Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Days

 This is Friday evening. Snow still blowing temps falling even colder. 11F and 10 F is as close to single digits as I wish to be and not even that! COLD IS COLD. Been a long cold week! Yes this from a gal who was raised partly in the cold North! DH left office early to beat the mess that happened in the evening on the  major and other roadways. A big mess!
Snow and ice mix once in a bit. This is out the back window across the field.
 Saturday morning sun coming out! YES! Still cold though.
As you can see it is ice on the walkway. So DH did a scraping job on them. Hoping sunshine would do the rest.
Well we still have ice and snow today, Sunday! Calling for higher temps so this will become a memory soon!!!
DH also did this yesterday! Choc chip cookies with pecans. Oh My warm from oven 'yummyness'!
 I sewed up these..more to do today.

Also have my Tisket Tasket to the layer and quilt point..finally! It almost feels like an antique at this point in time! hahahhaha!

I have another project I wish to work on today as well. Need a bit of variety ya know..;-)
Sunshine is coming though the windows! DH is working in kitchen, (shrimp, fish, cole slaw) , so all is right in my world  as of now!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

 Aunt Dot gave me this amaryllis for Christmas. Never had one in the rocks before. Always did the ones with soil. I added the water as instructed. Then had to be placed in a sunny bright spot. Well here that has been hit or miss  of late. I have managed to chase the sunshine around the house with it. So it has become a traveling amaryllis!
For now it is on the table so we can enjoy it blooming. This was yesterday. Today second bloom is open. There is a third one on the way as well. 
 Is a pretty dark pink. I have had reds and even pink stripe ones before. I always set them out in spring. They do great. Spot that I normally use though may not be best anymore . The shrubs there are now to tall.
This is our big snow! Did have very low temps though, So had some freeze. Ice on roads out here in the boonies. So Friday some schools were on 2 hr delay, others just closed. Early this AM was 17F when DH got up. Sunshine is out now so warming up! Amazing it can be so very cold but have such bright sunshine and blue skies!!!
So far 2 days of some very bright sunshine!! WANDAMUS! Can sit in sewing room and soak up some natural Vit D!

Have been working on a couple projects. I do have a wool one I would really like to finish up. May switch to that one to give me a break from 2.5" squares! ;-)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

At Last...

 ..I played with fabrics in the 'clean' sewing room! Above is the focus Virginia Tech fabric. Check this link with Hancock's of my fabric. Sorry just cannot seem to get the colors right with my camera. Another rainy and gray day so no help there. Snow in forecast for later tonight! NO!
Anyway here is my old school design board.;-) Ciphered on the old style calculator as well. Oh dear I am almost an antique. I prefer to be called 'vintage' thank you!
Whew! Was a long day standing at cutting table. A lot of squares! My right hand, back/neck and legs are not happy with me today. 
Here is a partial layout of where I am headed with the 12 inch blocks. Had to have that extra gold/orange color in there as well so decided on this layout. I am assuming this quilt will get a lot of use and abuse during many a game! So not going for quilt show worthiness here...;-)

I have been so proud of myself having not used 2012 in place of 2013 yet this new year!
Till today that is!
As I was doing my 'save as' on these pics...1 2012 went on each one!!!! So will have to rename them so can stay on track for when I need to recall this important time in my sewing history!!!!hahahaha!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I see floor again... now I can actually move around in here again! This is looking in from the door. It is not a total reorganized space but a workable for now space!;-) Meaning I can pull out cutting table and sit at machine table!
 I still have not redone the fabrics yet. I had mad money to spend over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales while free shipping was being offered as well.
So it is still in piles here and there. At least not burying the cutting table or sewing machines anymore! Will it stay this way long?? No idea! If I was a good gal and pick up after myself, would have a good shot at staying neat. I will try....;-)
Speaking of machines. Here is my new light weight take along machine.  Singer Athena 2009. Yes may look heavy but isn't.  Was a Cyber Monday deal. Not too impressed with the new Singer machines though. I had given my small 1994 quilting Singer to my DIL. She is wanting to sew now. Was a great machine, wonderful top stitch. I wanted a machine with a few of the stitches my Bernina has for taking to work shops. Tension issues on this one already but working through them. Customer service from Singer is also not what used to be. Took them 3 weeks to answer my email and then did not address my issues.
Glad it was a super cheap deal or this baby would be back in box and gone! Just my humble opinion.
See I can cut at the table again! No more moving stuff into dining room. Do not want to make that a habit.
I can also pull this table out and open up all the way in living room for big lay out jobs.
 This pile will go away in a bit too. Just have to sort medical paper work and more shredding. That old gold sewing box was Aunt Dot's. Plan to use it as my take along to work shops! Strap to top of my rolling cart!
One more soon to be stored away pile. Wool. All washed cut and ready to use. 
Here is the 'bleeding' fabs. Yes they were very bad. But hoping all will be well now. Will do a wash after I have the quilt done. Simple patch pattern for a a lap quilt. Nothing fancy!
That high $ college fabric raveled like a 'B' I must say! Seems sort of like I lost an inch off my yardage! No did not sew edges or pink them. Maybe next time I will think about it!

