Friday, April 30, 2010

Redwork, Toile and Scones

My niece D and I are doing a project together, sort of..;-)
It is a stitchery and pieced quilt.
I am doing mine as red work (DMC 498).
Here is my first finished basket.

She is doing hers in black work (DMC 310) like the pattern below.
Will be so pretty!

She bought the pattern and her black toile fabric at the Feb quilt show.
I have enough red toile in my stash( I hope) to do mine.
I have started work on my second basket.
They do go rather quickly using one color.
We ( me) did change the flowers a bit, maybe a goodly bit,
but not the baskets or over all look ...;-)

Yesterday I got an urge for scones.
Just out of the blue!
So made a few to go with my tea!
I added Italian Blend Cheese and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning Blend.
Just used a basic recipe then added a 1/2 tsp herb blend and maybe a 1/2 cp of the cheese.
I did not measure!
A savory scone that was yummy with butter and my cuppa Twinings Earl Grey!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I got this box for $1.98!
Yes a very nice box too.
Hard not soft!
Oh what was in it you ask....well pop on down.

Part of the treasures with in!!
Joined at the Hip pattern, The Pledge!

Was also another one stuck in with it for a word banner with all the letters.

Also inside was..batting , buttons and very nice fabrics to make the quilt!
Maybe I could have it done for Memorial Day or July 4th!
Oh well if not it has a nice box to wait in!;-)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thimbleberries Sew Day

It is hosted by crazy'boutquilts and Bejeweled Quilts By Barb.

I totally forgot it last month!!!
So I marked it on my calender!
I am ready this time.
Have my project all ready to go.

Fireside Medallion Quilt .
This is a more manageable smaller project.
Using TB fabrics also.
I am using the fabrics I had messed up on when cutting for another TB project.
DH's fault he was 'visiting' the sewing room and distracting me! ;-)
I hope to get the top finished today!
Will pop in for an update later.
So let the good sewing time ..... SEW ON!!!

Check out free online Thimbleberries patterns HERE.

Update on my sewing project:

The main piecing is all done!
I also finished one load of laundry.
Did a few other chores as well.
Can't just be a FREE SEWING DAY...;-(

Now ready to press the appliques in place for sewing on.
I like to machine applique after I layer the batting.
So may not get much more done today but will see as I PRESS ON... haha!
I know some of my sick sewing humor!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Blooms and Pink Mountains

The porch railing will soon be covered with the pretty clematis!
Doing so wonderful this year.
The shrubs too are so full and bright.
Been told it was helped by the wet Winter.
Humm ...well nice that something good came from all that mess!
We had a lovely soft Spring rain yesterday.
We needed it. Was dry but also to settle down some of the pollen.
Hope to plant the two Knockout Roses Saturday.
Easier digging with damp soil!

I have strawberries!!!
Yes I counted eight!
Now if I pick them regularly should have them all summer.
What I was told at the green house when I bought them.
We shall see.

They are in this large pot by the door.
They get morning sun and shade from late afternoon heat.

Say hello to My Pink Spring Mountains!
Yes this is the next PAP (put aside project) pulled from the pile to be finished.
It will not be a full/queen as intended though.
Making it somewhere between a twin and a lap.
I am calling this my 'reading quilt'.
Yes.. all my quilts receive a job title!
Just the way we do it around here.;-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Finish and a Half...

The finish is the Recliner Quilt.
All quilted,washed and ready to snuggle.

The half is this top I finished.
It is last year's blocks from Linda B's Birthday Siggie Block Swap!
So all that is left to do is layer and quilt.
Now I am not sure when that will happen but I am happy it is a finished top for now.
I also have the binding ready to go as well!

I have some other swap blocks that I will sew up in some fashion next!
I am trying to weed through my Put Aside Projects ( PAP's) to at least get them another step on the journey to FINISHED!

Hope everyone is enjoying some of this beautiful weather.
Even though I can't stay out long.
Soon the pollen will pass and all will be well again!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Have A Notion SUPER Giveaway!!!!

Oh Monday April 12th, Kelly at I Have A Notion Blog will be hosting a giveaway for an
AccuQuilt Go!!!!
So scoot on over there and get signed up!!!
While there check out the other wonderful Giveaways Kelly is having to celebrate her BD!! They are from March 15 - April 15 2010 and are open until 10:00 PM CMT.
Also check out her wonderful shop!!I Have a Notion!
You can find just about any sewing notion you could want there. You also get her super customer service along with it.
Kelly is a warm, funny, super nice gal!!
So as I said before get on over to the blog to check it all out!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday already...

Goodness.. it seems like it was just Monday! ;-)
Where do the days go???
We have had one heck of a week with pollen blowing around here.
I am so happy we had some rain come through over night.
Suppose to knock it down some.
Just can not function with the pollen at such high levels.
We are cooling off as well with the cold front coming through.
More seasonal temps Spring instead of Summer!
Yeah baby!
Did not get all my To Do List done so hope to do more on weekend.
Did find out I can not move some peonies now I have been needing/wanting to move.
Once again they must wait... a Fall move is best.
Figure we will just get the bed ready now.

