Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey Hey Snowflake!

Snow flake my pretty little snowflake
Ooh, ooh, the change in the weather
Has made it better for me.
Hey-ey-ey snowflake, my pretty little snowflake
You've got me warm as a fire
With the burning desire for you.

The ice was breaking and
Love was waking in a winter wonderland.
When I felt you slip your fingers in my hand.
Now snow is gleaming and
I'm not dreaming I know this is for real.
The love I have is too much to conceal.

Hey-ey-ey snowflake
My pretty little snowflake
Ooh, ooh, the change in the weather
has made it better for me.

Mama used to sing that song when it snowed!;-)
 We have 6 to 8 inches depends on area you are in . Wind also created some deeper drifts here and there.
 I cleared  all this off with a broom! Yes it is the dry powder kind of snow.
The was 4inches piles on bushed . Reminded me of pie meringue! Knocked off bushes. We are to be even colder tonight. Crazy weather for us here. Last major dumping of this mess here was 2010.
 My 'hog lot' boots from Tractor Supply worked great.
 Our back yard! So pretty field is pretty covered. Beautiful!
 Snow in the tree line. Look at the pretty sky! Sun is up so even with cold temps it will melt some of this away. Course will freeze tonight with single digits.
DH made me come in! Red cheeks! Okay sorry but no makeup along with crazy hair after cap come off could be scarey!
I enjoy the snow as long as I do not have to be driving out in it or we lose power! Yes I can drive in it.
Dad used to say to us ...have enough sense to know when to stay off the roads. Ice is the great equalizer. Grew up in lands of Winter. Lived in many lands of Winter. Here in this part of the south not the norm.
Saw only 2 vehicles on road. No way will we be high on the list for plowing or such!

Later snow cream and may try to play out some more!!!!;-)
Well I did sew more snowfolk!
Cute stitchery swap block. Used some scraps leftover from a Fall project.
Works for me. Now to quilt it !!

 DH happy in kitchen baking and such! So more sewing for me today!

Monday, January 27, 2014

more snow.....

 ..well the fabric kind. Yes another snowman project! On the design wall.
 These squares are now a top! Have had them a goodly bit! (hang'n head in shame)Where from a block swap in a long ago group on yahoo.When I decided to re-think the bigger quilt idea I came up with smaller more doable projects! We can change our minds ya know. ;-)
 Used a mini charm pack of prim gatherings snow men.
 Came out 16X27..I know strange but it works. Will use the snow/cream fabric as binding.
Thinking will do the big stitch quilting on this one too. Starting to like it and my hands do not hurt as much !;-)
This is the block pattern, Snow Heart. It is an old one from Meme's Quilts. I have a lot of her patterns and still love them!

Okay have a couple more snowman projects I plan to get further along if not finished this Winter!
So much I want to do as soon as I can! May have some down time soon. So want to have plenty  of hand work ready to go.  That will be some stitcheries and a lot of wool projects or I am hoping!!

We are in a heat wave! 40's today though still a bit cloudy . Most of the ice and snow has melted away. Just a few bitty spots here n there. Mama used to say "wait'n 'round for more"...hope not.  TV talking weather heads are calling for chance again middle week! NO!!!!
Hope not as Alice and I have planned a make up sew day! Last week snow/ice came and canceled that one!

Best get a wiggle on and do some chores so I can get busy without feeling guilty!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mr. Winter
So here  is Mr. Winter all quilted and set to go. Really like how he turned out.
Used the DMC and quilted around the nose, eyes and smile. They are all wool.
Outlined the head and the star border sky. Did the patch work in X's.
His wool hat needs lint rolled!;-)
 Did cut out a wool snowflake with the GO! and added to the top.
I am pleased with the project. Now to get one more done!
 I did the triangle in corner bit to use a dowel for hanger. Need to cut to fit. I also have a label to add.
Do hope the birthday gal will love him as much as I do!
We got a taste of the Winter whites here. We have had such terribly low temps.
Yes that is still a Christmas flag up! Got to put up regular one!
It may look like snow but it  became 2inches or so of ice.
Here is my Mister breaking the ice and clearing walkways.
On top of this we also were with out power for few hours during night with temps down to 5F.
Were so worried over pump and pipes. We had gas logs on so we stayed in living room.
We have been dripping and set heat up for a goodly bit now. We still have Feb to get through before we can stop worrying over Winter's chill and bite!

