Friday, March 13, 2009

Cook'n with Gas

Yesterday we had a young fella here putting in a new gas line for a new gas cook top!
Have had the cook top a while now but for one reason and another never got in.
Elec was a learning experience for me. For myself I do not like it prefer the gas.
We have our gas logs on propane so just added a new line from the tank to under house and hooking it up!!

Well he was going to get cook top all hooked up and set up too but ran into some problems.
1. 30” to one company is NOT 30” to another.
2. The counter top had to be trimmed up for it to fit.
3. He did not have the right size tool for changing out the burners from natural gas to propane.( strange as they are the gas people)

So my DH had to come home and work on the project too.
He got the counter trimmed and cook top in. He also changed out the
burner things. It is all ready for the gas fella to come back tomorrow, do the gas check and light her up.
DH will do the elec on it later.
So we did not get to use it last night but maybe tonight!!
Love those grates I can slide pots easily from burner to burner. It has a simmer burner too.

Next hope we get in the new dishwasher, sink and new spigots!!
Can wait on the counter tops and painting the cabinets a bit longer.

Course still have a mess in the dining room/kitchen with all the cabinet stuff from under there cleaned out!
Did find the mouse hole.. so got that fixed!!! ;-)

Don’t ya just love NEW!!!!
Now I HAVE to clean the vent fan ..hate that.
One of those things I do but do not like it!!!!!


  1. I really like that how the grates are made. I have electric. Only thing I've ever cooked on BUT I have always wanted gas. I'd love to re-do the kitchen. My cooking area is TINY and I'd love to enlarge it some way or another. I bump into myself all the time in there.

  2. Funny enough, i have gas and want to switch to electric.

  3. Lola's gonna be 'cooking with gas'. Looks high tech to me!

  4. I only used electric one time....when hubby was in Air Force and we lived in SC. I hated it. Before then...and since's gas all the way for me!

  5. You and Carlton are going to town girl!!! Can't wait until you share pictures of the whole new area........
    I love the two quilts on the top of the yesterday's post.....I sure seem to lean towards those colors sometimes.
    ECLAIRS!!!!! Be still my heart!!!!

  6. You'll be cooking up a storm on that rig, Lola. What are you planning to make first? Isn't it amazing what you managed to fit in to the cupboards! You wonder how it all got in there in the first place.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  7. Isn't it exciting to get a new cooktop? We have electric so we bought a flat range with the porcelin surface last time! Good luck with it!


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