Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Wishing every one fun times tonight!!
Watch out on the roads for the cutie goblins running about!!

All the little cuties will be knock'n or ring'n the door bells...wanting them sweet treats!!

All the Jacks glowing a welcome.
FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!!

REMEMBER to FALL BACK tonight....!!!

Turn that clock back 1 hour!!!
Well for those that still do that anyway.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Thanks!

I wish to say thanks so very much for the kind words of support, your prayers and thoughts that went with us to the hospital yesterday.
It went very well with DH's procedure! Dr. E was very happy that his first option was all that was needed!
He had really thought things would not go that well!!
We are staying up beat and positive for the lab tests also.
I will say the stress of this kind of thing hanging over us for 3 mths was taking it's toll.
As DH say's very glad to have July and Oct behind us now!!
We feel very blessed !!!

Sorry did not post update yesterday but when we got home was wore out!
DH napped and I just sort of chilled. ;-)

So Happy Halloween 'Eve' Everyone.
We need to get ready for our lil visitors Saturday night!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some stitches and a request..

Candy Corn stitchery.
My Mama loved Candy Corn.
So we always had plenty of it around in the Fall.
So did this in memory of her.

Fall pillows.
Just used up some left overs from other projects.
I know I need to change out the vintage chair quilt to a Fall one...;-)

Here is the mantle from afar. Per a request.
I do not have the lights on though.
After Halloween I will put the fun things away.
Will have just a Fall theme then.
When you read this I will be at the hospital with DH.
He is having a followup procedure to his every 2 yr colonoscopy.
Please keep us both in thoughts and prayers.
Me for the waiting...DH for the stress of it all, that the doctor will be able to remove all that is needed.
We are staying positive that there will be no need for any more procedures!
Thanks so much!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 you...;-)

Why Boo???
Well here is the Boo wreath that greets you on the front door.

Then we have the Boo stitchery pillas on the mantle.
A few tiny witches hats and some candy corn.

Yes it is really Halloween week for sure when the Batty Boo Quilt is hung!

Blocks were part of a block swap.
So cute and fun!
Don't do scary here!
Wishing you a BOO-teaful day!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Tea and Falling Leaves

Today I am sharing my Colonial Homestead Teapot by Royal, along with a few other pieces.
Welcome to my Fall Tea.

Enjoying a cup of Twining's Irish Breakfast Tea with thin slices of moist fruit cake.
I have it set up on an antique small desk with one of my first quilt pieced works from 1985 called Falling Leaves.
Think here it works for a cool Fall day cup of tea.

Here is a close up of the 'Blessing' that is on a few of the different serving pieces.
I have been collecting this pattern for 30 yrs.
I love the simple look of it. On each piece is a different scene or item on the Colonial Homestead inside a log home.
When I found this teapot I felt like I had found GOLD!!!! It is a true treasure to me anyway.
I have plenty to use all plates and such for the big Christmas open house we have every year.
The green just seems to say Christmas when I pair it with red.
As you can see though it too goes well with Fall colors as well.
Hope you are inside by the fire enjoying a cup of warm tea on this gray Fall day.. at least that is what is outside my window here in my part of Virgina!
Please blog on over to Kim's Blog , Shabby, Pink and Pretty,and check out all the other blogs celebrating Tea Tuesday!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Porch Fall Stuff Up

The Halloween Punkin and his un-carved friend..;-)

Porch steps .

Scrow display to right of steps.
This is a JoAnn's sale item a few years old I re-did as he got very worn looking last year!

Old bucket full of fall flowers.

Wreath that hangs on double windows.

