Friday, August 28, 2009


and more piles!!
Oh my it does look all so haphazard doesn't it!?!
Really is is not though.
They are well coordinated piles! Ha!!

This one is for a block swap. Just need to press them now and finish cutting out sqs!
Did not like others I had thought I would use so pulled some different ones.
Yes... sometimes I tend to OVER THINK things! UGH!

This is a pile which is cut out bags!
Halloween themed ones.
While in my cleaning out frenzy I came across these.
So I want to finish and not pack back up.
All I have to do is SEW, no cutting, measuring, etc!
Now I should be able to handle that. Humm..we shall see.

Oh Yes there are other piles but I think I will not share those today...;-)
You know I was thinking this AM as I sorted piles.
Others come in here and see piles of 'stuff'..some think junk/trash.
I on the other hand see TREASURE!!!
I am letting some of my TREASURES go...but on to good homes to be appreciated!
I do feel blessed to have what I do and hope I can better use it all after this big makeover!!!

Wishing all a great weekend!
Take care those that may get some bad weather from Danny Boy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Putty, Angels and Giveaway

I am getting into FALL Mode!!!

Yes I am . Sorry gals who do not like it or enjoy it.

I do!!!

Here is a small wall quilt I need to add some stitching too.

I also will not be working on too much sewing.

I have to pack up my work room.

My son will be painting it for me the last of Sept!


It is one of those Dreaded Happy things!!!

Happy about it but dread the upheaval!!


Thanks for all the nice comments on the family treasure teapot.
I want to assure Pat and Tonya it is safe and has been for over 7 yrs in that spot.
Here is one reason why museum putty.
Click on that and check it out.
I went looking for mine in utility cabinet and gave up..yes it is that cluttered!
The Stitcher's Angel Swap is in full go mode now.

I am in it as I was last year.

Even if you are not participating you may enjoy the free projects being shared by many talented designers.The theme is roses.

Here is a list of the designers signed on for this.

Just go to Helen’s blog to check out the first two that have been posted.

First one, a lovely bag, by Helen of Hugs n kisses, and a needle wallet, by Nat of Cinderberry Stitches.


Get in on the Fun Giveaway

The Vintage Work Shop Blog is holding a Giveaway of some great fabric collections.

Be sure you check it out!!

Amy Barickman, has been a long-time designer of vintage inspired fabric for Red Rooster Fabrics. Over the years our office has become stock piled with all of this beautiful fabric and now we are cleaning house.

So go on over read about it and sign up!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tea Tuesday..again.

I'm a little teapot
short and stout,
Here is my handle,

here is my spout...;-)

This is another regular size one.
It is very old.
It belonged to DH's Granny Belle.
Not a fancy one .
It is a cream-ware pot with raised florals on it.
The bottom has a pretty scalloped edge.
The painted flowers look like decals almost but old.
Has a chip on the spout and some crazing .
DH does not remember seeing her using it but it sat on a shelf in her kitchen always.
Wonder if it had been her Mother's maybe.
Oh well will never know that but is a joy to have it on a shelf over the old enamel topped kitchen table in my kitchen along with her corn husk bottom chair!

Please check out our gracious Tea Tuesday hostess Kim's Blog for other wonderful blogs posting for Tea Tuesday!
I know I have loved seeing some of the most beautiful tea cups and other things on these visits.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Huh!! UGGHH!

Well now . Something happened to my camera that has never happened before!

I was taking pics along to do a TUT on this sunflower runner Sunday.

Batteries died as camera stopped working ,so replaced them.

When I loaded up the pics online half were missing…the half before batteries were replaced!!

Has never happened before so have no idea what occurred.

Just one of those things I reckon.

Anyway will have to make another attempt for a TUT on the next one. Sorry.

Anyway here is the one I did.

I did not have enough of the brown to do 5 circles .

I think that would look better on these bigger 10”circles.

I used no batting.
I also used a decor stitch on machine for the brown.
Just a reg straight stitch for the edging.

While I was in here experimenting DH was in the kitchen doing that too.

He made some DELISH Honey Rolls.


I have ate too many but could not help myself!!

They are so good and hot out of oven.. well it is heaven!!

Also had honey butter spread to go inside as well.

Are they not beautiful!!!!


Dear Niece D came out to grab a warm roll , so bought me a new dish rag!

Her first knitted one!!

Is it precious or what!!

Has a nice feel to it.

No not perfect but perfectly dear too me!!!



We had rain and a lil bit of the big storm Sat.

Did not go anywhere.

I hope to get more sewing down this week .

Will just see how the week progresses...;-)