Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Sunday Eatings

This is my post for tomorrow Friday but I can not figure out how to do the delay thing so here you go and you can save it for tomorrow if you want. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Well our plans for last Sunday changed... no company for Clam Chow'da.
So we put that off till another time when all can attend.
DH had already thawed the chix wings out for lil one so decided we would just eat those .
He did a seasoned flour on them and fried them up.
We also had potato salad and roasted up some fresh asparagus in oven with olive oil and salt and pepper.
I made the potato salad.
It is an easy enough recipe to do that can be changed in many ways.
Here is my basic recipe.

Lola's Potato Salad
2 pounds potatoes, new red, white, bakers or Yukon, my fav
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 hard-cooked eggs, peeled, chopped , sometimes I do, sometimes not
1 1/2 cups chopped celery
1/2 to 1 cup finely chopped sweet onion , or reg yellow, just make sure not to strong
1/2 to 1 cup Dukes mayonnaise , depends on how it mixes up
1 to 2 teaspoons prepared mustard ( have also used Dijon which is different but good)
1/2 cup chopped Clausen pickles, you can use sweet too or relish, some also use a lil of the juice in the mayo mix
salt and pepper, to taste
a small shake of celery seed
fresh chopped parsley or dill, optional
paprika or bacon bits
Peel potatoes and cut in 1-inch cubes, sometimes with red ones I don't peel just wash good. Place in a large saucepan and cover with water. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt. Cover and boil potatoes until tender. Drain and let cool. Combine potatoes with salt ,pepper, celery, onion and pickle mix well. In a bowl combine mayonnaise and mustard with celery seed, dill or parsley. Spread on the potatoes mix and toss gently till fully covered. If using, add chopped eggs and gently toss for last time, so you don't break them up too bad.
Sprinkle paprika or bacon bits over top. Serves 6 to 8

DH also decided to go ahead with the Apple Cobbler for dessert.
We had it warm out of oven with Cool Whip. Weekend is soon upon us once more , have no idea what DH may decide we will have to cook up!!

Well I was WRONG...

Well I was WRONG..yes you heard that right..wrong.
The one 1st quilt on last post I posted was a winner.
Can read about it and others here.
I just did not have time to write down all the info on pics I was taking.
So I may end up posting more winners!!
I just try to use the pics as inspiration to get moving on my own projects.
I love to look at them and see new things every time .
To me they are all just beautiful works of art.
Such as this one. Judge's Choice Winner.

It is all done in pieced, applique and punch needle!! OUTSTANDING!!!
As you can see in the close up the quilting is also outstanding.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Quilt Show Purchases

Here are a couple pics of my treasures.
I bought some fabric packs.
The Moda Charm Packs were to die for so got 3 of those.
Just enough to do some totes for Spring.
Also bought some small cheater panels with trim fabrics. So cute.
Noticed a lot of those in larger quilts as well.
I think lot of folks would be surprised how far those 'cheater quilts' go back, not a new thing at all.

Also bought some patterns for some projects.
Wool ornies, pillows and candle rug, and a purse pattern that looks neat.
I only bought two quilt patterns... saw many more I would have liked but I do have loads here already that need working up!!
I was very good and did not over spend this year!!!

More quilt show pics to share.

Here are two of the smaller pieced, not winners but I liked them so took pics.
Love the colors, the shapes, the way they are pieced.

This show has all kinds of quilted items not just the big quilts, small quilts or wall hangings.
They had dolls, totes/purses, dresses, jackets/coats, runners.

Here is 2nd place winner in the totes.

Was so much to see, I went into brain over load about 3PM or so...!!!
Not only the works of art to see but also so many venders had such wonderful things.
I bought stuff , just not enough! Ha!!
I have enough projects though to last till next year...well maybe a few years!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

One of my favs at quilt show

Is she not the best!!!!This is not a PAINTED one...some fabrics were hand-dyed.
I do not have the artist's name though!!! We did not pick up our paper work when we left!!!!!!
Was a LONG much to see an so much to WANT.!!!!!!
I am thinkin was more then last year ..this show is just getting bigger.
Did not see any online acquaintances yesterday but then some were not to be there till today anyway.
I am keepin on my bracelet just incase we get back over there before Sunday evening. Ha!!