Whew.. been busy doing the clean out straighten up in other places. Did hall linen closet too!
Looks great for now! Have a sack of things for local animal shelter too.
Planned on doing some in DH's closet today but what a mess!!!
Maybe just a wee bit of folding on top shelf then back to my sewing room!!!!!

Yet another dreary day here. Wet and colder. We need the rain but gee whiz does it all have to come at one time!
Is a good day to be inside!!

Chicken and dumplings for supper! Hot and delish.
No.. I do not have a recipe. I just make 'em like my Granny and Mama did.
Muck up my dough, roll out, cut n drop in my chicken and veggie broth.
Not complicated or healthy either for that matter but good for the tummy's soul!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


All the Christmas demo is finally over! All boxed up and put away.
Had extra to do this year. We bought some new things and a few gifts for next year.
Glad we had the extra totes left over from last May's water pipe flood!
Sort of sad to put away all the pretty decorations. House seems sort of empty with no warm glow!
Oh well just have to get out some of my country clutter and do her up again...or so 2 gals have told me!;-)

Went to big city yesterday for eye appointment. Went well. Will have some new 'eyes' in a week to 10 days. Was a nasty day to be out though. Rain and brisk temp. Had to go by Hancock's to pick up another yard of the Virginia Tech fabric. Went before my appt so no time to look around at sale stuff...just as well! I used my 50% coupon on the college fabric so at 11.99 a yard that was a savings!

After appt went by Joann's as needed some backing. Found one I like but sadly have to wash it first. Has the stiff feel and smell of chemicals. Is a bleeder. Just did the wet spot test. The burgundy is perfect though and has smallish flicks in it. Enough to hide my less than perfect quilting! I prefer to wash only after finishing. No pre-wash of fabrics. Just my preference. I know there are lots of opinions on this issue. If I do pre-wash has to be all fabrics for the project. Then starch n press! UGH! Seems a waste of time when it was done for you. So will only do it on fabric that must be washed as in this one or fabrics from clothing or such that has to be washed for whatever reason.

 Hard to believe they still have this around after all these years! Yes I paid 2013 prices for 4 yards of a 1994 fabric! Did get 40% off. Not a very good pic of color. It is a nice burgundy red, darker too.
 Enjoyed a fun day with Alice and G-man before Christmas was finally past! He loved his fun t-shirts or seemed too! He is a fun kid! Gave him some vintage Star Wars stuff I had managed to collect from my thrifting days!
Now here is Ms Alice with her cat Fabby Tabby. hahaha! He is stuffed with goodies! DH and I found him way back in the summer and decided he would go home with Alice for Christmas! She had other goodies too. Hope she enjoys them! She is so good to all her pals ...spoils us so she deserves some spoiling too!
My battery died on camera!  Have charging. So no pics. One of my gifts from Alice was a layer cake of Chateau Rouge French General by Moda! LOVE IT! Plus she gifts me with vintage/civil war repros she gets in her scrap bags she orders! Had a lovely fabric box full, buttons, also cute ornie for the tree. Two cute place mats, will take pic of later. After took up Christmas ones put them on table to use! Sure there was loads more. Thanks Alice for being the sweet gal you are!
Plan to go to her home this coming Friday to sew some. Think pilla cases.
Sure will will have a fun day and it will go by too fast as always!

Also had to put my car in shop. They towed it in!!  I do love my car but was almost ready to have a car payment again!! Got it fixed though so will run it till it finally dies I reckon! Repair bill was high but still less then buying a new one!!

Well best get too it! Plan on doing some work in sewing room. Have too really. Need to find the sewing machine!!!!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 is here all bright and shiny new! May it bring you much joy.
Happy New Year!