Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calendar Quilt Progress and BURIED TREASURE!

Calendar Quilt progress is coming along.
I got a spur under my saddle and decided to finish out the month of Jan.;-)
I still have to put the month and year on it with the Election Day info on but I am ready for Feb to begin!
I am keeping up with my color theme as I go along. Will see how far I can get before I have to BUY some fabric for it!!!!
Now as far as what the end design for the quilt will look like, no idea right now.
I may end up cutting my long strip blocks in half, and even having 2 lap quilts , will decide on that closer Dec ‘09 gets here.
For now will just do a long monthly strip.

As I was looking through my ‘fabric collections’…I came across some bags of pre-cut strips.
I recalled I was in a swap once which was called a Noodle Swap… ha!!
Some were 12 inches plus long..CHA CHING!! . Most of these were 7 or 8 inches long but 2 inches wide. I had bags of some extras I had cut as well.
Anyway along with my own strips left over from other projects I had dug out I had these too.
I also dug out a bag of Christmas fab ones I had planned for doing a String Quilt!!!

I pulled out what I can use on the above mentioned Cal Quilt and was looking at the rest.
Hummmmm…. why not begin some new projects on top of all the other ones you have going on Miss Pris! (Lil devilish angel on my shoulder speak'in).. Ha!!
So I did. These lovely floral ones will be a couple pretty quilted bags, the design I have yet to draw out.
Will add some pretty tone on tones for handles , etc.
So Spring looking I think and romantic!!!
Simple sew up of two strips then cut , sew up into sqs and sew up into blocks!
Fast patchwork! Love fast!

Other project begun was the cute quilt top up beside the Cal Quilt strips in picture above.
Was some sqs I had left over from a baby quilt I made a few years ago. Yes another bag I found! Love those zip lock Glad Bags!!
Decided I would sew up a bigger top to just have on hand.
So I am now pulling and ripping some strips of fabs for the in between strips/blocks of this top!

Maybe I should change the name of my blog to Rambin’s of a SEW WILD ‘n’ CRAZY GAL!!!

For an easy String Quilt check out this Tut! Would work for a Cal Quilt too and also easy quilt as you go for smaller projects.

Hummm.... I wonder if any one is doing the 'quilt as you go tech 'on their Calendar Quits....;-)


  1. I am thinking of doing the quilt as I go technique for the calendar quilt and either ending up with 12 mini quilts or at the end joining them together. Depends I guess a bit on how the colours work out.

  2. I love love love floral material....Lani

  3. I have a baby quilt for a gift toget sewn. You give me the incentive!

  4. There's plenty of activity happening in your sewing room. The fabrics for your quilted bags are gorgeous.

    You Sew Sister!.....Ann :)


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