Friday, July 22, 2011

More 'room' inspiration!

Scatter Girls are having a :

Creative Spaces Link Up Party

Go check out more rooms used for creating !
May come out with some ideas for your own area for sewing or crafting!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zavier Update!! Good News!!

Okay new grand news!!! Zavier is coming home!

Well he finally weighs enough and things are progressing enough! He will go back to Vanderbilt in Nashville for his chemo in a week then every 2 weeks! Eventually surgery for the rest and rehab! So if you wish to send any more mail please mail to me and I will forward it on now!

You can email me for addy info at!

Thanks once again for all the prayers, good thoughts gifts of all kinds while Zavier was in hospital! To each of you a big hug from me ! I wish each of you many good blessings!

Zavier still has a long road ahead but we have to remain positive and keep the faith!

Zavier spelled with a 'Z' is his name. Not Xavier . Just the way DD and her Husband named him. All their kids tend to have rather 'unique' names...;-)

My toe drama continues. It is healing nicely says doctor. Looks horrid to me still..;-) !Have my pain meds and do as dr says putting up when needed. Left one will have to be done as well. OH FUN! At least I know what to expect! Sometimes that is NOT a good thing! Oh well we deal!

On to a pretty pic of more of DH's summer harvest! More CUKES! Course we are picking Aunt Dot's now as well so double the YUM! Also have her blueberries to pick!

Not doing pickles this year. So been looking at other cuke recipes.
Found one for Cucumber Salsa. Maybe DH will want to try that.
Check it out here Taste of Home.
More out there, just Google 'Cucumber salsa' . Could also just do your own thing and use whatever you have on hand! Make up your own recipe.
Also saw the dipped and fried cuke recipe! Oh My!
DH did fry me some green tomatoes!! Goodness Gracious DELISH!!
I have to confess his were better than mine which are good too!
Could have just been partly my not having to cook them and being served on a tray with feet propped up in recliner!! hahaha!

Okay off to put foot back up. Toe is saying 'pretty please give me a rest'!
Thanks again for all your thoughts,prayers and kindness to Zavier and to me!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where 'they' Sew!

Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio is hosting this month long 'where i sew' event.
She has invited some of the best known designers to share their sewing spaces.
Anna Maria Horner, Kay Whitt, Betz White, Kristin Link and others!
So if you like looking around sewing areas of others here is a big chance!
May even come away with some ideas to use in your own space!
Speaking of your own can share that too!
Check it out here!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Work'n On

Soooo see I am work'n... on getting this toe well!!
Not going to show ya how 'pretty' it is under that bandage! ;-)
A lot better today than I was Saturday I can assure ya!
Least I know what to expect on the next one! UGH!!
I tried to do stuff on DH's lap top but I was LOST!
Used to my desk top PC.

Good news from Zavier also!
He walked a goodly distance in his walker!!!
Still has a way to go to kick that cancer to the curb but this is amazing!!!
Zavier's spirits are very up and he is proving to be a real fighter!
Still has more chemo to get through so do not know when he will be released.
Once again we thank everyone for all the prayers, thoughts and gifts of love sent to Tennessee!!

Hugs to all!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Some good news, some not so good.

The giveaway I won from Open Gate on her blog tour arrived yesterday!
Was a bright spot in a rather sad day!
Look at those fabrics in the small quilt kit. Yummy!

Monique has great instructions on how to use her ruler and a pattern included!
Can't wait to give it a go!
Thank you again Monique!!

Pretty old feed sacks, gifts from Aunt Dot.
Yesterday our sweet Aunt Dot and Uncle Ollie were moved to Raleigh, NC to live with their daughter. Best thing for them as they needed help 24 hrs.
I could not do that.
Aunt Dot at 90 yrs has lived in that house most of her life on this farm!
Uncle Ollie all his married life.
So all the last 2 weeks has been sorting out, packing and giving away their life time of things!
Still more to do later in the Fall but for now, a rest.
We all cried as they were loaded up for their new adventure.
Aunt Dot wanted to pack me in her suitcase but I just would not fit!
We will be making runs to Raleigh . Not as far as it could be I reckon.
I will say it feels lonely up here on the farm already. Just us now.
Last folks standing as they say.

One of Aunt Dot's gifts to me... her Mama's glass door pie safe.
Inside is some of her Daddy's cigar boxes.
It will live in my sewing room now.

To DH went his great Granny's cast iron griddle.
Will share more things on other posts.
As I said a sad time but they are safer now.
Change is hard but part of living.

Today I have some surgery being done on my right big toe.
Psoriasis has caused me so much pain and problems with these toes and nails.
Nail has to be removed...forever! No new one coming back!
OH NO bald and naked toe!! LOOK AWAY!
I figure on the grand scheme of things losing a couple toenails could be considered minor.

So please think of me today with maybe a prayer or two that all goes well with the Doctor's scalpel. That pain pills work and no complications!
Oh yes could you send up one for Aunt Dot too that she settles into her new home and enjoys her retirement. I told her she has now officially retired and to NC no less!!

Thank you so very much!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

cuke mac salad

I made this macaroni salad using fresh cucumbers , red onions and banana peppers from DH's garden. Stirred it up with some black pepper and ranch dressing! Simple and yummy!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Goodness me...

... I be a winner!! Yes me!! Recall the blog post about the Open Gate July 4th Blog Tour below???
Well my name was drawn by Monique to win her Fit to be Quarter Ruler . Click on link to check it out. Monique and her Tour Pals also shared patterns, tips and how tos for this ruler on their blogs through out this tour. I had just about decided I NEEDED one and here I am blessed with one!!

Also in Monique's giveaway was a kit for this cutie bitty quilt!
You all know I love me some reds so this will fit right in!!!
Thanks Monique for the giveaway but also for a wonderful Blog Tour.
Loads of yummy recipes on each blog too.
Not too late to check them out!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Open Gate Quilts Blog Tour

Monique of Open Gate Quilts is hosting a 4th of July Blog Tour.
Begins on July 4th and goes through July 8th.

Go check it out and see the different designer/bloggers participating!
First up is Monique with a freebie and recipe!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy July 4th!!

Just sharing some of our summer red, white and blue, past and present!
Hope you enjoy!

Flags tucked here and there.

Hung as wall art.

Old Glory of just 49 stars folded upon even older quilts.

My red Abe Lincoln dish.

Vintage George Washington Tobacco tin.

More flags.

Yes it is Summer on the mantle too.

One of my skinny hangers!

Wishing everyone a wonderful safe and fun Independence Day!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I want to wish all my dear pals up north a wonderful Canada Day!!!
Love you and love the parts of Canada I have been blessed to visit!
Have a happy holiday weekend!!!