Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Sew Along Party Bag DONE!

Well here is mine!
Simple looking yes. Used some older fab I had to do a trial one with.
Was a few fiddly moments with it I must say.
I will do more but with a few changes.
I will add some length to the bag including handles.
Width is pretty good as is but may decide to add an inch or so between handles.
Handles are okay width wise but need to add maybe a couple inches to length , which will make top stitching on the smaller one easier!
I will use a lighter batting as well of maybe some type fab rather then the W&N.
Which even though thin was to much for this size bag or at least in MHO...;-)
May do some with heaver fab and no batting.
I also did top stitiching all the way around the bag. Just like that finished look.
I could see this with a different bottom round maybe.
Anyway once you get the hang of how it is to go together, is not complicated at all!

Thanks Pat Sloan for the New Years Day Sew Along!!


  1. Adorable!! What a great job,your choice of fabrics is so pretty, thanks for posting it's perfect!

  2. love it Laurie!!!


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