Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow in the forecast.....

Well for this blog post that is!!!
More stash fabs today all SNOW FOLKS!!!

I LOVE this Henry Alexander snow folks print and border print.
I am thinking maybe a runner for old chest in living room or for the wash stand.
Just so FUN for Winter!!!

These long tall snow folks are to become place mats I think.
I will add a black print for borders .
That will tie in my black in dining room.

These are just stink'n cute!!
I may just do a pieced quilt using some snowflake blocks along with these to do a quilt.
Most all of the snow folks type fabric I buy is not Christmas themed.
I will use 'snow items' through Jan and Feb to decorate with then I am ready for SPRING!! Ha!
So hope you enjoyed this SNOW FALL better that the real deal.
Not nearly as messy!! No melt away!!!
Forgot to share we will be getting the satellite internet hook up on Oct 1.YES!!!
They were to be here in the boonies Tuesday but called to change it.
Oh well I have waited this long for high speed so a few more days will not kill me!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turtle speed, fab fabs and a Teapot or 2.

Yes I am moving slow like a waddling turtle...but still moving!
This is a good thing.
Sunday was the day all the trim in room was painted with final coats of semi gloss.
It is so pretty crisp and fresh compared to that dark stained wood!
DH and son ripped out the old carpet and took it off.
Hope to be putting in the new floor this coming weekend.
Till then I will be bringing in my cabinets , shelves and things to paint.
We had so much rain last week no place outside I could do them.
Oh well works for me as I know I can see the end of the project coming soon.
Monday I finished the closet doors and did some light sanding on the shutter cabinets.
That is one thing I wish we could redo as well is my closet shelving.
I reckon that will wait a bit for more extra$$.
Can't be a green eyed greedy gut now can I??? Sure I can... ha!!!
Here is a few pics of some cute fabrics.
I bought these for baby/toddler quilts.
Will add some tone on tones to them as well to play as solids.

This one is called Land of Milk and Honey.
So sweet ! I do not know the 'story' just liked the fab so bought for a future lil one.

Now these are so fun!
Ladybugs, butterflies and daisies.
I was going to do this one as a gift for a shower but was asked to go in on a gift so did that instead. Also have a pieced lady bug block to go with it.
Till I 'need' to use it I will just keep petting them lady bugs!;-)

Well I did not forget Tea Things Tuesday!!
Here are 2 of my awesome small pots.
They are brown and creamy white, Hall and in the Art Deco style.
Excellent condition too.
I do enjoy the pretty floral china pots and such I really do, but I am more drawn to the simple ones to buy myself.
Small ones and I reckon you could say more country look.
I do use these and use with a pretty tea cup...;-)
They hold two cups of tea.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!!!!!

A second post from me today!
Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations is having an awesome giveaway!!!
Go check it out!!

Yes I am...

..a Fabric Harlot , which may sound a wee bit better that the w**** word.;-)

We are what we are!!

I enjoy buying ( really well when on sale) and having fabric as much as using it!!

We all have our vices now so please do not judge me too harshly.

I love to look at it, pet it and fondle it.

Oh my word sounds almost obscene!

During this LONG process of emptying out my fabric closet and other places of stash placement for this room redo, I have been able to do that ..a lot!

I think that is just one of many reasons it took so long!

Yes did same thing with books, mags and patterns! YE GADS!

I will share just a few of my many fav fab finds I have come across in my journey.

Yes this is a journey my friends…sometime happy sometimes sad.. but one I hope to be on the other side of by Oct 1, 2009 with a much brighter clutter free dream work room( at least for me)!!!

If I can have PC set up will share pics of weekend work but if not you will see more fabric pics.. ha!!

Ta Da!!

So cute...ginger folk fabby to become table runner and maybe some cookie gift bags!

A wonderful sewing room panel..well four really!!
Humm ...maybe a give away in the near future.

Oh my be still my heart...delish dark red toile!!
To be come pillow cases!!!
Yes forgot I had it!!

Will share more in future posts!
Ta Ta For Now!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wow! What a CHANGE!

Okay we began the day Saturday with a hearty breakfast.
This huge sausage , egg and cheese biscuit!
Yum! Lots of coffee too!!

Here is the before of that horrid paneling before it goes away forever!!
Baby Boy sanded it and I came behind him wiping off the dust.
We also had to fill in lots of holes and do some caulking.
Baby Boy painted the ceiling first and did that make a difference!

Here is Baby Boy doing a second coat of the primer on those walls.
Also got all the trim primed as well.

Here is DH rolling on COLOR!!
I did all the cutting in ..I am half dead! Ha!!;-)
No really proud of my self that I was able to do as much as I have!
Now to see if we old ones can get out of bed Sunday AM!!!! ;-)
We will be replacing this ceiling fan also with a white one.

Walls all painted!!! Color is not as yellow green or dark as it looks.
A very pretty green.
We will be doing all the trim next after we pull up carpet Sunday.
Will take more pics after trim is all painted .
Maybe will have some sunshine to help camera take a true color pic.
I am so very HAPPY with how it is looking!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Book

Oh look ..yet another group of cut sqs for some quilt blocks.
A pretty heart block!!
I was going to do this one for my Mama but ran out of time.:-(
I need to do this one and call it Maggie's Heart.
I did work her up a fast machine appliqued heart one to take on her many trips to hospital.
I did the Pat Sloan freebie Love in the Air, think it was called.
Was a good while back.

