Monday, September 27, 2010

Not too much happening... in the sewing/ creating department.
Spent time Sat cleaning...(ugh) for the company Sunday!
Did do two more cute Halloween tea towels for the birthday gal.

Yes DIL loved her goodies...the Fall runner, tea towels and candles.
DH and son got the temporary garage put up over DH's vette.

Set the table with a Fall theme.

My Dad collected these pretty gold amber glasses for me back in the 70's.
China plates are an old Limoges pattern that to me says FALL!

The best part of Sunday was in the late evening we got almost 2 inches of rain!!!!!!!
Yes I said RAIN!!!
Doing a bit of it again today as well!!
It is not going to solve the horrific drought and such but is a beginning!!

To be honest I am a tad tired today so not a lot getting done.
I am expecting a DELIVERY here in a bit from my UPS Fella....stay tuned!!!!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Goodness....

The witches were danc'n by the fire then PUFF!!
All that is left is their hats!!!

Sorry could not help myself.
I had lite this yummy Hazelnut Candle and set it in this bowl .
Came in to turn on lamp an it looked so neat had to take a pic.
Ya know how we bloggers are.. anything can make for a great pic opportunity!

Now on to some Fall Gatherings.
We went to Wally World on Tuesday.
In the produce department they had these bags of wonderful small pumpkins and gourds for 2.50 a bag!
Scooped up some for my old dough bowl.

This bowl came from my Aunt Alma's home.

Also at Wally World they had these faux pumpkins for 5 bucks!!!
So a couple came home with me.
At least these will last and not rot...;-)

Took my sweet Bernina in for a D&C Thursday!
I feel lost. Yes I do have other machines but she is my workhorse!!
Okay I know she has earned this trip to the spa so will deal.
Pulled out my small Quilter's Singer.
She is a sweetie too!
So back to work!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cotton Picking Time

Combine trying to pick the cotton off those short stalks.
Cotton just did not grow high this year, no rain to amount to much.

Waiting to bale it up.

One bale!!
Normally there at least three bales from these fields up here.

Glad I did not hang out wash today;-)
Cutting the stalks.
Soon they will plant no till Winter Wheat.

All gone!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A running finish & a book

A table runner finish that is!
Now did ya really think I was gonna run anywhere??
Waddle maybe.
Humm wonder if there is a Waddle 5 K anywhere!!! Hahaha!

I decided to put it on the dining table instead of the chest in living room.
Looks cute there and matches the candles!
Plus leaves room for setting the table with place mats and dishes.
Just in time as we will celebrate DIL's BD here Sunday.
If you recall I made her a Fall runner and some cute tea towels.
Will pick up a candle to go with those I think.
Hope to pick up a few small pumpkins, gourds and a few Indian Corn bundles
today for my tables and porch.
Not a good year for our local growers so may not be too many to be had at low prices.
Reckon may be a good year to just but the fake stuff on sale at Micheal's.

On to the next Season...;-)

When I was in Joann's a week ago I picked up this book with one of my coupons.
Tis the Season Quilts and Other Comforts by Jeanne Large and Shelly Wicks.
Some really fun cute things inside ! A couple look like they will work up fast.
You can make them as they show or add your own touch as well.
I do not do needle turn applique I use my machine.
May do some with wool using a hand applique button hole stitch.
I don't know if I will get that much done for this year but some things on the list for next year!

I have noticed Joann's is getting in more current books.
So remember you can use the one special 50% off any reg price item or one of the 40% of reg price item coupons on the books if they are not on sale!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So we went to the county fair...

Here a some cute alpacas that we saw.
They seemed to be not too happy to be there.
Loved that fan as it was a tad warm in this end of the tent.
Over all was a pretty day, breezes blowing enough to keep ya from being too hot!
Was dusty so water trucks were keeping dust down for some events.

This is our grand niece Hollyanne up top!
Her schools Jr Varsity and Varsity Cheer squads preformed.
She is the small and cute flyer for the IWA Varsity squad!

Was not too much in the Ribbon Judging Section of sewing, food, etc.
May be the economy and the fact a huge employer, IP, at northern end of our country shut down. So lots folks out of work.
Plus dry hot weather played heck with gardens and crops in Isle of Wight County.