Urn of fall flowers on top of an old Milk Box a pal gave me and the wee wagon.
I had not done the first thing for Fall decor outside or in for that matter.
Inside will wait a bit we know the house is a bit of a mess still...;-)
Well DH went and bought a medium size pumpkin home.
Said was just not right there not being one on steps. ha ha ha!
So I said well reckon I will do a wee bit of some Fall display stuff out there as well.
DH brought round the tubs so I could dig out what I would use.
I really do not want to have to buy anything.
Most of my things will need replacing soon as is.
I am thinking I will paint my lil wagon that holds the chenille punkins black.
I also hung the Boo Wreath on front door but did not get a pic.
I reckon it will be enough for the 3 trick or treaters I have...;-)
Pretty much all I did today.
Tomorrow I am back at the home stuff again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunrise today..peek at the past

This was the view out my window this AM .
I was up before the sun!!
Yes I know not like me but I have a busy day today!!
I am taking Aunt Dot back to the doctor in the big city.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Yet another place has appeared near where the last horrid cancer was.
Just don't think she can stand another ordeal like that.
Thanks so very much.
Since I have no sewing or such to share will
show another of my family quilts.
This is an applique flower pot.
Threads to match the flowers were used .
Black thread on the pots.
It has been used!
That just makes it all the more special to me.

Here is a close up of the flower pot.

I received this one from my Aunt Alma.
Not sure who made it.
I am almost sure was made by Great Aunt Mary, Grandmother Lola and maybe also Great Grandmother Nora ( who lived to be in her 80's ).
They did a lot of these back in the 30's.
Treasure to me... pure treasure!

I have been MIA from my blog this week. ;-(
Yes very busy!! I can't seem to find the time in my day to do it all as some do!;-)
I have cleaned out a large hall closet and my closet !!Sent things to Thrift and some things passed on to friends. Still have the cedar wardrobe yet to do.
Made room for some of the things I do not want out in my sewing room...yes still trying to keep floor space open !!;-)
Feels good to finally have that out of the way.
Now on to seeing what waits for me under the guest room bed! Ha!!

This has to be ifs or ands about it.
The carpet needs to be installed before Thanksgiving!!!
Besides that we are cooking BD dinner for our DIL this Sat.
Dining room looks like a Goodwill sorting work room !!ha ha!
Lots to do when I get back home today!!
So hope to soon be back to my sleep in til 7Am , get up , blog and sew days soon!!!
We had a frost here this past week so leaves and such are turning!!
More Fall looking now!!!
Wishing all a very enjoyable weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh My Goodness!!!

Yes loads of goodness in all these giveaways!!!

I am behind on my blogging and such.

I pull up blog after blog with so many of the same giveaways posted!


I am thinking a lot of folks have to know by now all about them!!

To be entered though I have to post as well so here we go!!

If by some chance YOU have NOT read about them go on over get in the drawings!!

Such wonderful folks who will put together these awesome gifts to share with others!

Brenda of Pumpkin Patch Primitives is having a Happy Halloween Giveaway!

A Fat Quarter Bundle of Red Rooster's Pumpkins & Spice Fabrics by Whimsicals. Yes, that's 27 fat quarters!!!!

Molly's Place has a
So go check that out !!

Sharing With Sherri has
Go check out her wonderful items!!!

Well it seems I am too late for some of the other giveaways so just hurry on over for these!!!!

I am very busy here with my home projects.
I do hope every one is having a great week getting lots of fun sewing done!!
Happy Wednesday!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain and Warm Comfort


Lots more rain...1.5 inches ..and still raining.

First fire of the season to knock off chill and dampness..

Nice warm peach cobbler...

Pretty vintage soup dish with pumpkins in bottom...

Dish filled with hot comforting homemade Chicken and Dumplings.
Yeah sometimes cool rainy days can be a blessing.

I may change my mind come Monday though!!!
Seems they are calling for same messy weather all weekend too!
Oh well I can turn over the kitchen to DH... curl up with a quilt, a good book and a nice pot of tea by the fire.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend doing what ever you have planned.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a jungle.... the utility room!
I spent yesterday bringing in the tender plants that the cold temps and cold wind would harm.
No not expecting a freeze or frost but some tropicals cannot take too much cold.
Was time anyway. Cut back what needed it and really should trim some more!
I did leave the ferns and spider plants hanging on the porch.
DH will just have to deal with that as there is no more room in the inn!!!
I have the dining room window area full of peace lilies!
So my sewing and other work in progress was put on hold.
Well as I say that I did do a tiny bit of painting .
This wreath I plan to hang in the sewing room and this small leaf shelf.
I hope to make a sewing themed wreath with some old spools of thread I have and a few other things.