Did some shopping for a few things, just wish I had one of those magic know one you open and always has just the right amount $$$ in it for what you want! HA!!

Lovely fabrics, patterns, books, trims...oh my so much stuff !!!

I will share pics along as I get them resized and put up..;-)
Took pics of ones I liked and some with techniques I found interesting.
Some will blow you away , such attention to detail. My camera may not have picked up on a lot from having to resize though!
Also the BIG WINNER...which is an awesome one one for sure and on the more traditional side.
Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mid Atlantic Quilt Show

Mancuso Show ManagementPresents
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XIX
February 21 – 24, 2008All under one roof at theHampton Roads Convention CenterHampton, VirginiaGreater Chesapeake Bay / Williamsburg Area

I am looking forward to going this coming Thursday. I have always enjoyed the show but like it so much better since the move to Hampton.
I don't have to go as far an it is all in one place instead of spread out all over Williamsburg as it used to 'feel'!!
Not taking any classes so really just going to see the beautiful art pieces an of course to SHOP at the venders mall.
Get to be able to find and purchase things would normally only see in magazines or online so that makes it nice... new fabrics, machines, tools patterns.
Be in a huge area with other fabric fools... ha!!!
Now sometimes at certain booths the lines get long but you always have such good chats with those around you and seems like that you know each other even if strangers!! It is that common bond of fabric and threads !!! The smell of NEW FABRICS is in the air intoxicating for sure to us addicted 'fabralcoholics'!!
Every once in a while you will hear a squeal of delight as some one finds that very special piece of fabric or one that they thought was no longer available!!!
Sometimes it is me!!! ;-)

Looking at the entries in the show is another sensory over load into itself! Check some out from 2007 here at the this web shots page.

The ways some can manipulate fabric and thread is extraordinary. I may not be into the arty show quilts myself as a quilter/sewist but I do love lookin at them and if some one wanted to gift me with with one to hang in my home..YESSSS I would take it !! Now there are some traditional quilter who do not think of these as quilts but hey to each his own. Does seem to be more of these quilts in this show versus more the more traditional ones. You also have your ALL HAND DONE crowd that will not even consider a machine made quilt a true quilt and on other side the true artist with the machines . What those long armers can do is amazing to me, let alone someone on a regular sewing machine!! Me well I love it all!!
I feel that if all my Great Great Grams, Great Grams and Grams was here they too woud use whatever up to date tools that she could afford.
I treasue the quilts they made by hand and also the ones they made on the treadle machine as well!!

I am not on the same talent level of the show quilters or my Grands but I hope I can produce some things that will be around for my great grands... be it a table runner or baby quilt that they can be proud to say I did way back when.

This may be my post for this week as I have a full memo pad of things to do up till Thurs when I will drive to town , meet my niece who is joining me for the show.
I do hope she will enjoy it as well. She is a cross stitcher, of great talent I must say, so I am sure she will find SOMETHING there too!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Red Toile runner and trash...

I finished my toile table runner top, now to sandwich and quilt. I also cut out 4 place mats to go with it.
I have almost used up all the pretty dark red toile. Sadly it will be gone.
I bordered it with left over small quilt squares I had from another project.
Waste not want not I say.
Folks who don't sew, don't understand keeping these 'scraps'... I have to ban them from my room when I say I am de-cluttering or cleaning up.
They have a different understanding of those words then me or really I am sure any other fabric oriented artist.
If I do get rid of any fabric or such I pass it along to others 'like me'...;-)
Would never dream to THROW away!!!

I am also this way with other things I deem worthy to be saved and become new things.
I save things from thrift stores, yard sales and dumps when possible!!
I love it when these above mentioned folks see something I have made from 'trash' and go OH I love that where did you get it??? Ha!!!!!

Well from that box of TRASH you wanted me to toss!!! Haa!!!

Day after....

Well today back to reality. The day of love , roses and chocolate is behind us again for another year...ha!!!
My dessert did not come out just like the pic on the Food Network web site but was yummy.

