKS in a better way soon...(Can we all say GIVE AWAY) so please be sure to peek in everyday!!;-)
Sometimes things can just seem so over whelming until you break them down into parts...doable parts.
All my Un-Sewing is done.
New plan in place that it a better design anyway.
No rushing though.
I cannot figure out WHY I put a rush on things..not like I have a BIG BOSS to report too ...just myself.
Yes we are are own worse critics and really need to cut ourselves a break once in awhile...;-)
I am in another swap.
Called a Qt of Patriotism.
You fill up a quart bag with red, white and blue goodies.
I have received mine from Jana!
Is this not a neat idea...a car litter bag or use in sewing area!!

Love it!!!

Plus all these other red, white and blue goodies!
I can not share what I have made till she receives her bag of goodies.
I will just say I have been making a few of one of the goodies and will be sharing them soon.. ( Can we all say GIVE AWAY).;-)

Weekend has been a tad wet here.
Loads of of rain!!
DH and I lucked out though .
We managed to go do the shopping, get home and unload our goods, take out the pup to do her biz before the major down pour!!
I curled up with the Spring/Summer issue of the 20th issue of the Quilt Sampler Magazine.
Sure wish I could visit all the shops featured but alas only can with the mag or online!
One in Burnsville, NC is http://www.needle-me-this.com/
If only it was not in those Black Mountains!!
Love the look and lay out of the shop and all the fabric choices.
It is in Windsor, Co so pretty sure I will not ever be able to visit in person.
Oh my word the wonderful wools they have!!!
Love the folk art look to their offerings!!
One in North Bay, Ontario is located in an old unique store.
I wish I could come up for a nice browse about!
Now this one in Belpre, Ohio is a combo fabric/gifts/pottery/candy/ etc.... Country Store!
I am sure I could spend some time and $$ in this one as well!!!!
Now all these shops also have designs in the mag too .
I will be/want to... do a version of each one some day!!!
So go look for the mag if you do not have it yet.
You can also check out some of the shops online at:

Friday, June 12, 2009


I wasted time, thread , energy and now I feel wasted too!
WHY??? Because I did not listen to my inner voice or as some say MY GUT!
Nooooo....... I had to go ahead and screw up!!
So here I sit taking a break from 'unsewing' my project!
I was doomed from the get go!
I did not have enough of the press on batting I like to use so decided to go with another.
Pinned and pinned and pinned.
Then to machine… as I sewed I KNEW it was not working!!
Did I STOP…why heck no… STUPID!!!
I had perfect binding for a change but off it is now!
I am picking out all the thread and will do all over!!

I am not being anal either...really. It was just not working for me. I will not toss it in a box as is either. Has to be done and done better!!
I sure wish I could be as near perfect at my efforts as I see others are on many a blog.
Oh well we all mess up from time to time…right???
Please tell me you do too!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A pretty sheet cut into large squares, keeping the side hems as is becomes large pillow cases for our Euro Pillows!
I did French Seams. Now easy to slip on and off for washing. Better than the shams.
Will do more.

Okay here is the watermelon/crow top with the yellow sashing done and added red print border.
Looks neat hanging there like stained glass!!
Anyway got to sandwich it with batting and backing to quilt then will bind it with a black print.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wed ramblins...

Monday was tiresome to say the least.
Hard to think you can get wore out just sitting and waiting .
We did not get back home till 5:30 PM!!
Poor Aunt Dot wore out.
Doc cut pretty deep in her hand and had to go back in 2 times.
They had a bleeding problem.
Ended up putting a stitch in the vein to stop it.
She was very slow yesterday. Poor sweet old thing.
Makes me sad she is going through all this.
She worked so hard her whole life on this farm.
The one on her face is BAD. Very bad.
All we can do is pray it has not spread too bad.
Doc said though by the time you SEE it.. it has.
Waiting on 2 more tests called stains.
Then he will call with how we will proceed.
Will be surgery and radiation for sure.
My DH picked more squash from our garden, another batch of salad greens.
I cooked those and had the squash later with some broiled fish.
Already ate a couple sweet banana peppers too!!!
The tomatoes are loaded and they are getting bigger everyday!!!
I so look forward to that first fresh one from the garden for a Tomato Sammie!!!!
We also have fresh SC watermelon and cantaloupe cut up in fridge!!
Best part of summer to me is the fresh food!!
I do not like it when it gets too hot and humid.
Over 90 then we get bad thunder & lightening storms in the afternoon!!!
So yes got a big one Tuesday evening!!
Knocked power out for a long time!
Did cool down though big time.
I worked on the watermelon top some.
I ended up having to do other chores so not much sewing got done.
Nothing finished to share.
So why not another blast from the past …;-)
Here is a few ruffled totes I have made in the past.
Have more will share some other time.