I had a pot of beef and veggie soup simmering on stove yesterday.
May do a Chicken Pot Pie today or Chicken and Dumplings today.
We are having a tad bit of a cold snap here...well for us on the coast in southern VA that is.
Not snowing or such thank goodness!
Just a very brisk cold North wind blowing with rain!
Logs will go on here in a few I am thinking!!

Any way back at it today after I do some house chores that cannot be put off any longer!
We do need clean clothes, bills paid and such! ;-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes when you least expect it....

….you are blessed by someone's act of kindness!!!

Perks you up and makes you feel better at that given moment !!

The sweet gal sending me a blessing all the way from California was Mary!!

Mary is a very sweet person in spirit and her caring ways.

She has a wonderful blog…Mary’s Tea Cottage on which she shares her beautiful home, and tea china collections .

She also shares her faith and inspiring words.

Mary’s life is not perfect but she still manages to see the right and bright side of life anyway.

We are Tea Buds…sharing our love of tea.;-)

I was so surprised to receive a large box from her and once opened was even more surprised!

She blessed me with some of her pretty stash!

You know me and fabric…right up there with chocolate!!!! ;-)

I was ouuuuhing and awwwhing. All so pretty!! Saying " Mary what in the world"...;-)

I have already thanked Mary privately but wanted to acknowledge this generous gift here as well.

I hope you will visit Mary on her blog soon.

You will come away feeling good I assure you!

Sweet hugs and thanks again Mary!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tea ... pretty in pink...

This little pot's shape reminds me of Cinderella's carriage.. pumpkin like.
Well not so much the color... it is a pink cutie!
Here it is placed on top a vintage dollie lining a silver tray with a pretty rose tea cup, pink sugar and creamer, silver spoon and one of Aunt Alma's Irish Linen tea napkins.
Speaking of those napkins and the small tea table cloth ...would never use them for real!!!
I would be heart broken if something stained them!
Please visit Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty for her Tea Time post along with a list of others who may have joined in for today.
Back to my cup of tea waiting in my peaceful sewing room...yes I am sewing.
Can't share it yet though!
Can say it is 'tea related'... ha ahaha!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fluffed, Foundled, Folded and Rolled

Here are some of my beloved Thimbleberries fabrics and a few kits.
Oh yes some special batiks too.

These are rolled up fats!
Saw this done in a booth at a quilt show.
Love how it fits them all snug into this shoe cubby.
A few half yards too.
Now you can catch these closet pieces on sale at Target for cheap.
Many uses other then for clothing!!
Even if you are a needle worker or paper/card/ scrapbooker.

Here is a shot of closet with flat folds and bolts.
The upper shelf is holiday themed fabrics along with a few other themed things.
3 stacks. I hope to have less of these once I begin my sewing for the grands!!

Even DH thinks this display looks pretty from the doorway.
OH NO.. think he may be getting bit by the fabric sewing bug???
No don't think so!
Baskets on top hold many W'sIP.
Did not get a pic of inside middle cabinet.oops. will next time.
It has thread on one shelf and some homespun on one for now.
We made a big dent in the job today for sure.
D, niece, and I worked all day. She is my doll gal!!
DH cooked and fed us!
No, not done by a long shot but well on my way!!
I need to rest my 'thinker' a bit.
I want to come up with more creative storage for more of my needful stuff.
Also have to sort and redo my other baskets, rolling storage and such.
I hope I am inspiring some of you to sort, clean out, redo an also maybe give a few ideas to make your space work better too!
I can honestly say this room now makes me feel good to be in here !!!!
My niece D told me to sew some today...feed my soul a bit.
So I am...;-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Albums.....uh nooo..

It now is a nifty book holder instead!!
I found this vintage record album holder at a thrift a while back.
Was thinking I could use if for books.
YES! It works! Looks cool to I think!!
Was thinking about painting but decided to leave as is for now.
Fits right into that small area by the closet door .

We are slowly putting things back into the room.
Got the big pieces in, now for all the bits 'n bobs!
No way can I be done in just a weekend!
This will be my on going project for the week!!
Niece D is coming tomorrow to help put fabric into the cabinets.
Got to start somewhere may as well be with FABRIC!! Ha!Ha!!
Okay off to shower and rest for early AM!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Not much... here to report.
I did get some things mailed out.
More to go. Hope by Monday.
All my PIF's were sent out a bit ago and received by Laurie, Ann and Elaine.
Part of Laurie's went missing so one of the packages going out today is her wee stuff... ha!
I did put a hanging sleeve and a label on a gift if that counts as hand.
I also decided to rip/cut out some home spun squares for a simple block fallish rag quilt.