Had a battle to get the choc hearts done. Seems my bottle of ice cream toppin was OLD and had been in pantry too long.
Had separated ...I shook and shook and shook it as they said. Well when I squeezed it all the oil stuff seems to have come out, which left only very think choc type stuff in bottle. WEEEEELLL.. after several attempts at the hearts the recipe way I came up with my own.
Squeezed out the remaining choc on the parchment paper lined cooled cookie sheet, spread it with a spreading knife put in freezer.
Took out and used a smaller heart cookie cutter...took a couple tries to get them perfect with out breaking!!!
Ended up with 3 an 3/4 ones, as the bottom broke off one but figured could use it stuck in as no one would see the bottom...haa!
Well let me tell ya this stuff melts quickly, messy, so only fiddle with them as you need to and right before serving!!
My honey was impressed anyway and I got those oh so important hugs n kisses!!!;-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Hope you all receive your hearts desires today!

We woke up to cold wind and snow.
Temps are to rise to 40's today we have sunshine now too.
Think there may be just a few areas on over passes or bridges with ice on them.
We have been lucky so far this winter with not a lot of winter mess, hope our luck keeps holding!!

I will get busy here in a little while doing my sweetie's chocolate dessert!!!
Using a recipe from Semi-Homemade host, Sandra Lee, Chocolate Orange Mousse.,1977,FOOD_9936_119745,00.html
Simple enough but looks so luscious!!
I am going to garnish with an orange peel strip or orange slice though...;-)
Will be doing my hearts here in a bit an into freezer!

As for supper will be doing a kielbasa/cabbage dish as that is what he has been wanting.
Not real fancy but yummy to the tummy!!
Doing corn muffins along with that.
Got to save room for the dessert ya know! Ha!!

I had a sweet lovely Valentine propped against my coffee cup this AM from DH.
So sweet and mushy! LOVED IT!
Have it on the mantle now along with the one I gave him!!
I do adore him and nice to know he feels the same way!!!;-)

I have sent out email Valentines to all my sweeties!!
Hope they all get them and it makes their day a little brighter knowing I am thinking of them!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cherry Pie Sunday and today....

This is a late post today. Has been a long and busy one for me.
Took an elderly Aunt to doctor appt and other errands today.
Will have a repeat tomorrow, eye doc appt as well as voting in our states primary.
Just be getting out even earlier then today.
We hope to be able to get hair cuts while we are out too so that is a plus!!
Will get in my provisions for my sweeties Valentine's Day meal too.
I hope to get a card made Wed for DH.
Wed is also our baby boys BD..he will be 31!! YIKES!!! Well I was/am a 'young' mother....haaaa!!!
I always said that he was his Dad's Valentine gift for the rest of his life. ;-)

Well Sunday's meals were very good as I knew they would be.
Was off on the crab cakes but hit the cherry pie!!!
We did have crab though.
DH did Crab Hush Puppies, loosely based on a Paula Dean recipe .
YUMMMY big time so good with baked FF and Cole slaw.
That was lunch, for supper he had omelets with loads of goodies in them!
I tell you I wake up on Monday thinkin I don't need to eat for a week!!

I made chix soup today when I got home.
Too cold for anything else.
It too was good. Just put it together no recipe.
I need to pay attention to what I do and write down.
DH is always after me about that.

Wind yesterday here was super bad.
Have some bush fires still burning , can still smell smoke.
Seems the whole state had these problems some lost homes so sad.
We had our chimney cover blow off. Sounded like the chimney fell ...such a thud!!
Just knew the TV antenna or sat dish would go too but didn't.
We had power blink but did not go off. Some in other areas did and some are still with out power.
Mess in yard with limbs and tin off shed roof.
I sat and watched shingles blow off a neighbors home!!
You could not stand it out there was so bad.
The howling was awful coming in the chimney and vent fan over stove.
Thankful our damage was really minor compared to some.

Well I am off to my comfy bed and sweet dreams ..I hope.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jeepers Creepers where'd ya get those peepers....

...where'd ya get them eyes!!!
My father used to whistle this too me when I was little.
I wonder how he would have felt about them if he had been able to read this article.
Very interesting to say the least.

