Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Wishes

Wishing all my fellow American visitors a Happy Thanksgiving!
However you enjoy celebrating your day of being grateful and counting blessings hope it is a lovely day !

We will be with family sharing a lovely meal and happy to be together one more year!
DH and I will travel to our son's home with our part of the meal.
We are cooking a country salt cured ham ( have it soaking now), collards and DH famous rolls!
Always have ham and turkey.  Just a Virginia country way.
Pretty sure we will come back home waddling, rubbing our tummy and ready to just not move! ;-)

Sewing has been a bit slack. Did some things but not as much as hoped.
Between busy times, behind the scenes issues and being sick my plans got waylaid!!
I did do a cleanup whirl around the sewing room today getting ready to make some Christmas gifts.
Put the Fall themed fabrics away and pulled out some Christmas fabrics.
Going for simple and easy so I may be able to tackle and finish my list!
Have at least a month to give it a shot!
Hope Springs Eternal as the old saying goes! 

Take care everyone and be safe!
Happy Thanksgiving!