Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year !!

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Wonderful New Year!
Looking back on the past year we find good times and bad times, sadness and joy, that is just life.
I do hope we can take some wonderful memories of 2010 with us into the New Year!
For myself I have made new friends, tried new ways to do things in my sewing, finished up some things! YES!! 2010 was not all bad!
A New Year brings new hope to us all!
My wish for us all is much love, peace and lots of joy in 2011!
See ya next year!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Blizzard

Ours started on Christmas evening as we were leaving our family gathering.
Those flurries coming down seemed sort of nice and more like Christmas on the 17 or so mile drive home.
Oh goodness we did not think we would wake up Sunday morning to a white out and winds!
Kept coming down all day then today,Monday, we wake up to 14inches!!!!
Windy but sunshine!!!! Sun is helping to melt it!
DH cleaned off the autos and sun finished the job! ;-)
Also the steps and porch I did.
As I type this hear our neighbor from up the road plowing!

Looking up our road.

Over the field to woods in back.

Across the field to the woods on our right.

Now where are those steps again????

Front walkway here somewhere!!

Poor Frosty is buried!!!

This is me in my bag lined(high fashion ya know) boots. ;-)
Hard to tell but snow is almost to the tops.

Oh look...almost looks like a thatched roof!!!

As pretty as all this is, I wish it away!
No way can we get out to main roads!
If something happened(us, Aunt Dot or Ollie) and rescue squad was needed, would take a long while if they could even get here.

We are blessed the power did not go out.
It blinked enough to make me nervous, with the wind blowing and limbs dropping.
Some did lose power in Va Beach.
We did lose our TV and internet for a bit.

We are to warm up to high 50's or even 60 by week's end!
Come on warm temps!!!!

I hope all who were in the path of this storm are warm and dry .
Safe and snug in your own homes!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis the Season...

....for being busy!!
Christmas Candy making!

Fun Christmas Sewing.
Boxes packed and shipped out!

Oh yes the other awesome stocking was finished by niece an sewn up by me!
Sure hoping our Hollyanne and Paul will be surprised to see their old ones replaced by these!!

Oh yes we have had a long long Winter already!
Cold temps and ice along with snow!
More snow expected over weekend into Monday.
Been many a year since we have seen a White Christmas in these parts!

Tis the season for wishing all my dear blog pals to have Peace and Joy this Christmas Day.
To hold your dear ones close and be glad to have them with you for one more day!
When you say that Christmas prayer and light the candle, please add a prayer or two for our dear pals who have lost dear ones and are missing them greatly on this Christmas Day.
Another for our military all over the world in harms way, who can only be home for Christmas in their hearts.
As bad as it may seem these days we still have a lot of blessings.
Some of the most wonderful are not in the wrapped gifts under our trees but holding our hands as we say grace!

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our mantle this year.
Nothing elaborate just my small trees at each end.
The greenery, trees and ribbon do have lights but it is a daytime pic here.

This is a beautiful cross stitch piece done by my niece.
The linen is shimmery. Fits right in!

Speaking of cross stitch.
Niece came over this past Sunday and we finished this stocking for her DH!

All done on a pretty greenish linen.
See the redish tiny beads!
Well really look at all those TINY stitches!
I would be blind!

I made a pattern from it and sewed it up, all lined and ready to fill!!
Have one more to do as soon as she is finished for grand niece.

Now on to this piece.

I have to say this block is a fun one BUT...yeah there is one, a tad bias-ie!
Yes that is a word in my quilt dictionary...;-).
It can go wonky on you in a heart beat.
Maybe was just me who knows( but a very good chance).
I will try again and see if I can corral those bias edges better.
It is all quilted and ready to sew the binding down.
Wash it up see how it looks.
Then decide where it will rest for the holidays...may be traveling!
Oh Goodness, that is my foot there...;-)

Will try to get more Christmas pics up loaded.
Well as soon as I can take any that are any good!

Oh well best get back to the sewing.
More things MUST be finished soon!!!

And I heard Lola say as she rushed to the machine....
Hugs to all and to all a good day ! ;-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homespun Holiday Giveaway Announcement!

I so wish I could give everyone who made a nice comment and became a follower a gift but you all know there can only be one.
I do appreciate each of you very much!

Lois of Grannys Blooms 9 is the the name pulled!
So Lois get back to me with your info soon.
I do want to wish you each a very wonderful Christmas along with a big thank you for hanging with me here!!

I have been busy here at home doing stuff.
Have a few more things to shop for and sew up!
I am betting I am not the only one!!;-)

Hugs to you all!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dearest '' .....

This is what shows in an email when I try to reply to a sweet blogger's comment who does not have an email linked to their profile.
So if you may be wondering why no one responds to your comments this is why!
I know folks are concerned over having others see this info.
Easy enough to set up a yahoo or gmail acct for your blog mail.
Next just do these easy steps to change your blogger settings.

1.Go to your dashboard,
2. Click "edit profile"

3. Check the box that says "show my email address"
4.Save your profile

HEARTWOOD ROSES has a wonderful step by step post that can be very helpful.

So go for it! I really would love to respond to your entries in the Homespun Holiday Giveaway! Sadly I can't so your name will come out till I have a way to contact you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homespun Holiday Giveaway!

I have decided to celebrate December with a giveaway!!

I call it Homespun Holiday because it is homespun fabrics!
Will be the six 'fat' fat 8ths, enough to do the wall quilt, some ornies or snow man hats!

2 never used patterns:
Warm Winter Blessings pattern by Wendy's Cottonthread Cottage.
Sidney Snowman by Country Friends
Two cute Leslie Beck for VIP panels.
"Fill Your Heart With Holiday Cheer- Only Christmas Spoken Here" Plenty for a wonderful Country Homespun Holiday and Winter!!

To enter comment to this post only.
Followers of this blog who comment will have two chances in the hat!
If you post about it on your blog you get yet another chance!!
So there ya go 4 chances... comment (1), follow(2) and blog about it (1)!

Just put in your comment if you follow and if you blogged about it!!
No need to do 3 separate comments!!
New followers welcome too!

Rules...yes we have to have those!!
You MUST have a blog and NOT be a NoReply.
I have to have a way to get in touch with you.
Will draw the name on Dec 12th!!
So check back!!
If person drawn does not respond in 24 hrs l will draw again.

Thanks so much for stopping by and come again soon!!
Never know what goodies will come this blog's way in 2011!!!