I looked for a good pic of me and my eyes could not find one.
Any way they are a blue dark sort of.
Darker then my Mama's . Always felt like they were brown eyes wanna be's...;-)
My father had dark brown eyes and my brothers as well.
Hair color in our family was tow head blonds and red/blonds, like me.

Well I married a red head first time with blue eyes and our child has that look as well, though her eyes may be mine.
My second marriage (and present one for over 30 yrs,) to a dark hazel brown eyed fella with black brown hair produced a dark blond haired child with the same brown hazel eyes.
I feel like I can see 'myself' in both these children, and hope the grands also have a lil of Grammy in 'em too!

I was dusting the other day and looked at my one picture of my maternal Grandfather and noticed his eyes and his really look like mine some.
Of course this was one of those old painted portraits.
I am thinkin I may have got these eyes from both sides of my parents!! My paternal side has a lot of German and English going on.
I also noticed my son looks like his Great Grandfather a lot!!
WOW! See he also looks like his Dad...hummmm ya think maybe family history will reveal DH and I are related????? Ha!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Last day of the work week... is the last day of the 'official' work week.
Humm that must mean I get to keep doing all I normally do in a day but with DH's company and instruction.
Haa... no harm meant at all . I love my man very much and would not trade him for another model but at times....well we all have those don't we.
I am sure he feels the same about me...well once in a while. ha!!

I am lucky in many ways with my fella.
He is a great baker, grills like mad and can cook a great dessert or main meal or two.
Now this can be a good thing or not..depends on how much I may weigh at the given moment.
As of now I weigh too much to enjoy too much of his wonderful kitchen shenanigans!
Does this stop him. Why Heck No!!
I call him my enabler!!! Do I mind Heck No! Ha!!
Last weekend was cinnamon rolls. Grilled rib eyes with twice baked taters.
I can only imagine what he has on his menu this weekend.
I know it will not be good for my 'form' but OHHHHH SOOO GOOD for my taste buds!
So what if I have to waddle for a while longer...will just try to watch what I eat all week long so I can enjoy his efforts on the weekend!
I am thinkin crab cakes or scallops along with a cherry pie..... I bet it is...;-)

Enjoy your weekend and will catch ya back here on Monday!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I been busy!! I have got some sort of energy boost. I am riding this high and getting some house stuff done.
Yes the dreaded CLEANING and straightening up stuff.
More of this I get out of the way... more time I have to PLAY!
Maybe it is from this horrid wind we are having... had for a couple days now!
Yesterday I was a whirl wind...not whirling too high today but still steppin high...;-)

We did not get the storms we were to receive last night.
I am glad. Our VA western Mts seem to break up this stuff and for that I am happy.
Got reports in from all my special peeps in those horrid storms paths and they are all okay just a tad property damage for one. Thank goodness. Was worrying a lot!

Now was 80 degrees yesterday too... we broke records but the wind was awful and could not stay out in it to do outside stuff.
Did have to keep chasing that trash can down!!!
Today is the beginning of the cold back again , still have some wind.
Sun is out though and that is a god thing.
I do so much better on SUNNY days then Dark Gray ones!!!

After lunch I have a toile runner I want to get the patch work sewn on.
Love to make runners and use them all over my home.
I also need to pick out some gifts to sew up.
Loads of BIRTHDAYS this month.
Will post pics when I get some things finished.
If any one has any ideas or links to share for gift sewing please post a comment!!

Hope every one has a great day today and stays busy!!!
Toodles till later!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!!

Humm... super they say ...well it ain't round here!! No super here for sure. I am pooped!
Was a busy weekend . Had grocery shopping on Saturday. Man is that getting more and more like a race at Indy with very crowded tracks and rude drivers of those huge carts we now have to maneuver around!!
I shop with coupons as I am not so wealthy I don't have to save where I can. Well heaven forbid I stay in place too long comparing prices with a coupon!
NO... you better move along all us other folks are in a hurry , like I am not! Geeze!
All in all I feel like I have worked a 12 hr day or ran a marathon when I get back home but then have to unload and put away!!

