Saturday, February 27, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!

I added up all the chances, typed them up, printed them out,
folded, put in the Drawing Box
( yes I named it)
Put top on and shook it up then pulled a name!

Out of the Drawing Box I pulled out "Tonya"!
When I saw the name I was giggling ..yes because of the turtles!!
Her name was 'Cute Lil Racer'.

This is what I picked up for this Giveaway at the quilt show.
A Deb Strain Love U Charm Pack!
Would make a cute kid's charity quilt!!;-)
So Tonya send me an email in 48 hrs!!!!

Thanks to all who played along and thought of names!
Lots of cute ones!!
A big thanks so much to those who sent for a kit to make more of these special quilts.
My intention with this Giveaway was to inspire others to send for the kits and make one too!!
These quilts do not go home with the kids. They remain at the hospitals where they are sent.
So you can bless many different children with one cute quilt!
So when you quilt them do a super good utility job on them as they will be washed a lot!
Will post a pic of mine when I get back to it.

This horrid cold caught up big time with me yesterday .
We came on home from Quilt Show early.
Will post on that later.
I am only up to do this and then back to my bed I go.
DH went to town for some stuff from drug store for me.
Woe is me.. woe is me...;-(

Friday, February 26, 2010

Get a Grip

That is what I have done!
Man was I losing it!
Yes sir those rules were beginning to slip some when I was using the rotary cutter...;-)
Now what did you think I was say'n???!! Hahaha!
I had tried a couple simple remedies but they did not really work for me.
No way could I afford to replace all my rules for the newer non slip ones.

I bought this InvisiGrip by Omnigrid at my LQS.
Did not break the bank so worth a try.

Had enough to do all these!
So far so good.
You can check online for it too.. try I Have A Notion , Kelly carries so many super notions.

I am headed out today to the quilt show.
Can't say will stay long as this cold is working on me but will give a go.
Wind blowing a gale here!!!
Suppose to be fairly sunny though with temps rising later today.
Sure hope so as 25 mile winds with 24 F is beyond cold to my poor old body!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Please read the Name That Quilt Post for my giveaway!!

I am headed to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, VA on Thursday..maybe Friday!!
At any rate I am going and will pick up something there for the one whose name I draw out of the pot!!
It is held at the really nice Hampton Roads Convention Center.
So if any one is planning to be there on either of these days email me !
Maybe we may can meet up!!!

Thanks so much for all the kind words and emails about my Father's Birthday post!
You all are always so sweet and kind!!!
Just felt like I had to acknowledge the fact he was born 100 years ago!
Still hard to imagine.
Time does indeed march on.
All we have is the RIGHT NOW of it so I hope I am filling up my RIGHT NOW with love and wonderful memories !!

Can you believe the weather people are saying that "S" word again for here!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!
Was so nice Sunday 60F and yesterday we got up to 62F then it rained.
Now cold again and cloudy too!
Oh well it is still Winter here after all.

Here is a pic I took this past Sunday of some crocus that are blooming !
Only ones so far.They do handle cold really well.
They are just a touch of bright prettiness on a dark cold cloudy day!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

100 years ago..., February 19, 1910 my father was born.
What a pretty baby boy he was!! All cotton top blond.
Born to his parents while they were in Texas.

Hard to think if he had lived past his 69th birthday till today he would be that old!
He was older than my Mama by 10 yrs. Not too much back in those days.
I do recall as a child some would ask if he was my grandfather;-)
I only ever knew him to have his snowy white hair.
Which he took great care to keep the 'yellow 'out!

My Aunts both told me he was a firecracker and prankster as a child.
This one makes me giggle.
Why did he have on an eye patch???;-)

When he was a young man he worked on the Panama Canal , swam with Tarzan, Johnny Weismuller, in Florida, wrestled alligators, loved to dance, rode an Indian Motorcycle doing handstands and was quite the ladies man.
Lived through the Great Depression and a lot of history.
Wish I had taken the time to learn more from him about his life.
Sadly I did not know time was running out to take the time.
Too young to know that some day I would understand things on a different level.