This was a pretty pillow slip that won best in show.
Neat looking I think.

Those fruit ladies made a hit with the judges too!
Super cute simple tote bag!
Let your fabric talk for ya!

Yes one of my favs was best in show!!!
Beautifully painted rooster!
That fella in corner is my DH peeking at me taking the pic! ;-)

Only saw five quilts being judged!
Here are a couple with their ribbons.
That is a Christmas one on the left.

Here is best in show. Were not hung up so we could not see designs very well.
Don't know why. Will ask next time.

Here is a pretty sampler quilt.

This was last one. Has a Moroccan feel to it.
Was surprised there was so few.
Not many needle works in there either.

So anyway we had a funnel cake, looked at lawn mower racers, did the animal tents, judging tents and crafts show.
No rides or band shows for us!
Had a good time.
Caught a ride to parking lot, came on home and took a nap! hahaha!

Looks like another pretty sunny day so hope every one enjoys the last day of the fair!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making some Fall... at our home.
I have started at any rate.
Have more totes to pull out and go through yet.
Will be doing more but wanted to share a few pics of the start.
Still will tweak as I go along, just my nature...;-)

I switched out the Red, White and Blue for more of a Fall look on sofa and wall .
Quilt on the wall is from a fun block swap in a long ago group.
Have a Halloween one as well.
The old quilt on the sofa I found many years ago in the county dumpster!!!!
Some one had set vintage sqs in the brown sashing strips .
I had thought to re do them but decided I like it this way and works for Fall!

Hi Y'all'!!
We are waving at ya from this here mantle!
These fellas are from a Art To Heart Book I made a few years back.
I sold a many of those Punkin Head dolls at shows years ago!

Here is the mantle and far.
Still have the garlands, etc. to add.
I put the owl up there to look down and Hoot at us...;-)
He is a long ago mail order kit from Quilts and Other Comforts.

I am using torn homespun in pretty Fall colors for my 'ribbon'.
Have three different ones to use. This is the bigger plaid one.

This is the sofa chest for the moment with burlap.
Have that runner yet to hem so it can go here
Made the Jacks Runner with a diagrammed press on interfacing.
You cut 2 inch fabric sqs , place them on the diagrams where you want.
Press with iron.. next just sew up your seams.
Keeps it all straight.
I need to see if I still have some...;-)

These are a couple pumpkin wire candle holders I picked up a while back at the thrift store.
The runner is from Garden Ridge a few years back.

They are on this old chest for now.
So things may change up a bit before I decide I am done!
Got to get the dining room 'unloaded' from all my moving stuff around.
Somethings I need to finish and work on.
Have a new can of black paint and a brush just itching to get to work!

Thanks for coming by today!!
Come when ya will! ;-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good 'Quilting is Blissful Di' Mail Day..;-)

I received this fun package in the mail yesterday.
A lovely surprise!
This is from Di of Quilting is Blissful.
One of my hero's who seems to get more done in the sewing room then I can even imagine!
Check out her blog!
So inspiring our Miss Di is!
She hosted a Fall Challenge to help us get some things done.
What a sweet reward for working on our OWN projects!!
The panel fits right in with my Fall decor.
I am thinking of framing it instead of sewing it up...will see.

Next is a lovely Moda Santorini charm pack for guessing what she was shopping for on one of her posts! Cat supplies...;-)
Thanks so much Di for this sweet surprise.
Was a day brightener for sure.

Speaking of is our Miss Cocoa Kitty who had to get in the pic!
Well this IS her seat in the sewing room!
Have known her to PUSH things out of it so she can spread out!
Will soon be 12 yrs old and still can act like a kitten at times!
Cocoa is a mess but we love her.

Aunt Dot's appt went well yesterday!
She can go another 4 mths!
Now to address the new skin spots on Friday.
When they have to do so many places Uncle Ollie calls her 'Poky' Dot...;-)

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!
I must do some chores today but hope I can sew a bit and cut some more 2" strips later!!
Take care all!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Sewing

I did get the runner to the hemming point.
Will finish it tonight.
These cute tea towels are finished!

They are cute! The black pom poms fit just right!
This fabric is Witching Hour by RJR Fabrics a 2009 line.
You can still find it now on different fabric sites.