Checkout Tonya's 100th Post Blog Giveaway.
She is looking for followers.
So go become one and get in the pot for a chance at the goodies.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Well today’s cup is a blue & white combo on china with a silver looking trim not sure if a white gold or not.
Remington Fine China by Red Sea is on bottom.
It is one of a set of six with a matching teapot.
Mama bought these for me back in 1980 something and we have used them all.
Matter fact one cup is broken . ;-(
Lots of memories attached to this set.
Will post the teapot on another Tuesday.
Now click on over to Kim's Blog to check out the list of others playing with teacups today!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yes..some sewing!!

Okay so yes I got to sew some this past weekend!!

Got caught up on the Calendar Quilt . Yes was a few weeks behind!
It is ready for me to begin week 2 of June now!! YES!

I sewed up the Watermelon/Crow sqs with sashing.
Such a pretty yellow with tiny red dots in there too.
Makes me think sunshine.
I will use it also as border around outside of the blocks …then thinking a red and maybe a black.
Keeping it simple. Will work on it some more later this week.

I decided on a wool project for my "doctor office waits" project! Ha!!
Decided what I wanted drawn on wax paper, cut out, pressed on the wools, cut out and glue tacked to my black wool backing!!
Was a job!! I used wool and wool felt I had on hand already felted.
As of now not sure what I will do with it..pilla , penny rug or wall hanging.

Colors are not coming out good on pics.
When I get some of the thread work done will take pic outside .
If I do not get it done with all Aunt Dot’s appts will use for DH’s procedure on the 24th!!;-)
Today will be the first 2-3 hour long one . We leave about 11:30 AM.
I have in my tote the wool project ready with thread and needles.
Also a book or word search if I want a rest from stitching, my water and snacks!!
Just wish I still had my small thermos, I would take my afternoon tea with me!!;-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hummingbirds and a swamp creature…

The hummers are here in force ..finally!
I did get a neat video of them but..with my pitiful ISP connection I cannot load it up from here.
I do have a few cool pics though so that will just have to do you for now. ;-)
By the way I am sitting right under them in a porch rocker!!
Sorry pics are dark was just early.
There are more than the 4 or five that show up well some are above the feeder.
They really are hungry little critters!!
Funny how they will fuss over one feeder till empty then go to next one, instead of some on each one!!
Will keep me busy with making up food for a bit.
When a big mimosa tree we have gets to blooming, they and the bees will be all over it!!

So we have like 15 at last count and a gal on next road counted 23.
Aunt Dot says she has one maybe two but I think if she will look tomorrow she will have some more… ha!!
Now for the swamp creature….!!
Yes we live near a ‘swamp’…called Rattlesnake Swamp .
I have never seen any rattlesnakes but others over the years claim to have.
There are other kinds of snakes though and not nice ones, along with a good many critters that live on and around the swamp.
Anyway we always see these certain swamp creatures come this way in late May.

Big old snapping turtles!!!
You do not want to mess with them either they can be quick and those big heads hold iron jaws!!
Old saying is if fin they get a hold of ya will not let go till it thunders!!!!
I do not plan to test that to find out!!!;-)
They really bother no one, so why mess with them ,will mostly stay near the water till time to lay eggs .
Then they will travel to find some sandy soil to do that.
We must be in the ‘flight path’… ha!!
Above is the one we did see this year.
Her shell is not as big as some, about 14 inches ,but the rest of her is …she is a young one.
Now in saying this ‘young’ for a turtle like this can be 20 yrs or more!!
Next pic is so funny!!

Hey Dog …what the Holy Hairball is that??????
No idea Queen Cat but I must bark at it I think!!!!
...and she did!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whew…another week about gone.

Did not get in any sewing time. ;-(
I did get my summer watermelon blocks trimmed up and placement decided!
I also picked out sashing fabric and have it ready to sew on.
After that I will decide borders.
Here is a couple pics of a swap I did last month on Jana's Sewing Group.
Birdy Tea Towel Swap. I sent out to 2 gals.
I made one set with red tones and one set with lime green .
Did a towel, potholder and heat pad.