If I am to believe my Mama, she always said I was my father's child...more like him in more ways then like her. More him than my brothers.
I can see them both when I look in the mirror.
Well I hope I am the best of both of them.
I can truly say I miss them both more than words can express.
Wish I could have them back for just one more day.

So Happy 100th Birthday Daddy!
Hope you and Mama are waltzing across heaven today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Name That 'QUILT'!!

Okay this arrived yesterday!
It is from Quilts for Kids!!
These quilts will go to children hospitals to be used there.

This was the bundle inside.
Everything to make a child's quilt but the batting and thread.

This is the focus fabric in my bundle!
Classic old cars! Cute!

Downy Fabric Softener is the sponsor for this campaign...Touch of Comfort.
A label is included for your name and the name of the quilt.

It really is a simple pieced top that any level sewing ability can do.
Please go check this out see if you would enjoy doing one.
What you do is sew up, simply quilt it and return!
All I did was send an email to the contact email( lower left corner)l requesting the kit to sew.
I sent only my name and snail addy, no phone info.
I got my heads up from my friend Liz of A Redneck Dingbat Quilter.
Thanks Liz!!

Now for that post title again...NAME THAT QUILT!!
Help me name this lil darling!!
I need some ideas!!
You can see the fun focus fabric above!
So decided I will turn this into a fun giveaway!!
I will be going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show Feb 26th in Newport News, Va.
I will pick up the giveaway gift there!!!

Post to this post only a name suggestion for one chance!
If you are one of my sweet followers(tell me this) you get another chance!
For a third chance let me know you too have sent for this kit to help!!!

So you can be in the pot 3 times!!
You must have a blog and not be set to No Reply.
Will close the giveaway Friday, Feb 26th at 9 PM EST.

Will draw a name on Sat, Feb 27th and post it.

If you do not contact me in 48 hrs from when I post your name, will draw another name.

Look forward to seeing a lot of suggestions!!!!
Thanks for playing and for helping out too!!

Tried to make a 'button'...pitiful I know!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

96 Cent Design Wall

Yes is true!;-)
All 60" X 102" of it!
A vinyl table cloth with flannel backing brand new in package.

I put it over my door.
Which for now has to work for me and it does!

I can make it longer but this will work great for doing pieced blocks.
Besides which Cocoa Kitty CAN NOT rearrange them on there either...;-)

I want to thank each of you for your kind words about my BEEN THINKING post.
Such lovely sweet peeps you all are! ((((YOU))))..hugs!
I am NOT LEAVING BLOG LAND or anything like that.
I am just trying NOT to spend so much time sitting here on my PC.
Yes all things in moderation.
I LOVE blogs ...visiting them ,reading them and looking at all the eye candy!!
I am too nosy rosy not to pop into see what you are all up too!
So by pacing my time online I should have more of MY THINGS to share!
Hummm well let us hope so..hahaha!!
Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing all of my blogging friends a sweet day full of whatever makes you smile!
So far my day has begun well!!
Sweet card, chocolate gift and a wonderful breakfast!!!
DH will be grilling later..yes even in the cold temps!
Awwwhh he loves me....;-)
Yes I am blessed!

Here are my Woolie ♥ Valentines!
I used wool and old lace pieces I fussy cut sewed on.
Back is a cotton fabric.
They are semi filled with dried lavender!
So they are sachets!

My new Valentine LOVE needle roll done by my talented niece!!
So sweet!!!
Have sunshine today but bitter cold!!
Need red long johns instead of fancy red lingerie today!!!!
They are saying another bit of winter stuff maybe headed our way Monday night!

Had a great time yesterday celebrating with the birthday fella!!
Yes I still hold my baby!! Haha!
Thanks for the sweet Birthday Wishes for him!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowy Day to Celebrate a Birthday!