That was all I did with needle & thread.
I hung out with DH mostly.
We did a lot of work Saturday.
Sunday we just hung out watching TV and me some sewing when DH napped..;-)
Was a good day for it as we got some rain.
Mostly came down as drizzle but rain none the less!

Off today to take Aunt Dot for her cancer doctor check up.
Another one on Friday for her skin doctor.
I hope tomorrow to play house some and rearrange some furniture.
Want to do more Fall decorating.

Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my Go! win!
I so look forward to receiving it and hope I get the hang of it!

Wishing all a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?

Are you ready for this?????
I won a GO!
Yes I did!!
I know hard to believe right!!
Well I have been assured I am not dreaming by several folks! ;-)
I entered the giveaway on Tonya's Sewing Room.
She had a lot of folks enter for a Go! or dies if you already had a GO!.
So I feel blessed and lucky to have had my name come up!!!!
I can tell ya.. was some squealing going on in this house last night!

Thanks so much Tonya and Accuquilt for a wonderful giveaway!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Falling Some and Mindless Sewing

Nooo... not 'falling' as in out of my chair!!
Doing the "Fall Decor Thing" a bit around the house is all.
I made the two veggie towels Monday to go beside the pretty cross stitch one.
My sweet niece made that one for me and I LOVE it!
No one dares really use it though! ;-)

Really must get on with my other Fall decor soon as well.
Love to enjoy it up as long as I can.
I do have a wee bit of Halloween mixed in but not a lot.

A sweet friend ALICE suggested I do some mindless sewing over the last week or so.
Was a good suggestion to let my mind and heart just thinking.

So some cutting was done.
Quite the small pile.
By hand mind you as I have not won a Go! Cutter yet! ;-(
Still waiting on a few results of some giveaways on that!

Some sewing of small squares to bigger squares.
Can't really get more mindless than that I reckon.
These will work up into a runner for my chest in living room.
These are the leftover Haunted Hallow fabrics I am using.

Also decided to do a banner for the fireplace.
So picked some fabrics and cut.

Do think it will be cute hanging from the mantle.
So more mindless sewing to do!

I want to make a few more cute tea towels too!
Will have to run out today for some supplies though.
Can you believe I have NO black rick rack left or black pom pom trim????
I do declare!!!
What is my sewing world coming too!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cutest Bag

This is a wonderful crafted bag by Barb of So How Was Your Day!

Love the blend of cute fabric and screen fabric!

It is delightful! Love it!

I must say receiving it yesterday added a bright spot to an otherwise gray day!

Mine was the lucky name drawn in her blog giveaway!

I had picked this out from her Etsy Shop Tinkquilts.

She has lots of wonderful items .

You really do need to check out her Etsy Shop when you are making your Christmas gift list.

Please visit her at her blog also which is a fun bright one.

Her new grand baby Charlie is a real sweetie too!

Thanks so much Barb I adore it , will use it and think of you!



Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank You For Your Kind Hearts

Ya recall the old song they used to play and sing on the old Hee Haw show?

Goes like this…If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all…Gloom , Despair and Agony on Me.

I could claim that tune as my theme song .

Yes have had my share of ‘all that’ and of late seems more than my share .

Thing is if I just dwell on ‘all that’ thinking that is my life I will over look so much ‘WONDERFUL’!

As bad as it can be or seem to be there is a ’WONDERFUL’ or two or twenty in the mix!

Some of my ‘WONDERFUL’ are sweet kind friends.. bloggy ones (new and not so new), ‘real life’ ones and family ones!

Yes some of my family are also my dear friends..others not so much…;-)

We have received so many kind words of friendship and comfort through the illness and passing of our sweet pup.

I wish I could meet up with each one of you to give ya a big hug an have ya over for supper.

My deepest sincere thanks along with a big cyber hug will have to suffice and I so hope it does.

I am so honored to ‘know’ you all , if only in Blogland.

Have said it before and will say it yet again…the blog world is full of some of the kindest and best people on the planet!

I have been blessed to meet up with a few of these special folks , now ‘real life’ friends!

There ya go more ‘WONDERFUL’ I am so grateful for.

So yes I will have my ‘wallow in it’ moments but will take the time to see the ‘WONDERFUL’ as well.

Hugs all round!