Today very cold and windy but sun and VDOT workers have cleared most roads I need to use today.
So back to big city I go!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tops done..
 ..on these two cotton and wool projects. They are about 12" X 24". So cute!
Need to decide on how I will quilt and finish. May do the big stitch quilting with DMC.
Have yet to choose backing fabric. Would like one to be done by Saturday!
So will see how it goes!

Off today for another med/dr appt. This is one I always dread. So would appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers you could send up/out for me!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wool & Cotton

 Any guesses as to what I am working on? Let me see black and dark orange wool...

Now what is this quilt block called..... hummm.

A ...maybe a SNOW FELLA!

Yes I am still in snow mode even though we did not get any of the cold white stuff here, thankfully. The freezing cold came alone, which was enough! Now our TV weather folks are calling for some snow flakes to maybe fall early tomorrow. We shall see. I have an early appt in big city across the wide river so I am hoping they are wrong!
Today was very foggy and got worse as the morning went along. We have had so much rain here our yard and fields are like walking on a ozzy sponge! Just hope all the water hangs around for when we will need it come warm weather and planting time!

We took the Christmas all down which was not that much this year. I keep my snow folks out for a bit as we enjoy them so much. Now I am moving stuff around. I like to do that after the holidays. Give the old place a newish feel. Still have a bit to go till I will call it done.

Still looking for just the right place to put my wool. May not fit in sewing room. Shall see may have to redo some storage drawers or such. Still have not sorted all the patterns. Some will list to sell others give away or donate. If I get those drawers done may just have enough room for some of my smaller bits of wool. Reckon that can be a goal for Jan and Feb 2014!

Better stop now before I end up with GOAL over load!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year and so very cold!
We have sunshine but temp is 9F and wind chill -2! So very cold! High will only be 19F or 20F.
Tonight will be another cold one as well. So heat is cranking and water is dripping!
Schools were set back 2 hours. Buses just now running.

We seem to be on a weather roller coaster. We had temps in 60's then singles now they are saying we will be  close to 70F this weekend!! What in the world! We are in Winter after all so 30's and 40's are our norm not these extremes!
We can call ourselves blessed I reckon as we did not have to deal with ice and snow along with this arctic blast! Now if only our power stays on!!!

So have we all settled into the New Year?? 2014! Man still has that futuristic sound to it to me!

We kept up our Christmas decor past Old Christmas Day now I will start putting away. Did not have a lot so should not be to big of a job.
Did not go to any sales an buy more. I feel we finally have enough! Haha!
DH never thought I would come to that conclusion!
Well take that back, was in Joann's and they had the outside bows on sale for 83 cents, reg 3.99! When DH put up the window wreaths he did say our very old ones were not going to hold up much longer.

Working on a couple projects (gifts) I did not get done in Dec.
As I said before, mailing out things a bit later than usual!
The sewing room needs a straighten up too. I seem to start off good putting things away then get lazy and the piles take over!!  So New Year begins with cleaning up old years mess!!

Will be going to big city for appts one day a week in January!
Was why stopped into Joann's yesterday. Next week will do a Hancock stop...;-)
Coupons in hand of course. Though must say I have been in there couple times last few months and came out with nothing. Normally I will buy thread, needles or a pack trim if nothing else with my coupons but even did not do that last time. I am sick!!!

Best get up and moving or nothing will be accomplished today !!
Do hope everyone reading my blog is safe and warm or for my pals down under safe and cool!!