Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Little Quilted Bunting

 This is my quilted version of Sew Sweet Cottage sweet simple bunting!
 Only made one. I did it in a couple hours!
 Here is my free wheeling TUT!
 I freehand made up my slices...like watermelons!

 The red is the base so layered in batting and used simple muslin for backing.
If you prefer no quilting you can just leave out the batting .                                                                      
Scraps worked really well for batting and muslin.               

 No batting for these just muslin. You could use thin interfacing or do the Heat n Bond button hole applique.
 Back during my craft show doll making years I found using 'pinkers' close to seam worked as well as snipping to turn! Faster too!

 Press to make nice and flat.

I laid them on as I wanted. I sewed around edges first. Then went back and quilted. No not perfect but I love it!
As seen on back.
Decided wanted a pocket or flap to use for either hanging or tacked up. So trimmed the top and added the simple pocket.
I decided to add the rusty star garland later.
Like it a lot!
Wool may be what I use for next ones!

Oh yes my newest camera died so back to very old one! Please excuse the pics quality!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hanging with the stars...

 Fabric stars that is!!!
 Calling this a Star Hanger because I added stars! hahaha!
Sure not very original but works for me.
I had made the small flag quilt a few years ago.
When I pulled it out this time decided I could add some stars!

The idea did not come to me outta the blue either I must confess.
I had been doing a straighten up in sewing room and came across these stars!
They were some leftovers of a Fall project.
So I am looking about to see where I can stash them and this hanger was on the ironing board!
DING! DING! Yes this is how some of my projects come about!
Still like the star fabric I used but these new stars added just make it pop to me!

Oh Dear now to find the rest of the red, white and blue summer decor items!
Okay stand back..I am going into the hall closet!!!
Look Out Below!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My heart goes out to all of the folks in Oklahoma today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Putting it out there.

Patiently Waiting For Our Slice blog  is my son's and his sweet wife's story of wanting to be parents.

Something that so many take for granted.

It has been a struggle , both physically and emotionally for these two sweet people!

We have loved and supported them as best we can through many a heartbreak.

The choice they are making now is for adoption.

Once again we are going to love and support them through this new journey!

Doing whatever we can to help.

Letting the world in on your struggles is highly recommended by the adoption consultants.

Seems this is  how a great many sweeties find loving adoptive parents.

 I can assure you that no baby would be loved and treasured more than by these two wonderful people!

Not only a loving home with adoring parents but an extended family just waiting to embrace him or her with lots of love as well!

Please go read their story and if you wish to share in other social media that is okay too.

Thanks so much from the bottom of this Mama's heart!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feels Like Summer

 We have temps that are rising again. Yesterday was around 85 or so with a warm southern wind. Today we are to be 90 or better. Not much of a breeze today though. Did hang wash out yesterday and today. Nice to have laundry dried outside. Smells so nice too.

 We have Memorial Day at our local family cemetery the 3rd Sunday in May which is this coming Sunday. This is an old custom of decorating all the graves. Not a celebration of the military remembrance Memorial Day later this month. Way back when there was also picnics and such. Not anymore, here anyway.

So I have been collecting flowers when I see them on sale. Had quite a stash!

 So made up 6 lovely bouquets yesterday .
Have one with a flag that is for DH's father who served in WW2.
For my Mama and Mama in law I used pink hydrangeas with roses and other flowers. So pretty. Look real but I know these fauxs will last a good while.
Pulling out the patriotic red, white and blue for summer decor too!
Now to decide where they will go.
Have enjoyed the Spring/Easter things being up but we must move on!
Wow year is cranking along for sure! Almost to the half way mark!

One of my favs here. Not sure if I will hang it up or just prop close to family photos.

Rosemary for remembrance. Found frame from thrift I painted black.

Decided to leave this frame as is though need a bigger piece of backing for it.

Do love my old box of prim eggs but need to put them away now.

I think I may try finding some old caning jars to go it in now with candles.
Also need to pull out the runners for table from the vintage bark cloth.

I saw a banner for the mantle on Pinterest that I may give a go.
If I do will share.
Looked easy enough and the country, soft prim look I love.

So reckon time to get back to sewing ...still working on some secret projects !;-)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you each a wonderful day!
Be it spent with family or cherishing sweet memories of days gone by.
I know my heart will recall these special days spent with my sweet Mama and Mama-in-law.
Our son and his wife are taking us out to brunch!
Looking forward to a wonderful day.

Take care all!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dot's Flowers

This is a wool project I have had on the finish list a while! I call it Dot's Flowers because was all done by hand, sitting in doctors offices and hospitals for Aunt Dot's appointments. She loved seeing each flower go on!  This is from the book Blossoms in Winter. 
Have a couple more projects yet to finish from this wonderful book.

That green wool for some of  the leaves and vine is an old army blanket! Man those things lasted!! Most of my wool is from thrift store skirts. I wash and dry, cut and fold into my wool stash. Which needs its own cabinet now! On the look out for a smallish cedar one.

This is the fabric for the back. It is black but reads like gray here.

;-)Wanted to show I used batting on backing. It really makes for a smoother less lumpy pilla! Had to do a stuff on this one . No pilla form big enough. Thought about just doing a pilla slip for a sofa pilla. Decided no, Cocoa Kitty uses those a lot! I have to vac them often. This way I can set it aside when needed.

Right now it is nice on the vintage green Nellie chair.
Nice to have it done and ready for Aunt Dot's visit from NC next week!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bitty Stars

 I made some small star blocks over weekend. Had a plan for them or so I thought.
Did not finish as the wall hanging I had planned because it just did not suit me!

Made a runner like this instead. Almost every part of it gave me fits! Not the poor fabrics fault but mine.

Almost decided to just give up sewing! Oh well this mood too shall pass and I will be back at it again!
Like it on our antique chest by sofa. If we ever get nice days again ,will have to start taken pics outside to get the true colors I reckon!

DH was in the kitchen making up some homemade cracker jacks on Sunday! Oh my so good! Could not leave it alone! Then wonder why my hips keep blooming out so!!!!

What is up with cats on ironing boards lately!!!! Cocoa just looks at me like ...Whatever...I am staying here no matter how many times you say DOWN!

I did break down and go to Dr for an injection in my hand. The arthritis was just hurting so badly. That is on top of all the meds I take daily! Took a while but is beginning to feel better.
 Weather may not be helping at all. More gray skies and rain.

Thanks for all the sweet comments on our precious great grand baby! Jay is adorable indeed. Could post a pic a day!
Can't wait till we can make the trip out to the Blue Ridge Mts again to see him in person!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

He's here.....

..our first great grand child, Jay William was born today!

7 pounds and 7 oz. 20 inches long. Mama and baby doing well!
His Mama was our sweet first grandchild born 22(23dec)yrs ago!
We are over the moon with him as much as we were with his Mama!
Life is good! We are blessed!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lot done...

...yesterday! Have to take advantage of the high energy times!

Here is Blue Bird ready to hit machine. I just placed the vines and stars on it to see  how will look. Will press them on and do last after I do middle with applique stitch and quilting. I love the look of appliqueing through the layers. Makes it pop!

Once again I cannot get colors true. I its really not a pastel piece! The binding will be same as middle fabric. I made a couple changes. The side borders are not as wide as pattern. I drew my vines on Heat N Bond, cut from fabric instead of bias strips. The green I wanted to use was just a small piece so best way to go!
So this is what I will be working on for a few days!

Off for appointments here in a bit. Looks cloudy out. Hope no rain!