Yes time flies!
It is Feb 13 again!!
Celebrating our baby boy's 33rd birthday today!
Check out last years post.
Happy Birthday to my Lil Man!
Above he is with his sisters 6 kiddos!!
They really had a good time with Unc!
We have snow today so this is sort of like the day he was born.
Had more snow and ice that day though!!
My sweet(late)brother Joel and my DH were like the Key Stone Cops that day so funny!
Oh the sweet memories!
Dad and Mom are busy cooking and baking for a Valentine's Day Eve Baby Boy today.
Making what he requested for his dinner.
We will make some sweet new memories today with him and his sweet wife Susan.
I had best get and get ready!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Been Thinking

This is a post about what has been on my mind this week.

I don’t know about everyone who has a blog and loves reading other blogs but…yes that but.. I really need to spend less time doing it!!

I do not post a post every day on my blog. That was not my goal to begin with.

Did not need another chore to add to my list or to compete with others either.

It simply was an easy fun way to share bits and pieces of my life with others.

Others being friends I had met online, a way to meet new ones and share with those I do not see very often due to miles between us.


I live a pretty isolated life out here in my boonies.

So this opened up a whole world to me!!! I can travel the world and never leave my chair!

I have been so grateful for that many times when my health did not allow me to do much else.

I love all the blogs I visit and all the dear bloggy pals I have made.

So much shared freely, sewing, books, pets, families…and on and on!

I have found myself spending too much time traveling…;-)

Time just gets away from me and before I know it I have no time to do what I had planned!!

Lots of us have said it feels like the year is just flying by!!

So I am trying to cut back on my time in this chair!

Spend a small bit of time visiting my buds in early morning and maybe a small bit in evening only.


Got to get moving again! For my mental and physical health.

Need more structure back in my life.

Yes I thought I would enjoy not having any! NOT!

Loads I want and need to do sewing wise..and not all quilts.

I sew a lot of different things and enjoy it!

Why I named my blog ..and Sew On to cover it all!!;-)

Love my fabrics, trims, old textiles and such.

I ‘dabble’ in so many things. I love it too.

I still have yet to list anything on my other blog ..Cedar Cottage.

Yes I have treasures I want/need to sell .

Just no extra room here in our small home!

No need to keep things you have to keep boxed away!

Let others have the opportunity to use them and love them. ;-)

I need to tweak my sewing room a bit more to have it FINISHED!

So more painting of some furniture shelves and hanging things up.

Spend more time doing for ME!!

I do have a tendency to over load myself doing for others .


No one asks this of me !!

I just can’t get everything I would love to do, done!!!!

My ideas over take my abilities to really do them all!

I get in over my head then feel badly when it is not done in a timely fashion.

Yes I am my own worst enemy!!!


Anyway I think I am rambling now.

Oh hey it is okay after all this is MY BLOG…haha!

So that is my thought provoking post of the day…;-)


Speaking of time…my thrift store shopping day also produced these

pretty calendars!

Turkey Hill Ice Cream one with a pretty quilt on each month.

75 cents CHA CHING!!!

Then this pretty one with art from Debbie Hron.

45 cents CHA CHING!!!

Love these pics on each month!
Cats are adorable!

Each month has a different quilt.

Oh yeah we got COUPONS TOO!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

96 Cent Queen

No this Apple Pecan Coffee was NOT 96 cents.
DH made this last night for the office crew to have today.
Another fella is bring in French Onion Soup for lunch.
Hummmm good eats I must say!
With this horrid nasty blowing windy snow day will be a good warm lunch!
Yesterday I had medical appts so was out an about.
I have not had a thrift store run in a goodly while.
Also no quilt shop stops either. I know SAD!
So on my way back home ..the LONG way.. I got both in!!
I had a very good day out other than the medical stuff!!
I am the 96 cent Queen of the thrift store according to my Sweetie niece!
I have an uncanny way of digging out those deals!