I had hung out some sheets online to dry as weather was so nice before I left. Well those birds my DH loves to feed decided they were there for other purposes!!!
YES.. had to be done over! UGH!! So much for that fresh hung outside smell and feel!!!! Haa!
So why can't they eat here and do the mess somewhere else like the dogs do.
Yes neighbors dog eats at home but comes here to do his biz!!

Sunday was busy in house. Got my dining room all the way back finally from holidays. Ha!!
All the plants lined up back at window, we should have nice clean air in here!!
The peace lilies are blooming like crazy and love that spot of low filtered light.
Got kitchen counters and farm work table back in order...please oh please let me keep them that way I beg !!!
We had a nice dinner even though DH's shoulder is still acting up.
Did steak on the grill was yummy!!

Did not do Super Bowl..humm another Super!
Just not into it as some are.
I am sure there were happy folks and unhappy folks over that one.
Some with new TV's some still with old ones ....;-)

Monday was another busy day with doing the bill paying bank thing with a slow connection and pages that refused to load at all! UGH.
This too can make ya feel like ya worked the 12 day of hard labor!;-)
Love to get done though and not have to think about till next time.
Feel free!!! Ha!!
We had fish for supper. Was yummy too.
DH stayed in with heat on his shoulder taking meds.
He made Doc appt finally for Friday.
So hope we find out what it is and if can be fixed or has to just be dealt with.
Got lots done too but was very tired when came around to 7 last night!!

Brings us to Super Tuesday today...ha!!!
DH went into office so hope he does okay with that as the one armed bandit!
I think I will just do what NEEDS to be done today and try to recoup from last 3 days. Ha!!!
I am hoping to find a special BD gift online for our oldest grandson, he will be 12 on 27 th.
Feb is a VERY BUSY birthday month for this family we have 10 of 'em!!!!
Most are just card ones...which we send cards only .
Then there are 4 that receive gifts of something be it a toy , homemade gift or a meal!
So I do have my agenda for Feb....BIRTHDAYS!!!!
Hope to share some items from my sewing machine soon...I know you all are wondering when the SEW of..... 'and SEW On' will show up....;-)
Soon my Dears.... soon!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh for Pete's sake!!

I finally decide to try a pic and see what happens!!!
Hope you will just hang with me.I will get it figured out eventully or hope so.
Sadly I am so not a geek in an good sense of that word.
I am in AWE of my geek pals.

Nothing Lasts Forever...

I have heard these words all my life. As I child they did not mean more then Mama say'in it about an empty cookie bag.

Enjoy it while you have it was the second part...well yes I did enjoy them but wanted more. This saying holds true for more then a few cookies as we get older , lost love, lost pals, time, for every lose there was that saying...nothing lasts forever so enjoy while you have it.

I wish I could say I held true to that all my life but I did not. Sometimes life/living just plain gets in the way and we as humans DO NOT take the time to enjoy the moments we have or take for granted those times.I think of the times with my family that are gone never to be repeated, regrets yes but nothing lasts forever, time does not stand still. We move on and enjoy the next moments of our lives.

Oh my this all sounds so maudlin I know but those words came to me this AM, in my Mama's sweet voice, as I was going out with Sadie for her morning stroll. We have rain here so I popped open my old sweet ladies umbrelly as I call it and POP. It busted a seam and went crazy!! I love that dear umbrelly. It is so sad for me see it go. I bought it many years ago at a thrift shop, before it was cool to shop those. I called it my Mary Poppins Umbrelly. Had the same look with lil curved handle. A pretty dark brown aged silk fabric. I am think'in was some ladies Going to Church one. It is not a large one just enough to keep the rain off your pretty hat or maybe sun off your pretty nose. I had noticed the fabric was getting very thin and that age was catching up to it does to us all. I just kept willing it to go on. Alas not to be. No it did not last forever but yes I did enjoy it while I had it. I will add it to my memory book, which over flows with the loved ones, times and things of "GONE but NEVER forgotten".I reckon I will have to shop for a new one..humm ... maybe a very 60's /70's one with the Flower Power next umbrelly 'phase' I am thinking should be very colorful.

Maybe I could find one of those Twiggy Look plastic hats and coats with the boots as well... !!