10", 8", 6", 4", 2" are my measurements. ;-)
May put a pc of batting between the 10" and 8"...not sure, ,might be thick enough with just layers of fabric. Simple Dimple.
Will sew up with black thread than wash it.
No way can any lil one hurt it as it will be already ragged. Ha!Haa!!
Got Christmas colors ready to do up too.
I also want to do log cabin runner with some homespun, Fall and Christmas .

Hope more work is done on my 'room ' this weekend!!
Wishing ya'll a good weekend !!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sewing Spot

I was able to find a spot at an end of the dining room table to sew up this block for Terry's Quilt.
Sending out to Laurie tomorrow.
Thimbleberries fabric is as pretty country as you can get in my humble opinion...;-)
Camera just seems to not be able to pick up true colors!

Tried to get a decent shot of the painted shutter cabinets in a row.
Sorry best I can do now till they are in the sewing room.
I do have more things to paint but they can wait a bit.
I am hoping to get a lot of fabric back in these.
I will line them again with paper.
Did not paint the inside.
Sun did finally come out yesterday but along with it came some high winds!
I still manged to hang up my wash on the line and it dried!
Farmers have picked all the corn and the vintage trucks delivered it to silos to dry.
I get so tickled to see some of them still working .Some are 50's and a few 60's!
Now others are waiting on the cotton bows to finish opening out.
Already sprayed the defoliant on it.
I love it when the fields look all white!
We have soy beans up here by the house so they will be a while before they are ready for harvest. Will turn a pretty golden brown.
Off to run some errands!!!
Will check in on some Houston Show gals when I get back!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sour to sweet....

..well so to speak.
Like if you are given lemons make lemonade. Well you get the idea!!
Remember when I said DH would not ALLOW me to paint over a black walnut simple book shelf??
I had to come up with another option for my small cabinet to sit on.
Yesterday I showed you the 'new option' after I painted it.
Well look here!!!

Better then it would have been on the other shelf anyway!!!!
So yes DH helped me out by having his hissy fit. haa haaa!!!!
The baskets fit perfectly, (one day make new liners for them).
I had to run around and 'do it up' some!
I tried it centered but like it this way best.

Added the big button jars an a make do pin cushie made by a pal on an old candle stick.
I will add a vintage dresser scarf to it or quilted runner.
I am so ready to move in and fix it up to work in again!!
Not sure if I have shared this or not.
I was thinking of using some balloon shades I already had made on my windows.
Changed my mind when I realized I like the light that comes in the room with the upper part of the windows uncovered.
Well I came across this very vintage looking drapery yardage in my stash.

Goes with the soft green walls so well. May not show up here as well as 'in real'...;-)
I am making some simple tiers adding a trim in a check/plaid or other fabric to it for that look I love.
They will hang a bit over half way up ,leaving the upper open!
That way no one sees me from the road but still some what open.
I may at a later date find a shade of some sort to hang above window to raise the look of the window.
Now to look for a rod to use I already have.
Trying so hard not to buy anymore than we have too.
So far so good!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Strap Molasses Brown....

Yes that is what I call this small teapot.
No makers mark on it or any markings at all.
Has a unique lid on it though.
This is a nice one cup pot or 2 if you use very small tea cups...;-)
I just love its smallness and the uniqueness of it.
Please go check out Kim's Blog for her post on Tea Time Tuesday and I am sure she has a list of others who are sharing tea things today as well.
Mondays work was more painting for me.
I did find a new option for sitting my small shuttered cabinet on though.
This one.

So it is all painted and ready for duty.
Have baskets that will sit on those shelves.
I am getting there!
Soon will be MOVE IN DAY!
Tired of the piles and mess!!!
Next will be clean up time as all this work has created a fair amount of dust!!
Happy Tea Time Tuesday Folks !
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!

No idea what happened !
This was set to post Tuesday...10-06-09!!!