Been one of those weeks! Did a lot but seems like nothing got done!
Ever been there??

I had a day Monday with Aunt Dot again…we ended up having to have her wedding ring cut off. ;-( Had to find a place to do it!!
Not from her being overweight but from her knuckles swollen from the arthritis.
Surgeon said had to come off before they can remove one of the bad C places on her hand, as it will swell.
They did do other biopsies and put a rush on one.
We go back this coming Monday for the hand surgery will be a 2 – 3 hour appt.
So will take a book, needlework and some water with snacks, no afternoon tea…;-)
Cross fingers/pray they have that rush bio result back and it is not what he is thinking!!
If it is that they can get to it early!!
So Tuesday well I was wore out from Monday.. ha!
I have lots of hats I wear around here so the one on Tuesday was bookkeeper/ accountant /bill payer!! Gives me a head ache..all these hats!! ;-)
Did get some wash done and cooked some stuff.
Wednesday got up very early but a tad stiff an achy..so went slow.
Did all the pet early morning stuff.
Decided to see how I would feel after meds and shower whether to proceed with my plans.
I decided to go on with them.
Was to see Liz at the new Harris Teeter Grand Opening in Harborview.
Sadly Liz was not feeling up to it and being she had to work the 3-11 best to stay home and rest up.
Great deals to be had!! Beautiful store too new and fresh.
I did great with the bargains and my coupons too!
We are loaded up on ice cream, big 10/15 ct Gulf shrimp, tilapia, coffee, crackers, melons, apples, yellow onions, cheese, bologna!!
Goodness loads of other stuff and then I won a piece of luggage!
Was hoping for the free grocery thing to come up on the receipt. Ha!!
Must say was very HOT and HUMID so had my cold bag full.
Came home unloaded and once again was wore out!
Did get a cake baked for DH to finish up for a dessert to take to office today.
Elbows, hands, back and knees are not happy with me today;-(
So will be a slow stay home rest up Thursday today.
Friday I go out for a sewing day at Deb’s.
Will keep it simple so need to decide today what I will take.
She has been working on her large strip quilt top so may just help her finish that.
Plus want to see Deb’s new redone area!!
Her DH took their huge master bathroom and made it into 3 new areas.
A nice but smaller master bath, guest bath and washer /dryer area.
She has had to go up and down steep stairs for years to basement to wash , not anymore!!!
Good for her!!!
Now if only some of that ‘get it done’ of her DH would rub off on mine…just that part. Haa!!!
I sure hope the ‘lazy maid’ shows up soon here!!
Maybe I need to RING her bell!! HA!!!!!!
I bet she can’t find her ‘hat’… !!!!
Oh yes we also have some fun visitors back ‘the hummers’.
Have some great pics!!
Also a very unique visitor that we get to see one very year!
Was thinking we had missed seeing any visit this year..NO!!
Will try to post pics tomorrow!
So just a chatty post this time!!
Thanks to all my followers and those that post comments!!
I try to respond to all but hard sometimes to stay caught up!!
Some folks are set to ‘no reply’ so no way to say thanks unless you have a blog.
Please know I truly appreciate you all so much!!
I do hope you will check out my Blog Roll for some neat blogs to visit and also the Blog List further down.
Sadly I cannot have too much graphics on my blog or would never load for me on this slow dial up!!!
There is some talk of making the broad band available here in the boonies but so far just talk!!
The satellite is such an investment of money up and contract up front!!
I just know as soon as we make that commitment the county will run the lines needed for broad band… ha!!!!
Oh well off on I go ,
slow as Mo,
do dah, do dah!
Oh Do Dah Day!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tea Cup Tuesday ...3 for 1....!

You get 3 tea items in one pic today!
This is a lovely little tea set I purchased in an antique/ vintage shop called Laura and Lucy’s in historic Smithfield Virginia.
Has been a few years now.
The pic really does not do it justice.
So delicate looking and the small dots are really thin china looks like seeds or rice.
When you hold them up in light you can see it coming through the dots just lovely.
Made by Tienshan Fine China from China, pattern called Rice Flower.
Do not know the age.
At Replacement LTD, they have the tea pot listed for 84.95US and the cups 21.99US each!!!
I did not pay that I can tell you but nice to have a value on them!!!
It really is fun to use the set for me.
I do afternoon tea for 'me' with the tea pot and one cup. ;-)

So go on over to Kim's Blog for a list of other blogs doing Tea Cup Tuesday!!