Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Been awhile..

..since my last real blog post.
I did have my surgery in May.
There was a cyst along with the tumor. Thank goodness all was benign!
No other problems were found so no need for any further followup treatments other than just healing up from surgery.
Very grateful for all the good thoughts and prayers sent my way!;-)

Just can't seem to get my energy level back up though!
I do think that what seems like back to back medical issues this year have zapped me!
Doctors are now trying to get my meds back on tract for the PA.
Don't seem to take much to upset that apple cart and knock it off track.
One day at a time we march forward!

I have piddled here and there with sewing. Just not too much.
Which means once again I am behind with my gift making projects and plans.
Did get a baby gift done. Turned out so cute!
 Very pleased with the appliqueing and quilting.
 Very sweet 'longneck' face!

 Was not sure how I was going to quilt but just seemed to flow once I got started!
Washed up so soft and ready to cuddle. Love it!
This is a Patrick Lose design. Was a book I found at Tuesday Morning for maybe 3.99...not much.
All made from stash too! Even the backing! COOL BEANS!

We are into full Summer blast here in the Tidewater area! Hot, high 90's and humid most days. Was without rain for a bit then had storms that bought needed rain but also wind damage too.
Yesterday and today have been quite nice though. Back to 80's and no humidity!
Some chores outside I do need to attend to so hope it holds.

Blogger is not behaving ..again. My blog post reading scroll is showing only one blog's new post.
I click on view more and does not load. I did click on blogs on left side from reading list and the new post for each blog will come up. Do hope this is NOT the new way Blogger expects us to read from now on!!
Oh well can always read on Blog Lovin I reckon.

Take care and wishing all a good day!