Got DH's nap quilt top done.
It really is straight!
I pinned it over the window treatment so looks rippled!
Found this nice Woolrich Home flannel twin sheet set at Targets a while back for 6 Bucks!
So decided to use the fitted sheet as the backing on this one. So soft! Colors match too.

I just cut around the elastic and trimmed out the seams.
Left me with a right good size piece of yardage!
Will use the flat sheet and pillow case for other projects.
Want to layer the quilt later today.

DH is planning on smoking meat Saturday so lower temps will work good for him.
He will load the smoker up with lots of pork butts.
After the long cooking process he will chop the meat.
We then will bag some up to freeze and share some.
He also mixes up his 'secret' BBQ Sauce so we can have some BBQ Sammies for all our hard messy work!
Oh yes it is messy from the smoke smell to the chopping mess.
I am so lucky as I get to wash all up! ;-)
Oh well small price to pay I reckon for such yummyness!!!

I know some have snow !!I am so sorry. I hope it is the last for a long while!! Our last frost date is April 15th! I do hope we pass that date with NONE! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Warm Day

Today is supposed to be very warm like 92 plus!!
Not very Spring temps more summer like.
Had a storm go around us early this AM.
Just had some lightening.
We are to go back to Spring like temps by end of week.
Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my Easter Day pics!
I love short hair!!
Need to get a pic in the sunshine so you can see that it is really not all that dark!.
Have my 'Mother Nature Highlights'! Ha! Ha! Ha!
That is something I do not worry over is white/gray hair.
Figure that is the least of my concerns at this point!;-)

I did go get my first once a year treatment of Reclast yesterday.
We went with this instead of the Boniva injections.
Can not take the pills because of my other issues.
Oh my woe is me and all my issues... Ha!Ha!Ha!
Any way went like a charm!!
So one med thing down one more to go!!

I went by a quilt shop near the medical center.
She is in process of moving in and moving around.
Made it larger for classes.
I hope she will get in more 'newish' fabrics soon.
I did buy an Art To Heart Book , Sew Necessary.

Some small gifts I wish to make in this one.
Couple yards of a pretty Christmas fabric on sale, and a half yard of another that can be used in non holiday projects too.

Then I popped into a thrift found these books!

Fun Irish Murder Mysteries!
So all set for some fast fun reading!!


Now I would like to ask each of you reading to say a prayer or send your warm thoughts out to the miners , their families and the community involved in this terrible WVA tragedy!
Mining is a dangerous business but for most this is the only way to make a living.
We may agree or not on the issues but these miners help us each in one way or another...when you flip that light switch chances are it was coal that made it possible.
West Virginia is a beautiful state with warm and loving people.
My heart breaks for those close to this tragedy.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Is looking like another pretty day coming here!
Yesterday Easter Sunday, was beautiful here!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
We sure enjoyed ours!

This is my Easter Egg.
Peanut Butter YUMM!

We went to our son and wife's home for DH's BD and Easter lunch.
Had a great time!

Here I am with the sweeties!
I have a new short it!

Here we are with Baby Boy!
They have a cute 1930's updated cottage .
The deck is all across the back. They had stained it yesterday.
Looks really good.

Can't forget grand pup , Beamer!
He too had a grand time! He is just a big spoiled sweet cute mess!!

I am off today for some appts.
So not much on the home front will get done.
I bought some plants over weekend I do have to pot.
Also we are moving some plants and creating a new bed.
Then NEED to get to the Spring cleaning.
I am also pulling and packing things up for a yard sale next month.
Doing it in town with niece.
So may not get as much sewing done!
I will try to spend at least a few here and there on my on going projects!
With our weather so nice(for now) really hope to be doing some outside things.
I have some sanding to do on that dresser so can paint and get it moved into the sewing room.
Busy Busy that is what Spring is around here!
Catch ya'll later!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010 I can show it!!

Okay here is what was on the cutting/work table in my sewing room pics!
Some had asked what was on it.
Made for my niece for her birthday but was late because of illness...on my part!
It is a tea runner with some extras!
These shapes are by Pat Sloan...I tweaked them just a wee bit to work for my idea.
They were part of her Mad Hatter's Tea themed sew- in a while back.
You can go check it out here.

D loves fall colors and anything pumpkin so it is all good!!

I made the tea bag tags , 3 D sort of, hangs loose from a string!!
I added the saucer and the pretty trim which is a stitch on my machine.

Here is the tea pot...cute!!!

I made these pot holders same as my round ones , check the TUT here.
Just did square instead but done same way!

Made a couple tea towels to match.

Here is the tea cozy and four pretty tea napkins also.
Took to her today and I think she liked it all!!!
We had a nice lunch too!

Now on to more better late then never items!
Hope to get a lot done this coming week!!

Beautiful day here!!!
I am in a sleeveless dress and sandals!!!
Came home and changed out of the jeans and cotton sweater!
Went out today to buy my sweetie DH some birthday gifts and cards too.
We plan to go out tomorrow or Friday to look at some garden plants and flowers!

Hope every one is having a grand day and planning a wonderful weekend!!!