Pat Sloan may still have it on her site on the free pattern page .
I am a Pat Sloan fan so do check out her site while there.
I have a load of her books and a few patterns too!

This is the book the unfinished one above is in!
I bet many libraries have this one.
1994 Published
Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks
A Treasury of Patterns for Patchwork and Applique

This book has so many of the still very popular block patterns being used today using modern fabrics .

Are these lil gals below not the cutest of cuteness!?!?!

Now the kicker...most of these blocks are small 4 inches or so.
Some projects have a few bigger ones.
What I do is enlarge them to what size I want and go.
I am sure those with Elec Quilt programs or other quilt design PC software could do it even easier!
I do recommend finding this book.
You could then design your own quilts small or large using the blocks and fabrics of your choice.

Sorry if you have received any SPAM mail from a Spammer DISA in a foreign language from my blog.
Not anything I can do about it. I reported the spammer's blog to Google.
Thanks so much!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Snow Angel

Found this project above.
A sweet Snow Angel hiding.

In this book !
On a shelf is the magic closet!!
I made a goodly amount of these and sold them.
This was one for me so YES it got tucked away!
I think I was maybe tired of them at that moment.
Well out he comes and F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D. he will become!!
This is a great book.
Has many fun projects in it.
50 Best Scrap Happy Fabric Treasures by Suzanne McNeill.
A Leisure Arts book. 1998
It still is not a dated look/do book...all projects will work fine now.
Sewing, quilts and rug hooking also dolls too.
If you would be interested in this book after I do my few projects let me know.
I do not know if it can still be purchased new or not.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did someone say 'kit it' ???

Y.E.S. I think in the comments below the post about those great find plastic bags!!
;-) Beware of kitting up projects!! They may just decide to hide for a few years!!
Well here are a couple ones I 'kitted up' a good while back!!

Green one above is a bit of a mix of fabric types but I still like it and it seems to be pretty much all ready to sew up more blocks. The borders are all cut as well but poly/cotton.
If I was to do it today would use all cotton.
So fabric police look away NOW. Ha!!
Will just do it in a twin /lap size.

Now this pink one is all cotton or calico as the fabric used to be called.
This is an old pattern too. but a pretty easy simple one.
Yes I think I will do this one first as it is the most sewed up!
Will look nice as a nap quilt on the guest room bed.
Now I wonder who will quilt these for me...;-)
Now you agree I should keep them out and finish????
I think so!!!
Stay tuned for what else the magic closet holds!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



As of yesterday and the beginning of the Autumnal Equinox !!!!
Here in my part of the USA at any rate!!!
Oh my goodness I love it!!
All the colors of the leaves turning against the ever greens!
Smell of oak wood being cut or split, leaves burning.
Fall Festivals!!!
Smell of apple butter cooking in the huge pots, or Brunswick Stew and all the other festival food cooking out doors.
Pumpkin Pies and Caramel Apples!!
Fall and Halloween decorating!!!

Oh goodness!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tea Tuesday

As many of you know I adore my hens and roosters as much as I do tea and fabric!!!
So here is a combo of two..tea and hen!!
Mama and I found this a long time ago in a shop.
Such a fun piece!!!
There are no markings on it.
Pretty sure it is of oriental origin an I am betting was part of a set.
I do not use it but enjoy seeing it on the shelf or used in a center piece.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Nice Find

Found these at Target!
We bought a box to wonderful for folded fabrics!!

Decided I wanted another box.
DH went to Walmart ..did not have them!
Reckon will have to make a run to Big City again if I want them that bad!
They will work wonderful for all kinds of uses.
I will use full time for cut leftover batting.
Make great holders for WIP too or wreaths to hang and keep dust off.

Check them out if you see them!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One more week ...

Not much was done this past week here in my world.

I could not do a lot.

I did finish up a couple things that just needed a few finishing touches.

So I just laid around mostly with heating pad, meds and cups of tea either looking at mags or reading.

At week’s end felt good enough to do more sorting, packing and moving things out of my sewing room.

Here are a couple pics of it now. Yes still more to pack up.

Stirred up some dust as well!!

Looking towards the entry door.

Looking from the door towards the window wall and machine which is now packed up.
You would think with the nice windows the room with be light...NOT!
It is as if all the wood just sucks the light right up!!

I hope next Monday after this coming weekend it will be a different room all together!

See that horrid paneling??

I am here to tell ya it is full of nails ( to sink and fill)and some holes(to fill)!

Just prep work alone is daunting to say the least!

Anyway just picture it a pretty light shade of green, trim a nice country white.

Light and bright.

Room to move and only cluttered with lots of inspiration and creativity!!

I have waited along time for this makeover!!


Hope to make a run to PO Monday if no rain.

Mailing out several packages.

That will do it for me for swaps , gifts, etc. till after I get set backup.

I do have a sewing machine in dining room set up.

I hope to be sewing up some machine covers and accessories, new window treatments.


Yes DH spent time in kitchen again this weekend.

He made Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins Saturday.

I did only eat one…saving up for another one later today…;-)

Today he is doing BBQ Ribs and a romaine salad.
Love weekends with my own 'foodie"..ha!!