This fabric was in a bag with some other things(for another post) all for 96 cents!
The fat qts, 1/2 yard cut shirting, 1 pc of pretty Waverly and 1.5 yrds of the other which I LOVE!
No idea yet for will come;-)
Now hold on to your blogging hat for next one!

Each 96 cents each!
Each a half yard cut!
I went in looking for some wool skirts or pants in my pear colors.
Did not find any but hey these will work in future projects!!!

This is the project on the wool thimble today!!
Yes has to be done next.
Sort of appropriate as we are getting snow that was suppose to be a 'mix' only and mostly rain!!
Gales up to 50 at times they are saying and I believe them!!
Wanted to get this posted before we lose power!!
It has blinked a couple times already.
More of my 96 cent bargains and quilt shop visit in later posts!!!

My pals north of me STAY WARM AND DRY!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wooly Wooly

Okay the top is done.
Finished it up today.
All has been blanket stitched by hand onto the black wool.
It is 19"X19".
The colors just do not show up well.
I tried several shots and this is best one.
Those leaves look gray but trust me, are a dark green also the light looking ones are not that light!
Oh dear! The woes of an amateur photog with just a 100 buck camera.
Now to decide if it will become a pilla cover or table quilt.
I used wool and wool felt. DMC thread in dark green and tan.
Some of the wool was from an old Army blanket I have been cutting on now for a long time!
My kitty likes it too. Oh Joy! Kitty hair adds that extra special something ya know!
Found her on it when I returned from a tea break!
I used templates from Blossoms In Winter for this.
It is not done exactly like the one in the book , just my spin on it.
A lot of this has been done in doctor's offices by the way..;-)
There are two other projects from this book I plan to cut wool for next.
They involve pears...;-)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Vintage Sandy is having a very awesome one on her blog.
Calling it My Favorite Things Giveaway!
Go check it out... tell her I sent ya!


Here are a couple of red work stitcheries I finished this week.
Have to decide on how I will 'frame' them.
Will I use a wooden frame or do up as small wall quilts?Hummmm.
So have them hanging up to look at to help me decide!
Next finish( I hope) is my wool work..the one with flowers on black.
Been slow around here.
Had other things going on and well blogging sometimes just has to take a back seat.;-)

Snow and ice is melting...have water standing again.
Still some snow in shady areas.
Now have another major storm headed at us. Nor'easter!!!
Here we will get loads of rain and wind later today...we have a icy/snow mix falling now though.
Sadly you can not stack water!!
For Sat afternoon calling for snow that will leave us out here in my neck of the boonies with a possible 1-4 inches. At least less than last one.
Further up well they may get socked in like we were last weekend!
Then another one headed for us will come Wednesday!!! Gee Whiz!!
Some Winter for us this year!!
One we will recall for a while!!
So my pals up the coast from me...get ready!!
Go buy that milk ,bread and eggs...;-)
Hugs to all stay warm and save!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Suck Turnips!!!

See that difference in cuts???
YES I did that. Did it on a precious one and only cut of Thimbleberries fabric!!!
How you ask??
Well just let me say that you should NEVER be measuring and cutting fabrics when your DH is in your sewing room 'visiting' and making you laugh!!!!
Gets hard to see those 3/4" lines on the rule versus 1/4" ones!!!
All is not lost will just use it on another project.
Will simply replace this fabric in the planned quilt with another.
I will ban DH from the sewing room though till I am finished cutting it!!! ;-)

Speaking of DH...the Great Cook.
This is his 'rustic' apple pie he made Sunday.
Simply is ready made pie dough , put apple pie filling( he added some vanilla ) in middle and sprinkled pecans on top.
Fold up dough and bake.
Cool just a bit then cut and serve.

Here is the only snowman I had my hands on during this snow storm!
CUTE! He is one of my 99 cent Target sale items !
Humm ..I can see him in a quilt block ...maybe!!!

Can you believe it is February already???!!
Better get those last 2 hearts done pronto for runner!!
I also have a bunch of family birthdays this month too!!
Better get this dragging tail of mine busy!!!!