Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks to all who have offered me some of their snow…so sweet of ya to want to share it.
I must say NO THANKS!!! You keep it! ;-)
I was just doing a “sorta” rant about the local weather folks here who tend to be WRONG!
I am sure predicting the weather is not a perfect science!
I just wish the ones around here would get it more right than wrong on major storms of any kind.
Now we were cold. Freezing to be exact!
Was so cold one of my Snow fellas off my front door wreath was frozen to the storm door!! Ha!!
I open the door and there he is hanging by his NOSE! See??? Haa!!!!

Another rant coming!! No new HD dish either. Saw no hide nor hair of the fella to install them today. He called to say he had no HD dish! Welll!
I did call DTV and seems we get a 100.00 credit from them not showing up today!
We have a new appt time for Sat so will shall see.

Did make a delish pot of potato soup.
Nice and warm for a cold day.
Love soups!
Wish DHubbs could eat them as often as I can!!
No idea on supper for tomorrow!!
Hope something comes to me a couple hours before DHubbs is due home!!;-)
Shame we live too far out for TAKE AWAY!! !
Shhh...there are some that read here trying to diet must not put temptation in their path!

I also worked on my Feedsack Bunnies.
They are so cute. Least I think so!!
Hope to have some project pics on tomorrow as I have been busy with fabric and thread!!!!!

Stay warm or cool whichever suits your weather best!!!


  1. Oh, M'gosh, I got the giggles over the snowman stuck to your door! What a hoot! Sorry you are cold. Seems most of the country is. We get to warm up today, but that might only mean above freezing. That's good.

  2. LOVE that snowman stuck to the front door!!! LOL (Sorry, Mr. Snow...I'm sure it wasn't too funny for YOU.)

    I have always said I should have been a weather forecaster...seems to be one of few jobs where you can be wrong a LOT and still get paid well for doing that! You know...always an excuse of some kind...upper air trough, etc.

  3. The snowman stuck on the door started my day off with a laugh!! Are you SURE you don't want any of our snow? I can put it freezer packs and send it right now...

  4. That snowman is hilarious! Poor little guy. When it comes to ranting about the weather - I hear you sister! I'm doing the same about the heat. Two more unbearable days then we are promised relief. I'd be happy to receive Laurie's offers of snow. We were supposed to have a hail storm the other afternoon but it was so hot the hail melted before it hit the ground (a blessing really).

    Do you own a crockpot? I use mine all winter and freeze the leftovers for lunches and the like. I can't wait till it's soup weather again!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  5. Oh that's too funny - the snowman stuck to the door. Poor little guy!
    We're heading into another deep freeze here, too. But there's still lots of case you change your mind.
    Love your feedsack bunnies! You must be having a lot of fun with them.


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