Monday, January 5, 2009

Calender Quilt Begins

Mine is in progress!!

I am not seeing the hard part in this really. Yes I do have a large stash but even if you don't you can make one. Just call it a Strip Quilt...;-)

Whenever you sew and have any pieces left over cut it up in a strip. Can even take 2 small pieces to make your longer one. Just do it along till you have the size quilt you want.

For me most of the time will be in pulling fabs to cut/rip strips.

Do I do a bunch at a time or just pull one a day...hummm ;-)

I am thinking I will just begin with ones I already have that are strips left over from some Log Cabin blocks then move on from there.

I have fab out to cut some other things so will just strip some of it too.

Now do you rip or cut only??


  1. I rip when I need to release stress. Sometimes a good work out with the rotary cutter does wonders too.

  2. you know what???
    i never rip.
    should i???


Luv hear'in from ya!!